Greg Brockman Net Worth: From Stripe to OpenAI

Greg Brockman Net Worth

Greg Brockman Net Worth: Greg Brockman is the president and one of the founders of OpenAI, a company that works on study and deployment to make sure that artificial general intelligence helps everyone. He was also the CTO of Stripe, a well-known online payment system, before.

He has been called one of the most important and creative individuals in the field of artificial intelligence. In this article, we will look at his net worth, sources of income, and profession.

Who is Greg Brockman?

The American entrepreneur, investor, and software creator Greg Brockman was born in 1988 or 1989. He is currently the president of OpenAI and a co-founder of the company. He learned how to make software on his own and dropped out of Harvard and MIT.

His first job after leaving MIT was at Stripe in 2010, and he became their CTO in 2013. In 2015, he quit Stripe to contribute to starting OpenAI and became the chief technology officer (CTO) of that company.

Brief Bio About Greg Brockman

Full NameGreg Brockman
OccupationEntrepreneur, Investor, Software Developer
Sources of EarningOpenAI, Stripe, Investments
Net Worth$45 million
ProfessionCo-Founder and President of OpenAI

Greg Brockman Net Worth

Greg Brockman’s estimated net worth is approximately $45 million. Greg Brockman’s main source of wealth comes from contributing to create OpenAI, a non-profit research group whose mission is to promote and build AI that is friendly. He is also the president of the company.

Brockman’s wealth, on the other hand, isn’t just a measure of his money; it also shows how much of an effect he has had on the tech industry. OpenAI has become a leader in AI research thanks to his vision and guidance. This has opened the way for progress that could change many parts of people’s lives.

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How Did Greg Brockman Achieve Success?

After leaving MIT in 2010, he and many of the others he knew co-founded a firm called Stripe. In 2013, he became Stripe’s first CTO and helped the company grow from 5 to 205 workers. In May 2015, he quit Stripe. In December 2015, he started a new business with Elon Musk and Sam Altman called OpenAI.

He was a big part of making OpenAI Gym and OpenAI Five, a Dota 2 bot, which are both very important projects. OpenAI released a new model in 2019 called GPT-2, but they didn’t let anyone else use it.

In May 2019, they sent it to a small group of users. On March 14, 2023, he revealed GPT-4, the latest language model from OpenAI, in a live video.

Sam Altman was fired from OpenAI on November 17, 2023. Greg Brockman was told he would be taken off the board but would still play a big part in the company.

Greg Brockman Sources of Earning

Greg Brockman has a lot of money from different sources, but most of it comes from his work in artificial intelligence. His sources of income include:

OpenAI: As president and co-founder of OpenAI, he is in charge of the company’s aims, strategies, and daily activities. He is also in charge of making generative models and goods like DALL·E, ChatGPT, and Whisper and getting them out into the world. The company has raised more than $1 billion from investors like Microsoft, Reid Hoffman, and Peter Thiel, so he is expected to get a big salary and shares in the business.

Stripe: He used to be the chief technology officer (CTO) of Stripe and was in charge of growing the company’s engineering team and technology base. In 2010, he was one of the first people to work at Stripe. In 2015, he quit to help start OpenAI. He probably got paid a lot and was given stock options by Stripe, a company worth more than $95 billion as of March 2021.

Investments: In his capacity as an angel investor and advisor, he has provided financial backing to a number of fledgling businesses and initiatives operating in the field of artificial intelligence, including Scale AI, Primer, and Robust Intelligence, among others. He most likely got money back and stock from these investments, which could go up in value over time.

Greg Brockman Professional Career

Greg Brockman’s entrepreneurial adventure increased as he immersed himself in the field of computer programming. He first became interested in artificial intelligence by making a robot and talking about algorithms for weather.

This led to a deeper interest in the field. Brockman’s path as an entrepreneur took a big turn when he got a proposal from a startup. This was the start of his journey into the tech business.

In 2010, he made a big choice: he joined the payments company, Stripe, at first as the company’s first engineer. His contributions were very important to the company’s growth, which finally hired over 250 people.

Brockman was promoted to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in 2013 because of how hard he worked. He was very important in shaping Stripe’s technological world while he was there.


In conclusion, Greg Brockman is an impressive figure in the field of artificial intelligence. He helped start and run two successful businesses, Stripe and OpenAI. Besides that, he has put money into and helped a number of AI projects and startups, including Scale AI, Primer, and Robust Intelligence.

His net worth of about $45 million shows how much he has earned and contributed to the tech business. He learned how to code on his own and dropped out of Harvard and MIT to follow his dream of using AI to make the world a better place.

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