Who is Josh Giddey Dating?: Who is She, and How Old is She?

Who is Josh Giddey Dating?

Who is Josh Giddey Dating?: Josh Giddey, who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder, is a rising star in the NBA. He is also a very good-looking young man who has a lot of friends and famous people interested in him. But what is Josh Giddey’s girlfriend? Did he just break up with someone?

Also, what’s the big deal about his supposed girlfriend? This article will use the search results for “Who is Josh Giddey dating” to attempt to answer these questions and more.

Who is Josh Giddey?

Joshua James Giddey is an Australian professional basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was born on October 10, 2002. This guy was picked by the Thunder with the sixth pick in the 2021 NBA draft.

Giddey has the record for the youngest triple-double in NBA history. He did it when he was 19 years, and 84 days old. He also had three straight triple-doubles as a rookie, which had not been done by a player since Oscar Robertson in 1961.

Brief Bio About Josh Giddey

Full NameJoshua James Giddey
ProfessionBasketball player
Dating RumorsGiddey had been dating a minor, who is named Liv Cook
Previous RelationshipsIn 2021, there were false rumors linking Giddey to Kylie Jenner.
Age Difference ControversyReports suggest Liv Cook is in high school, possibly 16 or 17, while Giddey is 21.

Who is Josh Giddey Dating?

A person on X recently said that Giddey had been dating a minor, who they thought was Liv Cook. The account shared a video of Giddey holding her tightly. The Australian was shown in a different shot with his arms around her neck. Although the posts were removed, other users took screenshots and posted them online.

There is now a supposed video of Cook that seems to show her admitting that she is dating the NBA star.

“Hey everyone! “I’m dating Josh; we don’t have to talk about it,” the girl remarked in the video.
Giddey hasn’t said anything about the claims yet. Neither the league nor the Thunder have said anything about it.

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Josh Giddey’s Previous Relationships

In 2021, the famous model Kylie Jenner was linked to the Australian basketball player Josh Giddey. Fans were even more interested in whether or not they were dating.

Josh, on the other hand, is single and has no history of dating Kylie. Kylie said that Josh was her favorite basketball player, which is what brought them together.

But none of this is true; the information has not been checked by a reliable source. Giddey has become one of the most interesting young players to watch since he was picked in the first round.

The point guard, who is 21 years old, is very good at both making plays for his peers and scoring more points for the team. Gidde hasn’t been seen with any other women or men outside of this relationship.

Josh Giddey and His Rumored Girlfriend’s Age Difference

Reports say that Josh Giddey’s claimed girlfriend is Liv Cook, who is a junior in high school, which means she is probably 16 or 17. The Australian basketball player Josh Giddey, on the other hand, is 21 years old. According to the reports, they might be about five years apart in age, which has caused a lot of debate and worry among fans and people watching.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these are just rumors. Liv Cook’s actual age is still unknown until more proof is found.

How Did Josh Giddey React to the Controversies?

In a recent interview, the Thunder star was asked about what was going on off the court. He didn’t say anything, saying, “I understand the question obviously, but there’s no more comment right now.”

These actions made fans more angry, and they asked the media to take a more serious and persistent stance. The fans brought up Kyrie Irving’s antisemitic comments from a year ago and asked the reporters to be more committed. So, the NBA community comes together to find out what really happened.


In conclusion, Josh Giddey, a rising star for the Oklahoma City Thunder, is the subject of dating stories, especially about his relationship with Liv Cook, a junior in high school. Fans have talked about and expressed concerns about the supposed age difference of about five years.

There have been rumors about Giddey, but he has kept quiet, answering questions with a simple “no more comment right now.” Fans are more angry than ever because of the dispute, and they want the media to look into it further.

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