Travis Taylor Net Worth: A Millionaire Scientist, Author, and TV Star

Travis Taylor Net Worth

Travis Taylor Net Worth: Travis Taylor is a famous scientist, author, and TV host who has worked for NASA, the Department of Defense, and many academic organizations. He has also been in several documentaries and TV shows that look into the supernatural and the mysteries of the world.

But how much money does he have from his long and successful career? In this article, we will look at Travis Taylor’s sources of income and net worth.

Who is Travis Taylor?

Travis Shane Taylor is an American scientist, engineer, science fiction writer, and rock star who was born on July 24, 1968. He was the star of the 2011–2013 National Geographic Channel show Rocket City Rednecks.

During the 1960s, his dad, Charles Taylor, worked as a machinist at Wyle Laboratories, a company that did work for NASA on a contract basis. Taylor read science fiction and took apart home gadgets when he was a boy. Taylor has written a lot of technical articles, two textbooks, and a science fiction novel.

Brief Information About Travis Taylor

Full NameTravis Shane Taylor
ProfessionAmerican scientist, engineer, science fiction writer
Career HighlightsScientist, engineer, science fiction writer, TV host, and rock star; star of the National Geographic Channel show “Rocket City Rednecks” (2011–2013)
Net WorthApproximately $19 million
Television AppearancesHosted and discussed science on the National Geographic Channel show “Rocket City Rednecks”; Featured in shows like “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”
Achievements“Warp Speed” named third-best science fiction book of 2005

Travis Taylor Net Worth

According to some estimates, Travis Taylor’s net worth is approximately $19 million. Since he is working on many astronomy ideas and is often seen on TV shows and programs, it is reasonable to think that his net worth will grow over the next few years.

He has a lot of money because he has been great as a physicist, author, and TV personality. His various endeavors have not only brought him financial success but also a devoted fan base.

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Travis Taylor’s Sources of Income

Travis Taylor has worked as a scientist, speaker, and TV personality for NASA, the Department of Defense, and different schools. His income originates from the following sources:

Working in science: Taylor has a Ph.D. in optical science and engineering and has done work for NASA, the Department of Defense, and other organizations on several projects. Other places he has taught are the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Auburn University, and the University of West Florida.

Book sales: Taylor is also a prolific writer of science fiction books, including the One Day on Mars, Tau Ceti Agenda, and Warp Speed series. A lot of non-fiction books, like An Introduction to Planetary Defense, The Science Behind The Secret, and Alien Invasion: How to Defend Earth, were written by him.

TV roles: Taylor is a well-known TV personality who has been in a lot of shows and documentaries that look into the supernatural and the mysteries of the world. Among other shows, he is the star of “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” and “Rocket City Rednecks.”

Travis Taylor’s Professional Career

Travis started working for the US Department of Defense and NASA soon after he graduated in 2004. During his 16-year job, he has helped with several science-related projects.

Taylor’s first book, “Warp Speed,” came out in 2005. It was about using quantum physics and general relativity to bend space. People who read Preditors & Editors chose Warp Speed as the third-best science fiction book of 2005.

After that, he wrote “The Quantum Connection,” which was ranked sixth by Preditors & Editors as the best science fiction book of 2005.

“Back to the Moon,” “Von Neumann’s War,” “An Introduction to Planetary Defense,” “Looking Glass War,” “One Good Soldier,” and “The Tau Ceti Agenda” are some of his other books.

Travis Taylor’s Television Appearances:

In addition to being a famous author, Travis S. Taylor has also been on TV shows. He hosted and talked about science on the National Geographic Channel show “Rocket City Rednecks.”

He is a popular guest on many science-related shows because of how knowledgeable and interesting he is.

Travis Taylor’s Relationship Status

Travis-S-Taylor is a joyful father and partner. His life partner is Karen, his wife. Daughter Kalista Jade is the name of the child. He even has three pets: a cat named Kuro, two dogs named Stevie and Wesker, and a fish named Wesker. Talyor and his family live in the Huntsville area right now.

He is a black belt in martial arts, after all. He has also been a private pilot and a scuba swimmer. He has also competed in triathlons and mountain bike races. He has also been the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for several hard rock acts.


Travis Taylor, an accomplished scientist, author, and TV broadcaster, has an estimated net worth of $19 million. With a strong background in science and engineering, Taylor has worked with NASA, the Department of Defense, and many academic organizations.

He is a great writer of both science fiction and non-fiction, which has helped him make a lot of money. A well-known TV star, he’s been on shows like “Rocket City Rednecks” and “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch,” which has helped him build a strong fan base.

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