Where is Deketrice Jackson Now? The Woman Who Stalked Multiple Women for a Decade

Where is Deketrice Jackson Now?

Where is Deketrice Jackson now? Deketrice Jackson is a woman who was found guilty of stalking several people for a decade. The Netflix show “I Am a Stalker: Obsessive Tendencies” told her story. In it, she talked about her troubled childhood, her abusive relationships, and her problems with religion and sexuality.

It turned into stalking over time, and she had to deal with it for almost ten years before she got in trouble.

What did she do after the show, though? Where is she now? Has she changed? This article will talk about the most recent news about Deketrice Jackson and her current situation.

Who is Deketrice Jackson?

Jack Deketrice grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a child, he lived in a few foster homes. On the show, she talked about how she was abused a lot while living in twelve different foster homes.

Deketrice was picked on at school, and parents didn’t want her around their kids because she was gay, even though she had known for a long time. Even worse, Deketrice thought her mother didn’t want her either, which made her feel alone.

The first woman Deketrice liked was Tunya King, whom she knew from church. That person was ten years old in 2001, and that person was twenty-four years old. Tunya didn’t want to be Deketrice’s mother figure, but the show said that she did.

It got too much for Tunya to talk to Deketrice, so she stopped. After that, the first person made friends with Tunya’s niece, Tiffanie, and started using her name on social media.

By 2008, Deketrice had moved to Springfield, Missouri, but she still got very obsessed with things. When Rachel asked her to date her in 2012, she said no because she didn’t trust her. Deketrice told Rachel that he followed her to work, looked at her phone, and hurt her mentally and physically.

Finally, Rachel and her mother were able to get orders to keep Deketrice away from them, but she kept coming to their house until she was caught in October 2012.

She got eight years of probation because of this. She was fine for a while, but things changed after she briefly talked to another woman in 2017. Deketrice started to send her gifts and follow her around. For a year, this went on before the police stepped in. She was jailed after being caught outside the woman’s house in April 2018.

Where is Deketrice Jackson Right Now?

According to the research of The Cinemaholic, in October 2018, Deketrice was finally found guilty of stalking and given a four-year jail sentence. This woman was also found guilty of other crimes, like domestic abuse, tampering with a motor vehicle, and first-degree theft, which can be seen on her criminal record.

Deketrice was given release again in November 2021 after being out on parole before. On the show, she talked about how her faith and going to a Bible study group had helped her in the past.

Deketrice did what her probation said she had to do for the first few months after she got out of jail. She got a job and did not drink or sleep with women because she believed being gay was a sin. After about six months, she was charged with drunk driving on the show, but she wasn’t sent to jail.

She stopped going to church with that group in the end and started dating someone else. Deketrice hasn’t been seen much since then. We think she is still on parole in Springfield, Missouri, and she doesn’t seem to have done anything wrong.

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What is it All About?

I Am a Stalker: Obsessive Tendencies” is a Netflix show about people who have stalked others and how their actions have affected both themselves and the people they have stalked.

The show looks at the social and psychological reasons why some people stalk others, as well as the moral and legal effects of their actions.

The show also has advice from professionals and therapists on how to deal with stalking and keep it from getting worse. Every episode is about a different stalker and their target. For example, Deketrice Jackson stalked several women for ten years.


Deketrice Jackson, a woman who was found guilty of stalking several people for a decade, was featured on the Netflix show “I Am a Stalker: Obsessive Tendencies.”

She grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and faced abuse and discrimination in her childhood. She was first drawn to Tunya King but later started dating Tiffanie.

After moving to Springfield, Missouri, she became obsessed with another woman and was arrested in 2018. Deketrice was released in November 2021 and reconnected with her faith. After being charged with drunk driving, she stopped attending church and started dating someone else. She is still on parole in Springfield, Missouri.

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