Kimberly Martin Divorce: The ESPN Journalist’s Relationship Drama

Kimberly Martin Divorce

Kimberly Martin Divorce: Kimberly Martin, a well-known sportscaster, is generally regarded for her insightful reporting and comments. Aside from her work accomplishments, her personal life, especially her divorce, has gotten a lot of attention.

Kimberly Martin’s life story shows how hard it can be to balance making money and having specialties. By delving into the facts of Kimberly Martin’s divorce, we can have a better understanding of the personal life of someone who is frequently praised for her professional successes.

Who is Kimberly Martin?

Kimberley Martin is an American journalist who works in the NFL for ESPN. She has spent more than a decade covering the National Football League as a national writer, columnist, and beat reporter.

She is also the co-host of “First Take, Her Take,” ESPN’s only show with women, and stars in the sports movie Chang Can Dunk. Jeffrey Roberts, another writer and editor, is her husband.

Brief Information About Kimberly Martin

Full NameKimberly Martin
ProfessionSportscaster, journalist
Husband’s NameJeffrey Roberts
Husband’s ProfessionReporter, writer, and editor
Divorce StatusNo official confirmation on whether Kimberly Martin is divorcing her husband; no statement made by Kimberly

Who is Kimberly Martin Married to?

Kimberly Martin and Jeffrey Roberts are happily married. In 2014, they got married. The relationship between the two people is strong and loving. It is based on respect, understanding, and shared beliefs. They have lived a happy and peaceful life together by supporting each other’s goals and dreams.

Kimberly Martin Divorce

The fact that Kimberly and Jeffrey are married shows how much they love and care for each other. They’ve been through hard times together, and their partnership has made them stronger.

The things they’ve been through together have only made their relationship stronger, giving them unshakable support through both happy and sad times.

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Who is Jeffrey Roberts?

Jeff Roberts is also a reporter, writer, and editor who has worked in business, health, education, sports, and more. He has won 21 awards for writing different kinds of pieces.

Kimberly Martin Divorce

Jeffery Roberts only uses LinkedIn and keeps his personal life extremely discreet. Like his wife, Jeff loves to write and read the news at work. Jeff has worked in this field for more than 20 years and knows a lot about it.

Are Jeffrey Roberts and Kimberly Martin Divorced?

There is still no official word on whether Kimberly Martin is divorcing her husband Jeffrey Roberts or not because she hasn’t said anything about her relationship.

This information will be provided to you as soon as we receive any formal confirmation.

Does Kimberly Martin Have Kids?

Kimberley Martin and her husband are very close and love each other a lot because they have been married for almost nine years.

Kimberley and her husband have made up their minds that they don’t want to have kids together. They have thought about what they need, want, and want to achieve.


Overall, Kimberly Martin is recognized for her professional achievements. She is known for her insightful sports reporting. Her personal life, especially her marriage and divorce, has been in the spotlight, which shows how hard it is to balance job success with personal relationships.

Even though her divorce hasn’t been officially confirmed, her story shows how hard it can be for people to balance their personal and work lives.

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