Swarm Episode 6 Explained: The Shocking Truth Behind The Collector’s Identity

The new thriller series Swarm on Amazon Prime Video is one of the best shows to watch this spring. From Atlanta’s Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) and Janine Nabers, Swarm is a horror-inspired look at the dark side of “stan culture.”

In the film about Andrea “Dre” Greene (Dominique Fishback), a fanatic who will stop at nothing to meet her favorite musician, Ni’Jah (Nirine S. Brown), things take a tragic turn when “stan culture” is taken to an extreme. The format-breaking sixth episode is one of the season’s highlights. Here’s what you need to know if you want an explanation of the conclusion.

Swarm Episode 6 Storyline

In this episode, Dre, Ni’Jah, and the mysterious individual known as The Collector are all revealed to be involved in a series of murders. Ultimately, it is revealed that The Collector was actually Dre’s late father who had been pursuing and killing anybody who crossed paths with his daughter.

There are some cast changes in this episode, including new actors for Andrea and Khalid. Since this is a documentary reenactment, London Rose, not Dominique Fishback, plays Andrea in this episode. As the story progresses, we see Detective Greene get very near to solving the case and capturing Dre. The episode ends with the reveal that Dre has transitioned and is now living under the name Tony. In the next episode, Tony and I finally catch up.

However, when Donald Glover himself makes an appearance in the episode, the plot becomes even more convoluted. Glover says, “this show I’m working on right now with Chlo [Bailey] and Damson [Idris] and Dom Fishback,” before the credits roll. The implication is that other than Episode 6, all of the previous episodes of Swarm are meant to be works of fiction. Both are fictional accounts of a real-life case that Loretta Greene is investigating as a detective.

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Swarm Episode 6 Ending Explained

Several Swarm viewers were confused by the one documentary-style episode. Many people have speculated about its possible significance because of the season it occurs in.

A popular fan theory about the end of Episode 6 has been gaining traction. They think that Dre fled on stage during a Ni’Jah concert, got arrested, and then the killings were pieced together in a true crime documentary. Once Dre “finally cracks” and runs on stage in Episode 7, we see things from her point of view.

Dre’s imagination is the only explanation for why Ni’Jah now has Marissa’s face. She blames her murderous rampage on the promise she made to Marissa that they would meet Ni’Jah, which stems from the overwhelming guilt she felt after ignoring Marissa’s call. The viewer added that episode 7 should be seen before episode 6 to better understand the timeline.

Different Theories From Episode 6

The most heated argument has centered on the last scene of Season 6’s Episode 6, which features an appearance by the real Donald Glover. This video clip gives some reality to the documentary Fallin’ Through the Cracks, making the audience of Swarm question the veracity of the previous episodes.

swarm episode 6 explained

Episode 6 takes aim at the series’s billing as “not a work of fiction,” as Nabers put it. Actors “re-create incidents that happened [during] a 2 1/2 year period,” Nabers told the Los Angeles Times.

Some Swarm fans have questioned whether or not Andrea Greene is real because of the show’s similarities to real life, particularly its similarities to Beyoncé. Nabers and Glover drew ideas for the show from actual crimes and murders, as well as rumors about’s-tan the society. So while the characters themselves may be made up, the story itself is based on genuine events. This is emphasized in the sixth episode, which stays close to the edge of realism.

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