Spy Classroom Season 2: The Ultimate Espionage Thriller is Back!

Spy Classroom season 2

The second season of “Spy Classroom”! This exciting and action-packed series follows a team of youthful spies as they work their way through the murky waters of international espionage. The stakes are higher than ever this season as the squad takes on perilous new missions and deals with shocking new betrayals.

The youthful spies, each with their own set of abilities and training, must collaborate to foil dangerous conspiracies and prevent a global catastrophe. The second season of “Spy Classroom” will take you on an exciting journey into the realm of espionage.

What is Spy Classroom All About?

The Spy Classroom light novel series, commonly known as Spy Room, is popular in Japan. The books are written by Takemachi and illustrated by Tomari. In January 2020, the first volume was released by Fujimi Shobo under the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko banner. Nine volumes in the main series and three volumes of short stories have been published as of January 2023.

Between May 2020 and April 2022, a manga adaptation illustrated by Kaname Seu ran in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive magazine. There are currently three tankōbon volumes containing its chapters, all released in July 2022. In June 2022, the serialization of the manga’s second part by Benishake and the manga’s third part by Seu began in the same issue.

Topic Information
TV series “Spy Classroom” season 2
Plot Team of youthful spies in international espionage
Source Light novel series written by Takemachi and illustrated by Tomari
Manga Adaptation illustrated by Kaname Seu in Monthly Comic Alive
Light novel 9 volumes in the main series and 3 volumes of short stories
Anime success Over 1.1 million copies sold by February 23, 2023
Renewal Not confirmed by Studio Feel
Release date Unknown, possible 2024 if filming begins soon
Expectations Season 2 to adapt two volumes of the light novel

Will There Be a Second Season of Spy Classroom?

Fans were first let down by Spy Classroom’s inconsistency, but the show really started to hit its stride in the final episodes. For the first time in a very long time, the finale reunited all of the lamplight members.

After the emotional closing moment with Grete, viewers have been wondering what will happen to the rest of the lamplight gang. A new season is a perfect opportunity to find out.

Whether or if the present anime will continue airing will be determined by how popular it has been and how much content there is to adapt.

Considering that the first season only adapted up to light book volume 2 and that there are still nine entire light novel series plus a continuation of the series, fans have nothing to worry about in terms of source material for season 2. The airing of the anime also contributed to the light novel’s success, with over 1.1 million copies having been sold by February 23, 2023.

The official Spy Classroom Twitter announced in a tweet titled “Next mission… “Latest Information” standing by” that new information would be released on April 7, 2023, much to the pleasure of the show’s legion of followers. We’ll have to hold our breath and wait a week to find out what this new knowledge actually pertains to.

Spy Classroom Season 2 Release Date

The renewal of Spy Classroom for a second season has not been confirmed by Studio Feel as of yet. The production company does not have any forthcoming anime at this time. Given that each season takes about 10 months to film, we can probably expect the new one to premiere in 2024 if shooting gets underway soon. This, however, is contingent on the studio’s Season 2 announcement.

Fans can anticipate the release of Spy Classroom Season 2 if Studio Feel makes an official announcement soon. Fans may have to wait longer for the next season if there is no announcement. Keep in mind that this is purely conjecture at this point; nothing has been confirmed. The studio’s announcements about Spy Classroom’s future are eagerly anticipated by fans.

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What Can We Expect From Season 2?

Since the second season will also adapt two volumes of the light novel, it’s possible that Annette’s mother will meet Annette and her pals. Things are bound to heat up with the appearance of an all-consuming evil and the secret spy squad of the empire.

Spy Classroom season 2
source – game rent

For the time being, that is all there is. Still, we are all anticipating the return of our beloved anime and will update you with thrilling information as soon as it becomes available to us.

Spy Classroom Season 1 Recap

After a disastrous war, people began to realize that weapons had become too lethal. The age of open warfare is over, and the age of secret warfare, conducted with intelligence and deception, has begun.

After his spy team, Inferno, is destroyed, Klaus decides to form a new group dedicated to completing “Impossible Tasks.” An espionage team’s 90 percent risk of failure on an impossible operation is due to the increased security measures taken after a previous failure.

The issue? The seven women Klaus has recruited are all failures at the intelligence academies they attended. With only a month to absorb everything Klaus has to teach, the girls will need to use every strategy at their disposal just to stay alive.


Finally, the Spy Classroom light novel series is so well-liked in Japan that it has spawned both a manga and an anime. When the young spies face new hurdles and betrayals, season two of the anime series promises to be even more action-packed and thrilling than season one.

The launch date of Season 2 has not been confirmed, but assuming production gets underway soon, it will likely air in 2024. Fans are anticipating the upcoming season of their favorite anime, which will adapt two volumes of the light novel.

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