Ink Master Season 15 Release Date: What’s New, What’s Next

Ink Master Season 15 Release Date

Ink Master Season 15 Release Date: Ink Master is a popular reality show in which tattoo artists compete for a cash reward and the title of Ink Master. The show has been on the air for a total of 14 seasons, with the current season coming to an end on November 2, 2022.

Fans had a very positive reaction to the conclusion of Season 14. But what about season 15 of Ink Master? Is there going to be another season of the show, and if so, when will that air? In this article, we’ll do our best to address these concerns and provide you with the most recent information regarding season 15 of Ink Master.

Brief Information About Ink Master

Topic Details
Series Name Ink Master
Genre Reality competitions, tattoo
Brief Story Tattoo artists compete in various challenges for cash awards and the title of “Ink Master.”
Creator Daniel Garcia, Dave Navarro, and Clark Bunting
Main Cast Joel Madden (Host), Dave Navarro (Master of Chaos), Ryan Ashley (Judge)
Season 1 Release Date January 17, 2012
Season 15 Renewal Status Pending / Not Renewed Yet
Season 15 Release Date Not Revealed Yet (Expected late August or early September of 2024)
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What is Ink Master All About?

Ink Master is an American reality competition television series that premiered on Paramount Network (previously known as Spike) on January 17, 2012. The show features tattoo artists competing in various challenges judging their tattooing and related artistic abilities.

In addition to the main series, there are now three spin-offs available: Ink Master: Redemption, Ink Master: Angels, and Ink Master: Grudge Match. The show has also published some one-off episodes that are meant to serve as appetizers for larger events or holidays, such as Halloween.

Ink Master Season 15 Release Date

On June 11, 2019, the launch of the twelfth season, dubbed Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes, took place. Ink Master: Turf War, the thirteenth season, was scheduled for a January 7, 2020 launch on November 12, 2019. The new season launch date of September 7, 2022, was announced on August 5, 2022.

Ink Master Season 15 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Pending/ Not Renewed Yet

Season 15 of Ink Master has not been officially renewed or canceled by Paramount. There have been no updates or statements regarding the show’s return since season 14 aired in 2022. The future of the show is unclear.

The creation of various TV series, including Ink Master, has been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Production on the show was already running behind schedule before the pandemic hit, so it’s possible that Paramount+ is waiting for it to end before ordering a new season.

The future of Ink Master is also something to look forward to. The show has been a ratings hit for Paramount+ and gained a dedicated fan following. There’s a lot of possibility for development in the show, from fresh candidates to unusual challenges.

Ink Master Season 15 Release Date

Official Release Date: Pending/ Not Revealed Yet

There is currently no confirmed date for the premiere of season 15 of Ink Master. If we look at the release dates of the previous seasons, though, we can find that the majority of them had their annual premiere in either August or September.

Ink Master Season 15 Release Date

If season 15 of Ink Master is approved by Paramount+, then we may expect its release to take place in late August or early September of 2024. Having said that, this is only a prediction and not a confirmation of anything.

There has been no confirmation that Ink Master will return for a fifteenth season. It will take some time to air, but only if Paramount renews the show. In the meantime, you may catch up on upcoming TV shows like Inn the Works Season 3Making the Cut Season 4, and The Grand Tour Season 6. Find out when the next episodes of these shows are going to be released by clicking on the links below.

Ink Master Season 15 Expected Cast

There is no official word on who will star in Season 15 of Ink Master, but we can make a few reasonable predictions based on the show’s past performances.

Ink Master usually has both new and returning contestants, as well as special guest judges and mentors. Some characters from previous seasons may return. Here is the list given below:

Name Role Season(s)
Joel Madden Host 14
Dave Navarro Master of Chaos 1-14
Ryan Ashley Judge 14
Ami James Judge 14
Nikko Hurtado Judge 14
DJ Tambe Contestant/Winner 9, 10, 14
Gian Karle Contestant/Runner-up 8, 14
Bob Jones Contestant/3rd place 13, 14
Creepy Jason Contestant/4th place 12, 14
Angel Rose Contestant/5th place 11, 13, 14

Ink Master Season 15 Expected Storyline

Ink Master is a show packed with excitement, artistry, and drama. If the show gets picked up for a 15th season, viewers may look forward to more of the same high-stakes tattoo competitions.

There will probably be new tasks, competitors, and judges on the show. It’s also likely that the show will experiment with different tattoo categories and trends.

Among the many things that make Ink Master so interesting is the way, it celebrates the creativity and expertise of tattoo artists. Many of the tasks on the show require the participants to quickly come up with fancy designs.

Ink Master Season 15 Release Date

As a result, the tattoos produced by the participants are consistently impressive, and it is thrilling to see what new designs they will come up with each time.

Ink Master is well-known not only for its challenges but also for its dramatic twists and turns. All of the candidates on the show are extremely skilled creatives, but they are also very fierce about winning.

As a result, tensions may rise to the point of open hostility. Drama like this is usually what keeps people tuning in week after week.

Ink Master Season 14 Recap

After being canceled in 2020, the Ink Master tattoo reality competition returned for season 14. It premiered on Paramount+ on September 7, 2022, and it included 14 returning performers (including four champions) from previous seasons.

In addition to a new host in Joel Madden, this season also included three new judges Ryan Ashley, Ami James, and Nikko Hurtado. As the Master of Chaos, Dave Navarro was back to make things more difficult than they appeared.

The season finale aired on November 2, 2022, after a total of 10 episodes. DJ Tambe, this season’s Ink Master champion, took home $250,000 and his third title. The second prize went to Gian Karle, third to Bob Jones, fourth to Creepy Jason, and the fifth to Angel Rose.

Is There Any Trailer for Ink Master Season 15?

Since Ink Master has not been picked up for a 15th season, there is no trailer out there. Trailers for all previous seasons of Ink Master may currently be viewed on YouTube.

Where to Watch Ink Master Season 14?

The fourteenth season of the show Ink Master is currently available to watch on Paramount+. The producers haven’t picked up a 15th season yet, therefore you won’t be able to see it anywhere online. Paramount+ subscribers can watch Season 15 as soon as it becomes available.


The reality competition show Ink Master has been on the air for 14 seasons. Tattoo artists compete in various challenges for cash awards and the title of “Ink Master” in this reality show. The September 2022 premiere and November 2022 finale of Season 14 of Ink Master aired on Paramount+.

Since the show has not been renewed for a 15th season, Ink Master’s future is up in the air. However, the show has been a ratings triumph for Paramount+ thanks to its devoted audience. If the show is renewed, viewers may look forward to additional episodes featuring high-stakes tattoo competitions judged by a panel of industry experts.

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