Kelle Hampton Divorce: What’s Next for Her and Her Kids?

Kelle Hampton Divorce

Kelle Hampton Divorce: Kelle Hampton is a well-known writer, author, and photographer who has captured millions of readers with her family-related stories and photos. She is married to journalist and editor Brett Hampton, and they have three children together.

But in the past few months, there have been rumors that the couple is getting a divorce. Is there any truth to these claims? What are the likely reasons for them to split up? In this article, we’ll try to answer these issues and provide some insight into Kelle Hampton’s divorce.

Who is Kelle Hampton?

Kelle Hampton is a well-known American writer, author, and social media star. Because of the interesting stories she tells and the moving pictures she takes, she has a passionate following.

People all over the world can relate to Kelle’s ups and downs. Kent Hampton started writing in 2006 with her first post on her site called “Et Kelle.” Kelle’s life story, philosophical ideas, and breathtaking photographs quickly found a home there.

Brief Information About Kelle Hampton

Full NameKelle Hampton
ProfessionWell-known writer, author, and photographer
Married toBrett Hampton
Rumors of DivorceNo confirmation or official information on divorce
Kelle’s InfluenceKnown for openness about life’s ups and downs, allowing readers to find strength
Kelle’s ResponseSome posts hinting at a breakup on Kelle’s Facebook account. – No official comments or statements made yet.

Who is the Husband of Kelle Hampton?

Brett Hampton is Kelle’s husband. Brett has been very important in Kelle’s life, giving her support at important times. They are very close, and it shows in everything they do together. He is a loving and loyal friend.

Kelle Hampton Divorce

As a couple, they have worked through problems and enjoyed wins, giving their children a strong base. Brett being in Kelle’s life has made it a lot better.

She gets love, security, and friendship from him, and the two of them are unstoppable. Their beautiful, long-lasting marriage is due to how well they understand and care for each other.

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Who is Brett Hampton?

Brett Hampton is married to Kelle Hampton, an English writer and author who is well-known. He helps and loves Kelle, and the two of them have three kids together.

He’s also worked on some of Kelle’s projects, like her blog Enjoying the Small Things and the book Bloom.

Are Kelle Hampton and Brett Hampton Getting Divorced?

Some people on the internet say that Kelle Hampton and Brett Hampton are divorcing, but there is no official evidence or confirmation of these claims. As of right now, there is no official information about Kelle Hampton’s divorce.

Kelle Hampton Divorce

It’s important to give her privacy because private issues like divorce are touchy and should be treated with care. Based on some posts on Kelle’s Facebook account, though, some people think they are going through a breakup. Until official comments are made, it’s best to be careful with any speculation.

Kelle Hampton: Accepting Life’s Ups and Downs

A big reason why Kelle Hampton has so many devoted fans is that she is willing to listen to helpful suggestions. She talks openly about the good and bad times in her life, as well as the problems she’s solved.

Kelle has given her readers permission to be themselves, which means they can find strength in their problems.

Being a mother as a form of activism Kelle Hampton’s blog has mostly been about her life as a new mom. She has three kids, and many people have been moved by the honest and moving things she writes about being a mom.

Kelle also speaks out in favor of diversity and acceptance because her daughter Nella was born with Down syndrome. Kelle’s work as an advocate stresses acceptance and respect for differences.


To sum up, Kelle Hampton is a famous author, writer, and photographer whose heartfelt family tales and beautiful photos have captivated millions of people. Brett Hampton, her husband, has been an important part of her life, always there for her and loving her through good times and bad.

There have been rumors that they are getting a divorce, but nothing public has been said. It’s important to respect their privacy at this time.

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