Joshua Grayson Net Worth, Wife, and Attempted Murder: The Dark Reality of Online Success

joshua grayson net worth

Joshua Grayson Net Worth: Joshua Grayson is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and expert on credit repair. He is married to Ashley Grayson, who is also a well-known online personality and business teacher. Recently, the couple has been in the news because they have been charged by the federal government with crime and attempted murder.

Here is some information about Joshua Grayson’s wife, their legal troubles, and how much money he has.

Brief Information About Joshua Grayson

Information Details
Net Worth $20M – $30M
Wife Ashley Grayson
Legal Troubles Charged with racketeering, attempted murder
Alleged Targets Initials D.H. – Derricka Harwell or Sherrell Hodge
Racketeering Allegations Wire fraud, money laundering, identity theft
Potential Sentencing Up to 20 years for each count of crime, 10 years for attempted murder
Current Status Jail status unclear, social media accounts removed
Impact on Sentencing Ashley Grayson pregnant, potential influence
Public Statements No public statements were made, fans were shocked and saddened

Joshua Grayson Net Worth

Several different sites say that Joshua Grayson’s net worth is between $20 million and $30 million. He says that he started out as a homeless person with only 0.27 cents in his pocket and worked his way up to becoming a great businessman and founding New Credit Law, LLC3.

He also says that he did things on his own to raise his credit score from 487 to 786 in just one month.

joshua grayson net worth

Joshua Grayson and his wife Ashley Grayson are known for sharing pictures and videos of their expensive trips, cars, clothes, and jewelry on social media to show off how well off they are.

They also got a lot of attention when R&B star Monica performed at their fancy engagement party, which was held on a rented yacht.

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Joshua Grayson Wife

Ashley Grayson is Joshua Grayson’s wife. She used to work at the post office, but now she makes a million dollars making online courses and digital marketing. She started AM/PM Credit Repair in 2017 and later put out Digital Course Recipe, a program that teaches people how to make and sell their own online classes.

joshua grayson net worth

Ashley Grayson says that after starting her digital course in September 2015, she made $1 million in less than an hour. But she has also been accused of scamming her clients by giving them low-quality or copied work, stopping them when they ask questions or give bad feedback, and lying about where she gets her money.

Ashley Grayson has also been sued for slander by a financial coach named Derricka Harwell. Harwell said that Grayson had stalked and bothered her on Facebook. Ashley Grayson said that the accusations were false and sued Harwell for $1 million.

Joshua Grayson Is Charged with RICO (Latest News)

On June 29, 2023, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee charged Joshua and Ashley Grayson with two counts of racketeering and one count of attempted murder.

The accusation says that between August 26, 2022, and September 11, 2022, the couple called and paid someone in Tennessee to kill a person with the initials D.H.

The indictment doesn’t say why or who was supposed to be hurt, but some sources say D.H. could be Derricka Harwell, the financial coach Ashley Grayson sued for defamation. Other reports say that D.H. could be Sherrell Hodge, a former client of Ashley Grayson’s who revealed her alleged scam on TikTok.

joshua grayson net worth

The indictment also says that the couple took part in a routine of racketeering, including wire fraud, money laundering, identity theft, and trying to stop the police from doing their jobs.

If found guilty, the couple could spend up to 20 years in prison for each count of crime and up to 10 years in prison for each count of attempted murder.

The case against Joshua Grayson and Ashley Grayson has been put on PACER, which is a website where people can look at electronic court records. It is not clear if the couple has been jailed or if they have made a plea.

Ashley Grayson is said to be nine months pregnant, which could change how the couple is sentenced.

Joshua and Ashley Grayson have not said anything about the charges against them in public. Their accounts on social media have either been removed or made private. Many of their fans have been shocked and upset by the news that they have been charged.


Joshua Grayson’s net worth is between $20 million and $30 million. Joshua and Ashley Grayson are a social media power pair with a large following and a successful business. They teach people how to improve their credit and make their own online courses, which has helped them build a large following and a successful business.

But they have also been accused of ripping off their clients, lying about how much money they make, and planning to kill the person who told them. They are being charged with racketeering and attempted murder by the federal government, which could send them to jail for many years.

Many of their fans, who once looked up to them as role models, were shocked and saddened by what happened.

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