Why did Gabriel leave 911 Lone Star?

Why did Gabriel leave 911 Lone Star?

Fans of 911 Lone Star will remember Benito Martinez’s portrayal of Gabriel Reyes well. He portrayed Carlos Reyes’s father and was renowned as one of the most successful Texas rangers of his time.

In the seventeenth episode of the fourth season, Gabriel was killed, which was a shocking turn of events. People started to wonder why Gabriel had to leave the show. In the following article, we’ll explore Gabriel’s leaving and its impact on the plot.

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Show Title 9-1-1: Lone Star
Premise A procedural drama centered on the fictional Austin, Texas, fire, police, and ambulance services of Company 126.
Creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Minear
Franchise Continuation of the popular 9-1-1 franchise
Season 4 Debuted on January 24, [year not specified]
Season 5 Renewed in May of 2023
Gabriel Reyes Portrayed by Benito Martinez
Gabriel’s Role Carlos Reyes’s father and a renowned Texas ranger
Gabriel’s Exit Killed in the seventeenth episode of the fourth season
Reason for Exit Gabriel’s death was planned to create an unforeseen twist in the “Tarlos” wedding plot

What is ‘911 Lone Star’ All About?

American procedural drama 9-1-1: Lone Star centers on the fictional Austin, Texas, fire, police, and ambulance services of company 126. The name’s allusion to Texas, the “Lone Star State,” is intentional. Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Minear created it for Fox. Fox ordered the series, a continuation of the popular 9-1-1 franchise, in May of this year. On January 19th, 2020, it made its debut.

In May of 2022, Fox picked up the show for a fourth season, which debuted on January 24 of the following year. The show got picked up for a fifth season in May of 2023.

Why did Gabriel leave 911 Lone Star?

The role of Gabriel Reyes, played by Benito Martinez, was a huge success for the TV drama 911: Lone Star. One of the most notable Texas rangers of his day, he was also Carlos Reyes’s father. But in the fourth season’s seventeenth episode, Gabriel met a horrible end.

So why did Gabriel leave 911 Lone? The reports say that Gabriel’s death was planned so that the much anticipated “Tarlos” wedding would appear as unforeseen as possible. Gabriel’s demise met the writers’ goal of answering the question “How do we make the predictable or the expected become unexpected and unpredictable?”

Why did Gabriel leave 911 Lone Star?

Although neither FOX nor Benito Martinez has officially announced the actor’s resignation from ‘9-1-1: Lone Star,’ it seems evident that Martinez will not be a recurrent cast member of the show after Gabriel Reyes’s death.

Fans were shocked by Gabriel’s death, which introduced a new dynamic to the nuptials. It made us feel like we were actually in the room with these people, and not just watching from afar. Now that TK has lost Gwyn and Carlos has lost Gabriel, they share a common experience that is unique to them; this has strengthened their friendship.

Gabriel may no longer be on the show, but his influence on the characters and story will not be forgotten.

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The Death of Carlos’s Father Causes Him to Postpone His Own Wedding

Wyatt was the first focus of the episode. He had been in a terrible accident, but he was slowly getting better. Even so, he was pleased with his development. His father, Judd, who subsequently witnessed a miracle, had his support as well.

The focus of the program then switched to a case involving a carjacking of a four-wheeler with a young girl named Piper. He was so high that he recklessly crashed his car into a water feature. Thankfully, Piper’s mom contacted 911 and the Albany Police Department and Albany Fire Department arrived shortly. The driver managed to escape unharmed, but he abandoned the infant inside.

Owen rushed to the scene and heroically rescued Piper. Tommy and the group located the child’s heartbeat. It was a marvel that she survived after floating face down in the water for several minutes.

Why did Gabriel leave 911 Lone Star?

Judd got a phone call from Marleen, who broke the news that their son Wyatt might never walk again. Everyone was distraught, but no one knew how to tell him the news. He was devastated when Marleen and Judd finally told him the news. To protect Wyatt, Judd opted to keep him in his own home. He broke the news to Owen that he was leaving his position, which Owen accepted.

Gabriel’s untimely death from gunshot wounds at the hands of an unknown assailant was a tragic turn of events. After his father was killed, Carlos chose to delay the wedding. He suspected a man named Pablo Martinez with connections to the cartel, so he set out to find the truth on his own.

But soon he learned that Pablo was simply acting to protect his father and was actually an undercover police officer. Carlos was about to murder an innocent man when he had an epiphany. He even proposed to TK once more after apologizing for the delay. TK agreed right away.


In conclusion, Gabriel Reyes’s exit from “911 Lone Star” was a big surprise for fans of the show. Gabriel, Carlos Reyes’s father, and a famous Texas ranger was played by Benito Martinez, who had a huge impact on the show with his performance. The suddenness of Gabriel’s demise was a well-plotted twist on the long-awaited “Tarlos” wedding plot.

Although Martinez’s departure from the program has not been confirmed, it looks like he will not be a regular cast member following Gabriel’s death.

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  1. I’m going to really miss the texas ranger. He was so excited about being in the best man and he was a really good man and a very strong man. I wish him.well. I hope the best comes his way.

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