Ashley Grayson Net Worth, Scams, and Murder-for-Hire Plot Exposed!

Ashley Grayson Net worth

Ashley Grayson Net Worth: Ashley Grayson is an entrepreneur and social media influencer who says that her online businesses have made her millions of dollars. But she has also been accused of fooling her followers, lying about where she gets her money, and hiring hitmen to kill people who don’t agree with her.

Here is what we know about her background, her net worth, and any legal problems she has had.

Brief Information About Ashley Grayson

Topic Information
Full Name Ashley Grayson (real name: Ashley Massengill)
Husband’s Name Joshua Grayson
First Job Worked at the post office
Online Platform Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
Net Worth (2023) Estimated around $30 million (subject to controversy)
Source of Income Online businesses, sponsorships, endorsements, social media ads
Making $1 Million Claimed to have made $1 million in 40 minutes by selling online courses to 500 people for $2,000 each

Who is Ashley Grayson?

Ashley Grayson, whose real name is Ashley Massengill, used to work for the post office. In 2017, she quit her job to start a business called AMPM Credit Repair to help people fix their credit.

She says that her business made her money three times as much and let her live a very nice life. She also started a business coaching company called Digital Course Recipe, which is supposed to teach people how to make and sell online courses.

Ashley Grayson Net worth

Ashley has a big following on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where she posts motivational videos, success stories, and reviews from her clients. She says that her online platform helped her make more than $1 million in just 40 minutes.

Ashley Grayson Net worth

Some sources say that Ashley Grayson’s net worth in 2023 is likely to be around $30 million. But this number is hard to believe because Ashley has said that she got a big payout from workers’ compensation after an accident at work caused her to lose one of her fingers.

She is also being sued by customers and critics who say she tricked them out of thousands of dollars for her courses.

How Ashley Grayson Made $1 Million in 40 Minutes?

Ashley says that she sold her online course to 500 people for $2,000 each and made $1 million in 40 minutes. This is one of her most well-known claims. She showed her bank account balance in a TikTok video and was happy about her success.

But many people have questioned whether or not Ashley’s claim is true because she didn’t show proof or explain how she did it. Some people have said she used fake screenshots or changed the numbers to make it look like she was successful.

Ashley Grayson Source of income

Ashley says that her online businesses, AMPM Credit Repair and Digital Course Recipe, are her main way to make money. She also gets paid through sponsorships, endorsements, and ads on her social media pages.

Ashley Grayson Net worth

But some of her customers and critics have said that she lied about where she got her money and gave bad or fake services.

Ashley Grayson First job

Ashley’s first job was at the post office, where she made around $50,000 per year, according to reports. She quit her job in March 2017 after starting a business to fix people’s credit.

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Criminal Charges and Lawsuits Against

Ashley Grayson is facing serious criminal charges and lawsuits because she is accused of scamming people and planning to kill someone for money. According to papers filed in court:

The US District Court for the Western District of Tennessee has charged Ashley and her husband Joshua Grayson with racketeering and attempted murder under RICO. They are accused of hiring a woman and her husband to kill Sherell Hodge, Derricka Harwell, and Ashley’s ex-boyfriend, all of whom had bad things to say about Ashley or competed with her.

Ashley Grayson Net worth

Ashley has sued Sherell Hodge for defamation after Sherell posted a series of TikTok videos showing Ashley’s scams and lies. Ashley has been sued back by Sherell for harassment, invasion of privacy, causing emotional distress on purpose, and civil conspiracy.

Derricka Harwell has also filed a lawsuit against Ashley for slander, tortious interference with business relations, civil conspiracy, and breaking the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act. Derricka says that Ashley made a lot of false and hurtful posts about her on social media sites and paid people to kill her.

Ashley could face more lawsuits from customers or critics who say she ripped them off or hurt them.


Ashley Grayson is a controversial figure whose online businesses and social media presence have made her the subject of both praise and criticism.

She says she is a self-made millionaire who helps other people reach their goals, but she has also been accused of scamming her followers, lying about where she gets her money, and hiring hitmen to kill people who don’t agree with her.

People can argue and look into her background, how much money she has, and any legal problems she has had.

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