Dr. Victor Chang Net Worth: A Millionaire in Life, a Martyr in Death

Dr. Victor Chang Net Worth

Dr. Victor Chang Net Worth: Dr. Victor Chang was a famous heart surgeon from Australia who was one of the first people to exchange hearts. He was born in China but moved to Australia as a kid.

He did very well as a doctor and helped make robotic heart valves and other tools. In this article, we will discuss his personal life, as well as his achievements and his net worth.

Who Was Dr. Victor Chang?

Victor Peter Chang born on November 21, 1936, and dying on July 4, 1991, was an Australian heart surgeon of Chinese background who was one of the first people in Australia to do a modern heart transplant.

Australia was shocked when he was killed in 1991, and the crime is thought to be one of the worst in the country’s history. In 1999, Chang was named Australian of the Century at the People’s Choice Awards. He was given a state funeral.

The Dr. Victor Chang Foundation was set up as part of his legacy. Also, the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and the Dr. Victor Chang Lowy Packer Building at St. Vincent’s Hospital were both made after he died.

Brief Bio of Dr. Victor Chang

Full NameVictor Peter Chang 
Net worthEstimated to be between $1 million to $5 million
Died ofShot twice in the head by two robbers in Sydney on July 4, 1991
ProfessionAn Australian heart surgeon of Chinese background
AchievementsPerformed the first successful heart transplant in Australia, established the National Cardiac Transplant Unit

Dr. Victor Chang Net Worth

Dr. Victor Chang, who was a very important person in the medical field, made major achievements that will last for a long time. Many people were interested in his mysterious investments before he died too soon.

It is estimated that Dr. Victor Chang had a net worth of $1 million to $5 million. He built a fortune and became a well-known person in the medical field through his amazing journey as a profession.

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How Did Dr. Victor Chang Die?

On the morning of July 4, 1991, an attempt to steal money from Chang ended with him being shot twice in the head. In the Sydney nearby of Mosman, his body was found lying in the gutter next to his Mercedes-Benz 500SL.

Chew Seng (Ah Sung) Liew and Choon Tee (Phillip) Lim, two guys from Malaysia, picked Chang at random from a magazine about Asians who had “made it good” in Australia. They drove their Toyota Coronainto Chang’s car, which made him have to stop. Chang refused to give them money, so Liew got into a fight with him and then shot Chang.

The first shot went in near the right cheek and came out below the right ear. The second shot, which killed the man, was fired from point-blank range and went into the right temple and through the brain.

Dr. Victor Chang Personal Life

Dr. Victor Chang was an Australian heart surgeon of Chinese origin who led an extraordinary personal life. He got married to Ann Simmons, whom he met in London while he was training to be a heart and lung surgeon. The names of their kids were Marcus, Matthew, and Vanessa.

Chang loved his family very much and loved spending time with his wife and children. He loved music so much that he could play the piano and violin. He was a devout Catholic who often went to Mass. People knew him for being kind, humble, and generous.

He helped many people who couldn’t pay for his services and gave money to many causes. He also helped many of his coworkers and students and was a friend to many. Everyone who knew him looked up to and appreciated him.

Dr. Victor Chang Achievements

Dr. Victor Chang was a famous heart surgeon from Australia who was one of the first people to do modern heart and heart-lung transplants. He also worked on making tools that could be used in heart surgery, like mechanical heart valves. Some of his achievements include:

In 1984, he was a part of Australia’s first heart transplantation that went well.

He established the National Cardiac Transplant Unit at St. Vincent’s Hospital, which became the best place in the country to get a heart or lung transplant.

He made a fake heart valve that could be put in without having to have open-heart surgery.
He started working on making an artificial heart that could be used in place of a failed heart for a short time.

For his work in medicine, he was given many awards and honors, such as the Paul Harris Fellow Award, the Companion of the Order of Australia, and the Advance Australia Award.


Dr. Victor Chang was a great heart surgeon who made important advances in the field of heart health. He was born in China but went to Australia when he was a child to follow his dream of saving lives. He was thought to be worth between $1 million and $5 million.

His friends, patients, and the public all looked up to and respected him. He sadly died in a robbery attempt in 1991, but he left behind a legacy of excellence and new ideas. Several organizations and schools are named after him, and he was named the Australian of the Century.

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