Twin Melody’s Net Worth: How Much Have They Earned So Far?

TWIN MELODY net worth

Paula and Aitana Etxeberria, who are twin sisters from Spain, make up the talented music duo Twin Melody. With their beautiful voices and amazing musical skills, they have taken the world by storm and won the hearts of millions of fans all over the world.

The pair first became well-known on YouTube, where they posted cover songs and original songs that showed how talented they were. Since then, Twin Melody has put out their own music, gone on tours around the world, and worked with other well-known acts. In this piece, we’ll learn more about Twin Melody, their history, how they became famous, and how successful they have been in the music business.

Who Are Twin Melody?

Aitana and Paula Etxeberria, who are twin sisters, started the group Twin Melody (Ordizia, 1997). They are known for making videos and songs on the internet.

After seeing a musical movie, they were inspired to become singers. When they were very young, they made a YouTube channel and started putting online covers of famous songs. In five years, they had more than a million fans.  They went to the School of Music, where Paula learned to play the piano and Aitana learned to play the whistle.  When they were 16, they also started writing their own songs, and in 2018, Sony Records put out their album Twin Melody.

TWIN MELODY net worth

At the age of 23, the TikTok app gave them real fame. They post short videos of themselves doing the usual dances and tasks on that social network, but mostly they keep doing covers. They have millions of fans, and because of that, people call them “TikTok Queens.
Aside from the Internet, they have also played on TV. In 2014, they won ETB 1’s “A ze banda!” competition, and as actors, they appeared in “Go!azen!” on the same channel. In 2016, he made the Basque Country’s young people like the musical events.

Twin Melody’s Net Worth

The estimated worth of Twin Melody is $948k.

While there is no way to know for sure how much Twin Melody is worth, the specialists at Season Release can make some educated guesses. We use information from Twin Melody’s TikTok profile for ideas on their possible income through advertisements and sponsorship.

Famous brands and accounts on TikTok that are looking to expand their fan bases can buy promotional shoutouts from popular users. TikTok influencers have more control over their earnings through shoutouts than their YouTube rivals do from advertising. TikTok shoutouts often run advertisers between $2 and $4 per thousand of the platform’s followers. Price increases are warranted for more popular or influential influencers.

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By extrapolating these numbers and factoring in Twin Melody’s 17.33 million followers, we may estimate that Twin Melody has a net value of $948,83 thousand, earned solely through TikTok. Just a standard quotation, really. Potentially as much as $1.58 million.

How They Built Their Net Worth (Income Source)

The majority of Twin Melody’s income comes from their music and social media activities. They have several sources of income thanks to their popularity as a musical pair, including album and single sales, product sales, and ticket sales to their concerts. They also monetize their social media accounts by forming collaborations with brands, endorsing products, and publishing sponsored material.

TWIN MELODY net worth

Over five million YouTube subscribers and a billion video views attest to Twin Melody’s massive popularity. They make money as a YouTube creator through ad sales and YouTube’s monetization scheme. They also earn money through partnerships with other businesses and popular YouTubers.

Twin Melody has also been published in publications including Teen Vogue and Forbes, which might open up new avenues for the company’s expansion and income generation. Their wealth is difficult to put a firm number on. Twin Melody may not have accumulated a little fortune, what with their massive fan base and lucrative music career.

What is Twin Melody’s Annual Income?

TikTok star Twin Melody has 17.3 million followers and 712 videos to her name. The average daily reach for a shoutout promoted by Twin Melody might be 17.33,000 likes. The average monthly earnings for Twin Melody could be $15,600 if the channel offered just one shoutout every day. If we translate this to a yearly basis, we’re looking at a possible annual revenue of $189,77,000.

With a large following and a lot of views, a TikTok influencer may make as much as $1.58 million each month. This is due to the fact that accounts with a higher level of connection can command higher fees. A marketer’s return on investment may be reduced if they pay for a shoutout on an account with minimal interaction.


A brand may get less interactions and sales from accounts with equal followings, but this may change if they pay for a shoutout on an account with a high engagement rate. That’s why participation is so important to the success of a TikTok channel. There is a clear connection between the number of active followers and the amount of money generated.

Twin Melody Youtube Career

Sisters Paula and Aitana Etxeberria make up half of the musical act known as Twin Melody. They’re from Spain and have become popular online thanks to their videos on YouTube and other sites.

In 2015, Twin Melody launched a YouTube account where they began uploading their renditions of chart-topping tunes. With over 5 million subscribers and over 1 billion channel views, their videos went viral very rapidly.

Twin Melody also features original songs and music videos in addition to cover versions. They’ve put out a few singles and their debut album, titled “Twin Melody,” is set to drop in 2020. Live performances by Twin Melody have included the Kids’ Choice Awards in Mexico and the Summer in the City Festival in London, among others.

Partnerships with companies like Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Disney have resulted from their popularity on YouTube. Several publications, including Teen Vogue and Forbes, have highlighted their work as well. The YouTube career of Twin Melody, who is known for its catchy tunes and engaging videos, has been a huge success.

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