10 Manga Like Bad Thinking Diary That Will Make You Question Everything

10 Manga Like Bad Thinking Diary

10 Manga Like Bad Thinking Diary: Bad Thinking Diary is a manhwa (Korean comic) about the friendship and romance of Kim Min-ji and Kang Yu-na, two high school girls with distinct personalities and secrets. The manhwa is renowned for its realistic and relevant depiction of adolescent life, as well as its humor and drama.

If you like Bad Thinking Diary, a manga by Park Do-Han and Rangrari that explores the sensual and romantic connection of two best friends, Minji and Yuna, you might be interested in reading additional manga with similar plots.

These ten manga share themes, genres, or styles with Bad Thinking Diary, so you might appreciate them as well: Scroll down and read the entire article.

Just Right There!

An art teacher named Min Do Yeon was amid a happy engagement when her fiancé abruptly ended things with her via text message. Bo Kyung, her best friend, heard her desperate cries and asked if she was free. They then went to a pub together.

She didn’t know it was a ‘Girls Only’ bar until she got drunk and kissed the girl who would change her life.

Goodnight Cinderella

Two people, Hong Jinju and Ji Soojung, are very different from each other. Jinju is friendly and outgoing, and she cares less about school and more about hanging out with friends and chasing girls. Soojung, on the other hand, is shy and quiet.

She depends on her good grades to get a grant that pays for her schooling. Despite how cold and closed-off she seems, Soojung is a model and inspiration for the underwear company “Goodnight Cinderella.”

Jinju wants to get to know Soojung better because she seems mysterious, but Soojung wants Jinju to stay away so she can keep her secrets safe. Watch as the exciting action on campus plays out.

Kill Switch

“NEVER, EVER get together with her.” Jeong Won should stay away from Kim Jisoo at all costs. However, there’s something so interesting about the other woman. When Jisoo is in the room, Jeong Won can’t take her eyes off of her.

Without Jisoo’s motorbike, Jeong Won would not have been able to get home one night because he missed the bus. There’s no doubt that the ride is exciting, but Jeong Won isn’t sure if her heart is racing because of the wind or because of the woman in front of her.

As they get closer, Jisoo doesn’t seem like the mean girl that everyone thinks she is. It’s possible that the threats were all lies. Is Jeong Won about to go on the ride of her life?

Show Me Your Bust

She couldn’t stop thinking about Woohee’s perfectly shaped breasts ever since she saw them in a bar bathroom. Woohee, who was annoyed by her confession, surprised her by letting her see and even touch them. But the more Jiho touches them, the more they seem to make her hormones go crazy.

She’s squeezing Woohee’s breasts in her room one minute and hooking up with her longtime crush, Yeonwoo, the next. No one knows how she feels about Yeonwoo. It’s clear that Jiho likes both of them, but which one has her heart?

Tada de wa Dakaremasen

Miyako Kirishima is a poor college student who wants to become a teacher. She likes being thrifty. She eats dinner one day with Yui Nakano, a friend whom she sometimes helps with her schoolwork. Yui asks her to come to a love hotel on the way home.

I don’t want to have sex with a friend, Miyako says. But Yui stops her and offers her 30,000 yen for sex! After that, Miyako has more “transactions” with her other friends at her college for women!?


There is a short story called Pulse by Ratana Satis. It’s about a successful cardiologist named Mel who wants love and a young girl named Lynn who has a heart problem. Mel says she will fix Lynn for free for three months if Lynn will stay with her. It’s in Mangatoto.

As problems and difficulties arise in their relationship, what starts as a contract quickly changes into something more. Pulse is a mature and emotionally complicated manhwa that looks at trust, betrayal, and sacrifice, among other things.

Secret Class

In the show Secret Class, romance, harems, mature humor, and crazy events all come together.

The show is about Dae Ho, a good-hearted teen who was left alone when he was 13 and then saved by his father’s friend. Secret Class Manga is a website where you can read Secret Class.


Saburouta’s comic series Citrus is about a girl named Yuzu, who is stylish and outgoing. Her mother remarries, and she has to move to an all-girls school. There, she meets Mei, who is the head of the strict and cold student council and is now her stepsister.

At first, Yuzu doesn’t like Mei, but after a surprise kiss, she starts to feel something for her. The novel Citrus, which is famous and controversial, is about Yuzu and Mei’s complicated and passionate love story.

What Does The Fox Say?

What Does the Fox Say? is a manhwa by Team Gaji that follows the love lives of three people who work at a webtoon company: Seongji, the director, who is smart and charming; Sumin, the manager, who is beautiful and smart; and Sungji, who is new and naïve.

In the past, Seongji and Sumin were dating, but things didn’t work out. Sungji doesn’t know anything about their pasts, but she likes both of them.

How Does the Fox Talk? is an adult and realistic manhwa that looks at how love, friendship, and work are complicated.

Bloom Into You

Nio Nakatani’s manga Bloom Into You is about Yuu, a girl who has many fans but has never been in love. Touko, the perfect and well-liked head of the student council, tells her about it.

Touko asks Yuu to go on a date with her so that she can learn what love is. Touko’s secret is that she doesn’t want Yuu to love her back.

Bloom Into You is a beautiful and moving manga that shows how Yuu and Touko grow and fight as they learn more about each other and themselves.

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