Lou Young Net Worth: How He Went From NFL to Comedy?

Lou Young Net Worth

Lou Young Net Worth: Lou Young is a comedian and social media phenomenon who used to be an NFL player. He is best known for the funny skits he does on TikTok and Instagram in which he acts like famous people like Steve Harvey and Cam Newton.

He also has a YouTube account where he posts vlogs and music videos. In this article, we will look at how Lou Young rose from the NFL practice squad to comedic stardom, what his sources of income are, and how much he is worth in 2024.

Who is Lou Young?

Lou Young used to play football in the NFL and is now a comic and social media star. He was born in Washington, D.C., on October 9, 1991, and is one of the richest football players in the United States.

He is also on the list of the most well-known American football players. One of the famous people on our list is Lou Young. He was a cornerback in college football at Georgia Tech.

Brief Information About Lou Young

Full NameLou Young
OccupationComedian, Social Media Star, Former NFL Player
NFL PositionCornerback
Net Worth (2024)$8 million (estimated)
NFL CareerPlayed for the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers<br>- Attended Georgia Tech
Social Media PlatformsTikTok, Instagram, YouTube

Lou Young Net Worth

Lou Young, a famous and great American football player, has built up a large net worth over the years. His net worth is estimated to be USD 8 million as of 2024.

He has a lot of money from many sources, but mostly from his job as a professional football player. Young has done well on the field, but he has also taken advantage of business possibilities in social media, branding, and other areas, which has helped him make even more money.

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Lou Young Career

Lou Young is a former NFL cornerback who spent time with the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. He attended Georgia Tech and was a three-year starter at both safety and cornerback.

Drafted in the NFL, but not picked. Signed with the Denver Broncos as an amateur free agent. He played in six games for the Carolina Panthers in 2016 and was on the squad for 2015, but he didn’t play in Super Bowl 50.

Stopped playing professional football and started making content online. His funny videos have been seen by millions of people on TikTok, Instagram, and other outlets.

Lou Young’s Rise to Fame

Lou Young rose to prominence with his humorous TikTok and Instagram impersonations of superstars such as Steve Harvey and Cam Newton. He also has a YouTube account where he posts vlogs and music videos.

He became a comedian after his NFL career ended in 2018. That’s when he learned he was good at making people laugh. Millions of people now follow and love him because they find him funny and interesting.

Lou Young’s Sources of Income

Lou Young is known for his funny Instagram and TikTok skits. He also has a YouTube account where he posts vlogs and music videos. His sources of income are:

NFL salary: He made at least $480,000 a year as a safety for NFL teams like the Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

TikTok income: He posts his funny videos on TikTok, where he has more than 4.3 million fans. He makes money from ads and views.

Instagram income: He has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram, where he posts funny and everyday pictures and videos. He makes money from ads and endorsements on Instagram.

YouTube income: He has more than 200,000 YouTube followers and posts music and vlog videos there. He makes money from ads and views.

Merchandise sales: He makes money by selling his own branded apparel, accessories, and other items on his website.

Lou Young’s Personal Life

The famous American football player Lou Young has a private and happy personal life. He has a beautiful daughter and is happily married, but he has decided not to tell anyone their names. Lou Young respects the privacy of his family and makes sure that their private matters are kept secret.

Lou Young puts his family ahead of everything else, even though he is famous and well-known. He knows how important it is to protect his wife and daughter from the prying eyes of the media and give them a safe and loving home.


In conclusion, Lou Young went from being an NFL player to a comedy star and social media star with ease. Born on October 9, 1991, he became famous for making funny impersonations of famous people on TikTok and Instagram, especially of Steve Harvey and Cam Newton.

Young made a lot of money from his football career, using social media, branding, and product sales to build his net worth to $8 million in 2024.

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