Swarm Episode 6: Is It Based on True Events?

Is Swarm Episode 6 Real?

The new smash series Swarm on Prime Video clearly draws from real-life events, but is Marissa Jackson a real person?

The title screen of each episode of Swarm reads, “This is not a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or genuine events, is intentional,” and series creators Donald Glover and Janine Nabers have later clarified that the show is inspired by true stories. Inspiration for Season 3, Episode 3 came from Beyoncé getting bitten.

The death of Chloe Bailey’s character Marissa Jackson is essential to much of the plot of Swarm. Did someone like she ever exists in the real world?

Is Swarm Episode 6 Real?

Even though the Marissa Jackson rumor went viral in 2016 when Lemonade came out, it all started with an article on the satire website Empire Herald. False quotes attributed to a “friend of Marissa” were used in the article, which has now been removed. A close friend of Marissa’s said that she committed herself because of JAY-suspected Z’s adultery.

Is Swarm Episode 6 Real?

What this means is that Marissa Jackson did not exist. Episode 6 simply has different actors representing the “genuine Marissa and Dre,” despite much speculation to the contrary based on a fabricated article. Similarly, Dre is just a made-up character on the show. No true Beyoncé fan would ever kill someone just because they didn’t like Beyoncé.

Although Marissa and Dre are based on real-life rumors and occurrences, they don’t actually exist in Swarm.

Is Marissa Jackson a Real Person?

Marissa Jackson is Dre’s sister and a huge Ni’Jah (a made-up pop star based on Beyoncé) fan in Swarm. Once Marissa finds out via Dre that her partner had attempted infidelity, she takes her own life in the pilot. Dre then proceeds to eliminate Ni’Jah’s enemies. Episode 6 is structured as a true crime documentary on the real Andrea (Dre) and Marissa.

Janine Nabers told Shondaland that the true story that inspired Swarm was the suicide of a woman named Marissa Jackson after she watched “[Beyoncé’s] Lemonade,” which “basically confirmed that a very powerful man was cheating on one of the most incredibly beautiful and successful pop stars of our time.”

Janine said, “I’m from Houston, and my best friend’s last name is Jackson. There was a lot of texting between Houstonians asking, “Who is this Marissa Jackson? Is this true?” That story was on the internet for a while, and people were tweeting mean things about a woman who had killed herself and made fun of her.

Swarm episode 6: Donald Glover scene explained

Co-creator Donald Glover appears in a real-life Atlanta red carpet video at the episode’s conclusion. In it, he and his coworkers Dominique Fishback, Damson Idris, and Chlo Bailey discuss their upcoming TV show. Articles appear with titles like “Andrea Greene murders,” referring to a recent slaying of a local teenager.

Is Swarm Episode 6 Real?

Even the self-referential commentary is parring for the course in this mockumentary. He is, of course, referring to Swarm. Karen Joseph Adcock, who created Swarm, also wrote an episode of the fourth season of the show Atlanta in which she employed a similar narrative device.

We also covered the explanation of swarm Episode 6.

What’s Going to Happen in the Next Show?

The last scene of episode 6, which included the real Donald Glover, has generated a lot of fan controversy. This video solidifies the documentary Fallin’ Through the Cracks as real, leaving Swarm viewers to question the veracity of the show’s earlier episodes. Nabers told the Los Angeles Times that the show is “not a work of fiction,” but rather depicts the reenactment of actual events that took place over the course of two and a half years.

Fans of Swarm have questioned whether or not Andrea Greene is genuine because of the show’s similarities to real life, especially its similarities with Beyoncé. In creating the program, Nabers and Glover were influenced by both true and rumored murders and ‘stan cultural‘ situations. Even though the people in the story are made up, the story itself is based on genuine events. This concept is emphasized in the sixth episode, which walks a fine line between fantasy and realism.

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