What Happened to Kim Gravel? The Woman Who Believes in Your Beauty

What Happened to Kim Gravel?

A QVC star named Kim Gravel recently said that she has Bell’s palsy, which has changed the way her face looks. The news comes after her fans were worried earlier in January that she wasn’t going to be on TV. Afterward, the QVC star said in an Instagram video that she hadn’t taken care of her health because she was too busy with work.

Gravel also chose to tell her friends about recent health problems she’s been having on social media. She put up a film on Instagram on January 20, 2024, with the following text:

“Loving yourself when your body betrays you. I love you, #lwya #kimgravel.”

A lot of supportive messages from Kim’s fans were left in the comments section. One of them told her to try acupuncture, and another wrote that she got better from Bell’s palsy in six weeks and thought Gravel would too.

At the start of her video, the star said:

“My daddy always used to say, ‘You’re either heading into a storm, in a storm or coming out of one,’ and y’all, I am dead set in the middle of it. I’m in the storm right now.”

Kim Gravel went on to say that she had been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy a few weeks ago, which made half of her body weak.

“There’s nothing like practicing what you preach and really understanding what love Who You are means. I think storms are meant to bring us back to the present and help us understand what life is all about. They also help us realize that we only get one life and it’s up to us to make the most of it.

Gravel is best known for running the clothing line Belle by Kim Gravel and the cosmetics line Belle Beauty.

Who is Kim Gravel?

Kim Gravel owns her own business, broadcasts TV shows, and coaches beauty pageants. She was born in South Carolina on July 27, 1971. Kim is best known for her part in the Lifetime show Kim of Queens. She is 52 years old.

In it, former Miss Georgia Kim, her mother, and her sister look for people who want to be in beauty pageants. Ratings for the show were so low that it was canceled during its second season.

“I will have to be honest; when the last episode did not air, I was heartbroken, a bit bitter, and downright p****d,” Kim said at that time. The TV star also promotes her Belle by Kim Gravel clothing line on QVC.

What Happened to Kim Gravel’s Face?

Fans noticed that Kim wasn’t on QVC in December 2023. Stories were going around that Kim had a stroke or something else serious happened to her health.

People said the host looked different when she finally came back after a long absence.

“She’s back with Mary today.” For some reason, her mouth looks like it’s been worked on. “That area keeps getting touched,” one person said.

“She may have mentioned it in the show, but I just turned it on, and I may have missed it.”

It was quickly found out, though, that the star had Bell’s palsy.

“The weakness makes it look like half of the face is sagging.” “Smiles are one-sided, and the eye on the affected side won’t close,” the Mayo Clinic found.

What About Kim Gravel’s Sickness Has She Said?

Recently, the TV star shared a new video on Instagram with news about her health and her new beauty line, Love Who You Are. The moral of the video was summed up in the caption, which said, “Loving yourself when your body betrays you.”

Kim told her fans at the start of her video that she’s still “dead set in the middle of the storm.” Bell’s palsy made half of the side of her face weak when she woke up a few weeks ago, she said.

“There’s nothing like practicing what you preach and understanding what Love Who You Are means,” Kim said about her new beauty line. The problem she is having now has taught her what life is all about and how to “really appreciate that we only get one life.”

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QVC star Kim Gravel has revealed that she has Bell’s palsy, which has affected her face. The condition has made half of her body weak, making her face appear sagging. Gravel, best known for running Belle by Kim Gravel and Belle Beauty, has been dealing with health issues due to her busy schedule.

She shared her health struggles on Instagram, expressing her gratitude for the support she has received and the importance of practicing love and understanding one’s worth. Gravel’s new beauty line, Love Who You Are, aims to teach people to appreciate their one life and make the most of it.

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