Is Sara Waisglass Dating? Does She Have a Mysterious Boyfriend?

Is Sara Waisglass Dating?

Sara Waisglass is a talented actress who is known for her impressive parts. She has gained a large fan base. Fans and admirers are curious about every aspect of her life, but one question keeps coming up: Is Sara Waisglass dating anyone right now?

This brief look at Sara Waisglass’s love life is meant to shed some light on her romantic journey and give an overview of her present relationship status. Celebrities may prefer to keep their private lives under wraps, yet information about them may have leaked out through interviews or social media. So, let’s start this quest to find out the truth about Sara Waisglass’s dating life and get a look at her possible love plans.

Who is Sara Waisglass?

Sara Waisglass is a Canadian actor who became known as a child star. From 2010 to 2011, she played Jordy Cooper in the children’s sitcom Overruled!, and from 2013 to 2017, she played Frankie Hollingsworth in Degrassi: The Next Generation and Degrassi: Next Class.

She made her acting debut in the 2017 film Mary Goes Round and went on to portray Robyn in 2021 and Maxine in 2022 in the Netflix drama series Ginny & Georgia.

Sara Waisglass Earlier Years

Sara and her sister Carly grew up in Toronto, Ontario with their parents Tessa and Jeff Waisglass. She got her high school education at Toronto’s Earl Haig. She spent four years at York University studying screenwriting since she knows that’s where her future lies. She has a passion for the piano as well.

Is Sara Waisglass Dating?
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Waisglass made her debut on television as Jane, an eight-year-old, in The Jane Show in 2007, marking the beginning of her career as a child actress. Waisglass debuted on the big screen in 2008, starring John Malkovich and Evangeline Lilly in Afterwards, a psychological thriller directed by Gilles Bourdos. In 2009, she appeared in another 29 episodes of Overruled! as a child actor. She was once featured in a KFC ad.

Is Sara Waisglass Dating? Does She Have a Mysterious Boyfriend?

Sara Waisglass is currently dating Jeremy Kellen. Despite being together for over two and a half years, they continue to avoid public acknowledgment of their relationship.

At the beginning of their relationship, Waisglass revealed to her lover that she and he had gone to the same high school. However, they did not start dating right away.

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Who Is Jeremy Kellen?

Jeremy Kellen is a JD candidate at the respected University of British Columbia, where he has been working hard on his law education since 2021. Jeremy has set his sights on graduating from law school in 2024, so he may begin a career that will need him to have a deep understanding of the law.

Jeremy earned a degree in philosophy from Ryerson University in 2021 before deciding to pursue a career in law. His passion for deep reflection and philosophical inquiry was the bedrock of his intellectual growth and helped him see the world in new ways.

Jeremy’s actual age is a mystery, however, on September 7 he celebrated a birthday with family and friends in North York, Ontario, Canada. His appearance suggests he is in his mid-20s, and his behavior is consistent with that of a young man.

A Timeline of Sara & Jeremy’s Relationship

Let’s find out how things are progressing in their relationship.

Sara and Jeremy first met in high school:

Most people meet their future partners in high school, and in rare cases, their love will last forever. According to our Research, the “Ginny and Georgina” star and her current flame first met as high school seniors.

They didn’t begin dating until after both had completed their respective academic programs and had been separated for a few years. One possible explanation is that they started out as friends and then fell in love with each other.

Their first social media post together:

The exact date that the pair began dating is unknown, however, their first photo together appeared on social media on July 24, 2019.

Sara and Jeremy may be seen sitting on a rock in front of a waterfall, enjoying some downtime together. She captioned it, “Jeremy signed my yearbook a couple of years ago: “Hope we keep in touch, and have a fantastic summer.” HELLO, LOOK AT US NOW!

Is Sara Waisglass Dating?
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However, Jeremy posted an Instagram photo of himself with the actress for the first time on October 17, 2019. His caption concludes, “Guess I know how to pick ’em,” with a heart-eye emoji.

First Instagram post of the actress and her boyfriend:

However, Jeremy posted an Instagram photo of himself with the actress for the first time on October 17, 2019. He concludes the message with a heart-eye emoji, suggesting that he thinks he knows how to choose women.

The couple decided to keep their relationship secret:

There have been no new images of the couple posted to social media since 2020.

On May 28, 2020, the “Degrassi: The Next Generation” starlet posted a photo of herself and Kellen holding hands.

Many are curious as to whether or not they remain a couple. Both parties are still following one another on Instagram and commenting on posts sometimes. If that’s the case, it seems reasonable to conclude that they’re still dating each other but prefer to keep their romance under wraps.

Who Has Sara Waisglass Dated in the Past?

If you’re interested in who Sara Waisglass is rumored to be dating, as well as other details about her life that she prefers to keep private (like most celebrities), then be sure to check back with us often.

Sara Waisglass has had at least one boyfriend in the past. Sara Waisglass has never been married before. We’re currently gathering information on previous dates and hookups.

Rumors about Sara Waisglass and online dating can be confusing. It’s not hard to find out who Sara Waisglass is dating now, but it can be difficult to keep up with all of her brief affairs, casual relationships, and serious partnerships. It’s already challenging to keep track of everyone a celebrity is dating and their relationships.

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