Is Jordan Barrett Gay? The Truth Behind His Gay Rumors and Wedding in Ibiza

Is Jordan Barrett Gay? 

Is Jordan Barrett gay? Jordan Barrett is one of the world’s most famous and most-wanted models. He has appeared in advertising campaigns for major brands, graced the covers of magazines, and strolled the runways of fashion shows. What about his personal life, though? I’m just wondering if he’s gay, straight, or somewhere in between.

Because the fashion world is so mysterious, a lot of people are interested in Australian model Jordan Barrett’s personal life. Barrett has changed the fashion world for good. He was named “Model It Boy of the New Era” by Vogue and “Model of the Year” by

Aside from his great work, many people have been interested in his personal life, especially his sexuality. People from all walks of life are still interested in Jordan Barrett’s life and personality, even after receiving awards like The GQ Awards’ “Man of Style” award.

Many people want to know: Is Jordan Barrett gay? That’s what we’re going to look into. Read on to learn the truth about how a model figures out who someone is.

This article will talk about the rumors, facts, and debates about Jordan Barrett’s sexuality, as well as how he has dealt with the scrutiny from the public and the media.

Who is Jordan Barrett?

A fashion model from Australia is named Jordan Kale Barrett. Barnes has been called the “Model It Boy of the New Era” by Vogue. Barrett also won the GQ Awards’ “Man of Style” award.

A model scout from IMG Australia found Barrett when he was 14 years old. Barrett was in an issue of VMAN magazine and Arena Homme+ SS Magazine in September 2015, and Stephen Klein took the pictures.

Barrett’s work has been in advertisements for Coach, Tom Ford, Balmain, Versace, and Moschino. Barrett has been on the front cover of Vogue Netherlands Man, The London Times, Wonderland Magazine, 10 Magazine, Numéro Homme, and Hercules.

Is Jordan Barrett Gay?

Barrett hasn’t said out loud what his sexual preference is, but this information makes it look like he is either gay or bisexual. The model, who is 26 years old, was thought to be straight until August 2021, when he came out as gay. It was clear that Barett was gay when he married Fernando Augusto Casablancas, another model and the son of the late John Casablancas, who ran a modeling agency.

This big event not only showed that he was gay, but it also changed his life in a big way. Barrett got married to someone of the same gender. He was honest, and by doing this, he set a strong standard of being honest in the fashion business and beyond.

Is Jordan Barrett Dating Someone? or Getting Married

Jordan Barrett has not been dating anyone right now since he got married to his boyfriend, Fernando Augusto Casablancas. At first, no one knew how they were going to get married. Jordan shared the good news on Instagram on July 20 that they were going to get married.

What else did he tell his followers about the link at the time? Only then was he ready to start a new part of his life. It turned out that Jordan Barrett and Fernando Casablancas had married in a small wedding, which was a surprise.

The wedding was small and close-knit, and it happened in Ibiza. There were well-known fashion people there, like Kate Moss, who brought the rings. A famous model named Georgia May Jagger was also there. But, even though they were excited about getting married at first, Casablancas revealed in 2022 that they had decided to break up.

Jordan Barrett Dating History

Jordan Barrett is an Australian model who has been in the news for dating a lot of famous people and models. Several reports say that he has been with Bella Hadid, Kate Moss, Suki Waterhouse, Hailey Baldwin, Megan Blake Irwin, Montana Cox, Kaia Gerber, Suki Waterhouse, and Paris Hilton.

But in July 2021, he surprised his friends by telling them he was going to marry Fernando Casablancas, a male model who is the younger brother of Julian Casablancas, a rock singer for The Strokes. In August 2021, they got married in a small ceremony in Ibiza, Spain.

Kate Moss and Georgia May Jagger were among the guests. According to some news sources, Jordan Barrett is a “bisexual icon.”

Jordan Barrett’s Rise to Fame

Barrett is an Australian model who became well-known in the fashion world. He has done work for well-known names like Balmain, Versace, and Tom Ford. A modeling agency found him when he was 14 years old and on vacation with his family in Bali. Almost right away, he became well-known in the local modeling scene. IMG Models, one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world, signed him.

In 2015, he made his debut at Paris Fashion Week. Since then, he’s been in a lot of papers and ads. He’s also won a lot of awards, like the GQ Model of the Year award in 2017. Jordan Barrett is a model who has changed what it means to be beautiful and left her mark on the fashion world.


Australian model Jordan Barrett, known for his work with brands like Balmain, Versace, and Tom Ford, has been the subject of speculation about his sexuality. Barrett, who was named “Model It Boy of the New Era” by Vogue and “Model of the Year” by, has been a subject of interest for many years.

Barrett’s personal life has been a topic of interest, with rumors and debates surrounding his sexuality. In August 2021, Barrett revealed his sexuality when he married Fernando Augusto Casablancas, the younger brother of the late John Casablancas, a model and son of the late John Casablancas.

Barrett has been married to several famous models, including Kate Moss and Georgia May Jagger.

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