Veruca Salt Rock Band Net Worth: How Did the Band Become Famous?

Veruca Salt Rock Band Net Worth

Veruca Salt Rock Band Net Worth: Veruca Salt is an American alternative rock band that was started by Nina Gordon and Louise Post in Chicago in 1992. With the hit song “Seether” from their first album, American Thighs (1994), the band became well-known.

The band is still together with its original four members: Gordon, Post, Steve Lack, and Jim Shapiro. In this article, we will look at Veruca Salt’s net worth, which is obtained by subtracting the entire value of its assets and liabilities.

What is Veruca Salt?

Veruca Salt is an American alternative rock band that was formed in Chicago in 1992 by Nina Gordon and Louise Post, who sing and play guitar, along with Jim Shapiro, who plays drums, and Steve Lack, who plays bass.

They are best known for “Seether,” their first song, which came out on the album American Thighs in 1994. The next big hit was Eight Arms to Hold You, which came out in 1997. Since Post was the only founding member still in the band in 1998, they kept going with other musicians.

The album Resolver by Veruca Salt came out in 2000, and the album IV came out in 2006. The band got back together with its original members after a break in 2012. Ghost Notes, their fifth studio record, came out in 2015.

Veruca Salt Rock Band Net Worth

According to some accounts, Veruca Salt, an American alternative rock band, has a net worth of approximately $17 million. But this number might not show how much each band member is worth because they may have different amounts of the band’s income and costs.

Furthermore, some band members may have additional income streams outside of the band, such as solo ventures, collaborations, or endorsements. It could also change over time, based on how well the band does and how much money they make.

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Veruca Salt Rise to Fame

The band gained popularity with their debut album, American Thighs (1994), which included the hit single “Seether.” The song got to number eight on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and was a big hit on MTV.

The band’s second record, Eight Arms to Hold You (1997), had another hit song called “Volcano Girls” that got a lot of airplay on MTV and the radio.

The band’s success was helped by their catchy melodies, strong vocals, and grunge-influenced sound, which popular and alternative music fans liked. The band was also known for making references to books and movies. For example, they named themselves after the spoiled girl from Roald Dahl’s book and movie version of the same name.

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Veruca Salt Members

Here are the four members of the American alternative rock band Veruca Salt:

Nina Gordon: She sings and plays guitar. She quit the band in 1998 to work on her own, but she came back in 2013. She can play the harmonica and piano too.

Louise Post: She sings and plays guitar. After Gordon left, she kept the band going with different players until they got back together in 2013. She can play the piano and the guitar too.

Jim Shapiro: As the brother of Nina Gordon, he is a drummer who joined the group in 1992. In 1997, he quit the band, and Stacy Jones took his place. In 2013, he joined the band again. He sings background music and plays guitar as well.

Steve Lack: Steve is the bassist. He joined the band in 1992 because Nina Gordon and Jim Shapiro were friends with him. He quit the band in 1998, and different players took his place. In 2013, he joined the band again. He plays the piano and drums too.


Veruca Salt is an American alternative rock band that has been around since 1992. It was started by Nina Gordon and Louise Post. Their hits, such as “Seether” and “Volcano Girls,” have made a big impact on the music business.

Even though the band’s lineup has changed over the years, the founding members got back together in 2013 to show how much they still love and care about their music. Their projected net worth of $17 million shows how successful they are, though each person may make a different amount.

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