Joey Merlino Net Worth: The Boss of the Philadelphia Mafia

Joey Merlino Net Worth

Joey Merlino Net Worth: Joey Merlino is a well-known gangster who is said to have been in charge of the Philadelphia crime family for many years. Among other illegal things, he has been involved in gambling, fraud, drug dealing, and racketeering. He has also been found responsible for several crimes and spent time in jail.

But, how much is Joey Merlino worth in 2023? Where did he get all of his money? In this article, we will look at Joey Merlino, the exciting and controversial leader of the Philadelphia mob.

Who is Joey Merlino?

American gangster Joseph Salvatore “Skinny Joey” Merlino was born on March 13, 1962. He is believed to be the leader of the Philadelphia crime family. The young Merlino grew up in South Philadelphia and Ventnor City, NJ. He is also the nephew of Lawrence “Yogi” Merlino, a mobster from the Philadelphia crime family who died and later became a government witness.

Since elementary school, when they went to St. Thomas Aquinas in the Point Breeze area of Philadelphia, he was friends with Michael “Mikey Chang” Ciancaglini and his brother Joseph “Joey Chang” Ciancaglini Jr. The 9M Bar in Southwark was owned and run by Merlino’s father. Nicky Scarfo used it as his criminal base while he was trying to become the new boss of the Philadelphia crime family.

Brief Information About Joey Merlino

Full NameJoseph Salvatore “Skinny Joey” Merlino
Net Worth (2023)$50 million
ProfessionGangster, leader of the Philadelphia crime family
Rise to FameMerlino gained popularity in the mid-1990s, allegedly fighting a war for control of the criminal organization
Sources of IncomeMajor sources of income include illegal gambling, leading the crime family in activities like sports betting, poker, and video poker machines.

Joey Merlino Net Worth

Joey Merlino is an Italian-American gangster who has been speculated to be in charge of the Philadelphia crime family. He has also made a huge amount of money through his work as a professional criminal.

As of 2023, Joey Merlino has a net worth of more than $50 million. But most of his money comes from doing things that are against the law.

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Joey Merlino Rise to Fame

He rose to popularity in the mid-1990s after purportedly fighting a war for control of the criminal organization. He is the boss of the crime family that gambles, steals loans, traffics drugs, and demands money.

Other traditional mob bosses avoided the spotlight, but Merlino has interacted with the media and the public regularly. He has also hosted events and given money to help needy people in Philadelphia, which has led to comparisons to the outgoing, famous, and supposedly charitable late New York crime boss John Gotti.

The Mafia Life of Joey Merlino

In the mid-1990s, Joey Merlino showed up at the crime scene after a fight for control of the criminal group. Unlike some other crime and crime bosses, Merlino likes being in the spotlight and talking to the media all the time.

He was in jail for buying and selling cocaine and was in charge of the Philadelphia crime family. He also gambled, bribed people, and demanded money from them.

Joey has been arrested several times for different crimes. Two men were stabbed in Atlantic City’s Lido Restaurant in 1984, and he was found guilty of two counts of aggravated attack. Later, he was charged with theft, conspiracy, and planning a heist for the following year. He was given a three-year prison term.

Joey Merlino’s Sources of Income

Joey Merlino is a well-known Philadelphia crime family mob boss. His major way of making money is through involvement in different illegal activities, such as

Gambling: Merlino has led the crime family in illegal gambling, such as sports betting, poker, and video poker machines. People have also said that he was after money from legal gambling businesses like casinos and racetracks.

Loan sharking: Merlino has given people loans with high-interest rates and then used violence and threats to get the money back. He is also said to have used shell companies and foreign accounts to hide his money.

Trafficking drugs: Merlino has helped move cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine in Philadelphia and other places. Besides that, he is being charged with planning to buy and sell drugs in 2016.

Extortion: Merlino has forced people and businesses, like building companies, labor unions, restaurant owners, and celebrities, to pay him money. People say that he has also used his power to fix bids and contracts to benefit himself.

Joey Merlino’s Relationship Status

Joey Merlino has been married to Deborah Lin since 1997, and the couple has two daughters.

There have been claims, though, that Merlino had affairs with other women, like a drug saleswoman and a professional football player from New York. These claims about Merlino are not true, and he has said that he is no longer a criminal.


In conclusion, Joey Merlino is a notorious American gangster who is said to be the leader of the Philadelphia crime family. He has a long history of gambling, fraud, drug selling, and racketeering. Born into a family with ties to the mob, Merlino became famous in the mid-1990s for the way he led his people.

As of 2023, it was said that he was worth more than $50 million, which he got by doing illegal things. Merlino has a family life with his wife Deborah Lin and two girls, even though he is in legal trouble. He is known for talking to the media and the public.

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