Thicker Than Water Season 2 Release Date: Is It Happening?

Thicker Than Water Season 2 Release Date

Thicker Than Water Season 2 Release Date: Thicker Than Water is a French crime thriller series that premiered on Netflix in 2023. The plot revolves around Fara, a journalist who becomes involved in a drug lord’s scheme to protect her brother.

The show has received positive feedback for its unique and hard storytelling, but will there be a second season? In this article, we’ll talk about when Season 2 of Thicker Than Water might come out and whether or not the show has been renewed for a second season.

What is Thicker Than Water All About?

Thicker Than Water, a French crime thriller about a journalist who gets involved in a drug lord’s plot to save her brother, is one of the most intriguing shows currently streaming on Netflix. The show premiered on April 7, 2023.

“Thicker Than Water” was created by Nawell Madani, a French actress, comedian, and writer. She and the French writer and producer Simon Jablonka came up with the idea for the show. The show is primarily a family drama, but it also deals with themes like female empowerment and the importance of sibling relationships.

Brief Information About Thicker Than Water

TitleThicker Than Water Season 2 Release Date
CreatorNawell Madani (actress, comedian, writer) and Simon Jablonka (writer, producer)
GenreCrime Thriller
Brief StoryA journalist, Fara, becomes entangled in a drug lord’s plot to protect her brother, exploring themes of family, empowerment, and identity.
Two Main Cast MembersNawell Madani as Fara, Kahina Carina as Souhila
Season 1 Release DateApril 7, 2023
Season 2 Renewal StatusThere is no official confirmation
Expected Season 2 Release DateIf renewed, possibly in 2025 or 2026
Where to WatchNetflix

Thicker Than Water Season 2 Renewal Status

Unfortunately, there has been no official confirmation from Netflix or the showrunners regarding the renewal or cancellation of Thicker Than Water Season 2. However, the decision to renew may be influenced by viewership figures as well as the availability of the cast and crew.

Given that the eight-episode series leaves some story arcs unresolved, there is plenty of room for a second season. We can assume that the producers are interested in learning more about these characters’ histories because Fara’s predicament leaves room for a second season.

The premiere date of the second season of “Thicker Than Water” has not yet been set. It will take a while for it to show up on the screen. During this time, you can catch excellent seasons of the shows Away Season 2 and The Glory Season 2. The release dates for these series can be found by following the provided links.

Thicker Than Water Season 2 Release Date

As we mentioned above, there has been no release date for the second season of Thicker Than Water. As for the second season of the show, it is certain that the creators will think about making a second season if the first season is well received.

If Thicker Than Water is picked up for a second season, production and filming of the new episodes could push back the premiere date to sometime in 2025 or 2026. The only option is to wait for the premiere of the second season. The conclusion of the first season and the reception it receives from viewers will have a significant impact on the fate of the show’s second season.

Thicker Than Water Season 2 Expected Cast

If the second season of Thicker Than Water gets renewed, it is possible that the cast from the previous season will return. Here is a complete list of the cast members:

Nawell MadaniFara
Kahina CarinaSouhila
Paola LocatelliLina
Djebril ZongaOumar
Vincent RottiersSamuel
Radouan LeflahiSelim
Paul HamyAlban
Mayane Sarah El BazeImere

Thicker Than Water Season 2 Expected Storyline

It’s possible that Season 2 of Thicker Than Water will continue the story where Season 1 left off. Fara may have to face the fallout from her own decisions and the effects of her brother’s criminal activity.

As she juggles her professional and personal lives, she may encounter new risks and difficulties. Season 2 may also delve deeper into Fara and her sisters’ individual histories, relationships, cultural practices, and religious beliefs.

Thicker Than Water Season 1 Recap

The first season of the French crime thriller series Thicker Than Water debuted on Netflix in 2023. The series centers on Fara Bentayeb, an Algerian reporter with ambitions of becoming a TV news anchor. When her brother Selim gets caught up in a drug trafficking scandal and runs over a police officer, however, her life takes a dramatic turn.

Fara tries to save her brother from a ruthless drug lord named Oumar by burning his car, which contains millions of dollars worth of drugs. However, this puts Fara and her sisters in danger.

Fara is an immigrant and a Muslim woman who faces prejudice and discrimination in her daily life. In a convoluted and corrupt world, the show examines loyalty, justice, identity, and survival.

Where Can I Watch Thicker Than Water Season 1?

Thicker Than Water is available on Netflix, but only with a subscription.


“Thicker Than Water,” a gripping French crime thriller on Netflix, premiered in 2023. Fara, a journalist trying to protect her brother from a drug lord’s clutches, is the protagonist of this series.

While Season 1 received high marks for its innovative storytelling, the fate of Season 2 is still up in the air. A 2025 or 2026 debut may be pushed back if production is renewed. The first season of this compelling story of loyalty, justice, and survival in the face of prejudice is now streaming on Netflix.

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