Abby Roberts Net Worth: A Look at the Earnings of a Social Media Influencer

Abby Roberts Net Worth

Abby Roberts is a British cosmetics artist, YouTuber, and TikTok maker who has garnered a large online fan base across many social media platforms. She has risen to prominence as a beauty and fashion industry influencer thanks to her innovative use of cosmetics and entertaining videos.

Because of this, a lot of people want to know how much Abby Roberts has made from her work and how much her net worth is. In this article, we’ll talk about Abby Roberts’s net worth, including how she makes money, what she owns, and where she puts her money.

Who is Abby Roberts?

Abby Roberts is a well-known British makeup artist, YouTuber, and TikTok star who rose to fame because of her innovative makeup looks and entertaining videos. She was born in England on July 27, 2001, and spent most of her childhood in Leeds.

Abby has always had a passion for cosmetics, but it wasn’t until 2017 that she began sharing her makeup tutorials on Instagram. She gained a sizable following on the site because of her creative and original approach to applying cosmetics. She now has over 4 million Instagram followers, over 3 million TikTok followers, and over 2 million YouTube subscribers.

In addition to her success on social media, Abby has worked as a beauty consultant for companies like Morphe, Too Faced, and Maybelline. She has also appeared in multiple magazines, including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour, and has worked with a wide range of famous people.

Abby Robert’s Net Worth

In 2023, Abby Roberts will have earned a net worth of $1 million.

Abby Roberts Net Worth

She became wealthy as a result of her work as a cosmetic artist and her partnerships with many brands across various social media platforms. She’s become famous for her tutorial videos on beauty and special effects cosmetics on the video-sharing platform Instagram.

She also has a channel on YouTube under her own name where she posts how-tos on hair and cosmetics. She is quite popular due to her prolific use of social media, especially YouTube and Instagram.

Abby Roberts Career

Abby Roberts began uploading cosmetic tutorials to YouTube when she was just 11 years old, and her popularity quickly grew as a result. She gained notoriety in 2018 after appearing in one of James Charles’ sister’s takeovers on Instagram.

She steadily honed her craft after being inspired by artists like James Charles and Nikkie de Jager. She veered away from traditional glam to experiment with new makeup styles.

Abby offers how-to videos for a variety of beauty- and fashion-related topics. She is adept at using bright and strong colors to produce a wide variety of looks, including those of movie characters, beauty queens, and horrific Halloween costumes.

In addition to “11 Years Old Makeup Tutorial,” “T-Glam Girl Pennywise Halloween Makeup,” “Quick and Easy Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial / Using Regular Makeup,” and many more, she has a wide range of other transformational films on her YouTube channel.

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Abby has a business background as well. She has worked with major makeup companies including Morphe and Colourpop, among others. She’s in the business of selling fashionable apparel, footwear, jewelry, and other items through her own web-based shop.

Abby Robert’s Personal Life

The media has reported that Roberts dated the well-known internet personality “Noen Eubanks” for quite some time. They were together for quite some time. She also posted several pictures of herself and Noen on her various social media accounts.

Abby Roberts Net Worth

According to the rumors, Abby and Neon’s breakup occurred in September 2020. They also shared the news that we are separating in a live video on Instagram.

Abby Roberts’ full name is really Yungblud (Dominic Richard Harrison), although she also goes by Yungblud. But time proved that it was nothing more than gossip.

Abbu also worked with a large number of popular YouTubers and TikTok artists. Abby Roberts’s current relationship status is unclear due to a lack of relevant information. It has been reported that she is now (as of the year 2023) single.

Abby Roberts: Social Media Profile

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