Jeremy Tardy Net Worth: How the Actor Built His Fortune?

Jeremy Tardy Net Worth

Jeremy Tardy Net Worth: American actor Jeremy Tardy has been in a number of TV shows and movies, including War Dogs, Dear White People, and 68 Whiskey. People also know him for speaking out against racial discrimination and unfair pay in the entertainment business.

But how much is he really worth? In this article, we will look into Jeremy Tardy’s net worth, profession, and personal life.

Who is Jeremy Tardy?

Jeremy Tardy was born on November 7, 1990, in the United States. He is one of the most famous and wealthy TV actors. Originally, he was born and raised in the United States. In the 2015 movie Bone Tomahawk, he was in it with Kurt Russell.

An actor who is best known for playing Rashid Bakr on the Netflix show Dear White People. He made his appearance in the part during the first season of the show in April 2017 and got good reviews.

He played Kip in the 2016 movie War Dogs with Jonah Hill. He had a role as Buford in the 2015 western horror movie Bone Tomahawk.

Brief Bio About Jeremy Tardy

Full NameJeremy Tardy
Notable WorksDear White People, War Dogs, Bone Tomahawk, 68 Whiskey
Net Worth (2023)Estimated between $100K and $1 million
Sources of EarningActing, Social media presence
Professional CareerActing since 2008 with a debut in The Waiting Room
Marital StatusMarried to Tamika Waye since October 29, 2023
Rise to FameRecognized for his role as Rashid Bakr in Dear White People

Jeremy Tardy Net Worth

According to assumptions, Jeremy Tardy, a famous American TV star, is expected to have a net worth of between $100K and $1 million in 2023. With his amazing skills and unshakable determination, Tardy has made a big mark in the entertainment business, becoming famous for his outstanding TV performances.

His net worth shows how great his acting career has been and how much he has earned through hard work and dedication. With a bright future ahead of him, Jeremy Tardy continues to captivate viewers and solidify his status as a well-known and respected TV actor.

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Jeremy Tardy Sources of Earning

Jeremy Tardy is an American actor who has been in a number of movies and TV shows. His income comes from a variety of sources, including:

Acting: Tardy has been working in show business since 2008 when he made his acting debut in the short film The Waiting Room. Since then, he’s been in a number of movies, including Bone Tomahawk, War Dogs, and Boone: The Bounty Hunter. Several TV shows, like The Mindy Project, Castle, Ballers, New Warriors, and Ten Days in the Valley, have had recurring or main parts for him.

Education: Tardy received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the illustrious Juilliard School, where he studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. His education has made him get better at what he does and become known in the field.

Social media: Tardy is active on a number of social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He tells people about his personal life, connects with his friends, and promotes his work on these sites.

Jeremy Tardy Professional Career

Jeremy Tardy began acting in the theater when he was five years old. During school, he had trouble with his marks when he started to focus on acting. He explained, “I didn’t do most of the things that other kids my age were into…

“The teenage years were the hardest for me because it was hard to stay on the right path…A lot of my friends have become involved with the bad things that come with living on the streets.”

Through his hard work, Jeremy was able to get into Juilliard School. In 2016, he was cast as Rashid Bakr in the Netflix show based on the book Dear White People. He was chosen to play Night Thrasher in Freeform’s New Warriors, but the show never aired and was later canceled.

He quit Dear White People on September 12, 2020, and he won’t be in the show’s last season. Tardy says Lionsgate didn’t pay him and didn’t treat non-white players well.

Is Jeremy Tardy Married?

Jeremy Tardy and Tamika Waye started dating in 2018 and got married on October 29, 2023. Tamika was an important part of planning the wedding and made sure that not only was the day special for the couple, but it was also memorable for everyone who was there.

The public may not be given many specifics about Tamika Waye’s past or job, but the fact that she was involved with the important event puts her there. Her status has gone up since she married Jeremy Tardy, which is why she comes up in many search results.

Jeremy Tardy Rise to Fame

Jeremy Tardy is an American actor who achieved fame for his part as Rashid Bakr in the Netflix original series Dear White People, which is a comedy-drama that examines the racial tensions that exist in a largely white Ivy League college.

Tardy began playing in plays when she was five years old, and she has loved the performing arts ever since. As a child in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he had to stay away from the pressures and problems of living on the streets.


In conclusion up, Jeremy Tardy is a famous American actor who has made a big effect in the entertainment business through his roles in hit TV shows and movies. His projected net worth of $100,000 to $1 million in 2023 shows how well he has done financially.

Tardy makes a lot of different kinds of money from playing, teaching, and social media work. His path from performing in plays as a child to going to the Juilliard School shows how dedicated he is to the art. Tardy’s strong opinions on matters like racial discrimination and fair pay have made his job more of a social activist one.

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