Jesus Ortiz Paz Net Worth: The Lead Singer of Fuerza Regida

Jesus Ortiz Paz Net Worth

Jesus Ortiz Paz Net Worth: Jesus Ortiz Paz is a singer, rapper, and songwriter from Mexico. He is best known as the lead singer of the band Fuerza Regida from his home country.

The band, which was established in 2017, has recorded several hit songs that merge Mexican corridos with hip-hop, including Soy Montero, En Modesto Sela Pasa, and Chingas Atu Madre.

In this article, we will look at how Jesus Ortiz Paz began his musical career, his sources of income, and his net worth.

Who is Jesus Ortiz Paz?

Jess Ortiz-Paz is a popular and wealthy World Music Singer who was born on May 13, 1997, in Mexico. This musician became famous through Grupo Fuerza Regida and is well-known in the Latino community.

He posted a couple of songs from the band to his own YouTube account, Jesus Ortiz. One of the songs is “Discuple Usted,” and another is “El Manuelito.” He lived in the area that is between Mexico and California.

Brief Information About Jesus Ortiz Paz

Full NameJesus Ortiz Paz
OccupationSinger, Rapper, Songwriter
BandFuerza Regida (Established in 2017)
Notable Songs– Soy Montero <br> – En Modesto Sela Pasa <br> – Chingas Atu Madre
Net Worth$5 million (estimated)
Sources of IncomeAlbum sales, Ticket sales from live shows, Merchandise sales, YouTube videos and ads

Jesus Ortiz Paz Net Worth

According to web search results, Jesus Ortiz Paz’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. Aside from being the lead singer of the Mexican band Fuerza Regida, he also sings, raps, and writes songs.

He earned his fortune through his music career, which began in 2017. A lot of people really like his hit songs that mix Mexican corridos with hip-hop, like “Soy Montero,” “En Modesto Sela Pasa,” and “Chingas Atu Madre.”

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Jesus Ortiz Paz Musical Career

Jess Ortiz-Paz is a skilled musician in his own right. His popularity grew when he joined the band “Fuerza Regida.” He is well-known among Latinos. On his own YouTube channel, “Jesus Ortiz,” he composed some of the band’s songs. Several songs are in the collection, such as “Disciple Usted” and “El Manuelito.”

The band “Fuerza Regida” played corridos and started on YouTube. Their first record came out in 2018. The name of their first record is En Vivo Puros Corridos. The group became well-known that same year with the song “Radicamos in South-Central.”

Jesus Ortiz Paz’s Sources of Income

The lead vocalist of the regional Mexican band Fuerza Regida is Jesus Ortiz Paz. His sources of wealth are:

Album sales: He and his band have published many albums, including Radicamos in South Central (2018), Del Barrio Hasta Aqu (2019), and Adictos al Peligro (2020).

Sales of tickets: He has live shows with his band that have a lot of fans who pay to see him sing and rap.

Merchandise: He sells his loyal followers branded apparel, accessories, and other goods.

Videos on YouTube: He posts his songs and vlogs on a channel with his name on it, and makes money from views and ads.

Ads on social media: He has a lot of followers on Instagram, where he promotes different brands and goods by posting photos and videos of his daily life.

Jesus Ortiz Paz’s Social Media Presence

A lot of people follow Jesus Ortiz Paz on social media sites. From a web search, we can see that he is active on the following social networks:

Instagram: He has almost 2.4 million followers on his verified Instagram account, where he posts photographs and videos of his lifestyle, music, and fiancée Jailyne Ojeda.

YouTube: He posts his music and vlog videos on a page with his name on it that has more than 788K subscribers. He makes money from views and ads.

Facebook: His Facebook page is called Jesus Ortiz Paz, and it’s where he shares news and music with his friends.


Jesus Ortiz Paz is a famous Mexican singer, rapper, and songwriter who was born on May 13, 1997. He is best known as the lead singer of Fuerza Regida. The band became famous for combining Mexican corridos with hip-hop in hit songs like “Soy Montero” and “Chingas Atu Madre.”

Ortiz Paz’s $5 million net worth comes from selling albums, going to live shows, selling merchandise, making YouTube videos, and getting recommendations on social media.

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