Danchigai Season 2 Release Date: Fans Are Still Waiting

Danchigai Season 2 Release Date

Danchigai Season 2 Release Date: Danchigai is an anime comedy show based on a book by Kazusa Yoneda with four panels. It shows how Haruki Nakano and his four sisters live their daily lives. They all share an apartment but have different characters.

The anime’s first season came out in 2015, and since then, fans have been hoping for a second one. In this article, we’ll talk about the chance of a second season of Danchigai, as well as the show’s cast, plot, and where to watch. We will also look at what the show is based on and how popular it is.

What is Danchigai All About?

The anime series Danchigai was based on a book. Hiroshi Kimura directed it, Creators in Pack did the animation, Dream Creation did the production, and Dax Production did the sound. Eriko It designed the characters, and Masakatsu Oomuro was in charge of the show’s sound.

The 12-part series aired on TV Saitama, KBS, Sun TV, AT-X, and TV from July 10, 2015, to September 25, 2015. Crunchyroll streams the show all over the world except in Japan. In Japan, you could get it on Blu-ray on September 18, 2015.

Brief Information About Danchigai

Series NameDanchigai
CreatorBased on a book by Kazusa Yoneda
GenreComedy, Slice of Life, School
Brief StoryFollows the daily lives of Haruki Nakano and his four sisters who share an apartment, each with distinct personalities and interactions.
2 Main CastAtsushi Abe as Haruki Nakano
Satomi Akesaka as Mutsuki Nakano
Season 1 Release DateJuly 10, 2015 – September 25, 2015
Season 2 Renewal StatusNo Official Announcement
Season 2 Release DatePotential release in late 2024 or early 2025
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

Danchigai Season 2 Renewal Status

The creators haven’t announced anything regarding Danchigai Season 2. The creators are just using a subtle way to say that the show will no longer be airing. Along with that, the main website for the show was taken down, which made fans sad.

Danchigai Season 2 Release Date

A lot of people watched the first season of Danchigai on TV. It is ranked #1602 on the list of most famous things, and 48k members of its MAL group gave it a score of 6.52. Also, the company only used the first three volumes of the manga. This means that eight more volumes can be used for the second movie.

The producers could surprise everyone by using manga to make a full-length cartoon and start over with Danchigai Season 2. We should hope for the best.

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Danchigai Season 2 Release Date

Although six years have passed, the makers of this show have not released any new content. This is just an indirect means for the writers to say that the show is ending. This was on top of the main website for the show being taken down, which was very sad for fans.

There is a chance that the makers will surprise the fans by using manga to make a full-length anime. That means the season might come back in late 2024 or early 2025. Nyanko Days seems to be the same because the show’s writers teased fans and gave them hints that episodes would be back soon at normal lengths.

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Danchigai Season 2 Expected Cast

There has been no official word yet on whether or not Danchigai Season 2 will come out, but we can probably expect the same sounds for our favourite characters as in Season 1. The voices of the characters are as follows:

Atsushi AbeHaruki Nakano
Satomi AkesakaMutsuki Nakano
Mikako KomatsuYayoi Nakano
Sora TokuiUzuki Nakano
Sayaka HorinoSatsuki Nakano

Danchigai Season 2 Expected Storyline

There is no official word on what will happen in Season 2 of Danchigai yet, but it may continue to adapt the four-panel manga by Kazusa Yoneda, which finished in September 2021. There may be more of the siblings’ interactions, antics, and relationships in the second season.

Danchigai Season 2 Release Date

There may also be new characters and events. Along with his sisters, Haruki goes on a trip where they face many obstacles and have many exciting experiences. There’s a girl at school that Haruki likes, but his sisters try to stop him or help him.

Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are just a few of the holidays and celebrations that Haruki and his sisters enjoy.

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Danchigai Season 1 Recap

Haruki Nakano lives a conventional high school lifestyle, accounting for the fact that his mother is attending college and the two of them share an apartment. Yayoi, who is in junior high school, is known for hitting Mutsuki whenever something bad happens. Mutsuki is the oldest and sleeps in his bed. Uzuki and Satsuki are the youngest siblings. They are grade school twins who like to play jokes on their bigger siblings.

Both Haruki and Yayoi catch the twins watching them. It turns out that they have to write about their families for school. Mutsuki is asleep in his room when Haruki gets home. As soon as Yayoi and the kids arrive, she quickly changes into her usual formal self. When he finds her relaxing in his room again after her bath, he feels bad that he is the only one she acts freely around.

There are a lot of problems for Haruki because he has to live with four girls. It’s a lot of fun to go food shopping, watch scary movies together, and practice kissing on this show.

Yayoi walks into Haruki’s room and asks to play a game with him. At first, this makes Haruki nervous because she isn’t usually so nice. She is now asleep on his bed, though, while he picks out a game for them to play.

As soon as Yayoi says she wants to sleep in his room, Haruki pulls her back to her bed out of fear that she has a fever. The twins take him to the toilet before he can leave and make him watch them flush. In the end, they said it was a joke. When Haruki finally gets into his room, Mutsuki is already asleep on his bed.

Where Can I Watch Season 1 of Danchigai?

You can watch the Crunchyroll-licensed anime series Danchigai on the site. Danchigai Season 2 will probably be available to watch on the same site as Season 1, once it’s released.


Finally, the future of “Danchigai” Season 2 is still unknown, but there is still hope for its return. Even though there were signs that it was ending, like the main website being taken down, it could come back, maybe with more cartoons.

People liked the first season, and there was a lot of stuff for future seasons. Fans can watch the first season on Crunchyroll until official news comes out. They are waiting for Season 2 to possibly come out on the same site.

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