Sanctuary Season 2 Release Date: The Story of a Sumo Wrestler

Sanctuary Season 2 Release Date

Sanctuary Season 2 Release Date: Sanctuary is a Japanese drama series on Netflix that tells the story of Enno, a sumo wrestler who doesn’t follow the rules and customs of the old sport. When Sanctuary’s first season came out in May 2023, it got mixed reviews from both viewers and reviewers.

A lot of Sanctuary fans want to know if there will be a second season and when it will come out. In this article, we will answer these questions and present you with the most recent Sanctuary season 2 updates.

What is Sanctuary All About?

Sanctuary is a Japanese sports drama streaming television series developed by Kan Eguchi that launched on Netflix on May 4, 2023. There are eight episodes in the series, and they were all first shown in May 2023.

On the show, Wataru Ichinose plays Kiyoshi Oze, a young man who joins professional sumo under the ring name Enno because he wants to make money. Oze is loud and violent. The show’s name was picked to speak to the dohyō, a place where wrestlers bet on their future and where outsiders are not allowed.

Brief Information About Sanctuary

Series NameSanctuary
CreatorKan Eguchi
GenreJapanese Sports Drama
Brief StorySanctuary tells the story of Enno, a sumo wrestler who defies the traditional rules and customs of the sport to pursue his goals and financial success.
2 Main CastWataru Ichinose as Kiyoshi Oze / Enno
Pierre Taki as Enshō-oyakata
Season 1 Release DateMay 4, 2023
Season 2 Renewal StatusNot Confirmed Yet
Season 2 Release DatePending (expected in 2025 or 2026)
Where to WatchNetflix

Sanctuary Season 2 Renewal Status

Netflix has not yet decided whether or not to continue broadcasting the Sanctuary season 2. So now all we can do is wait for the streamer to say what will happen with the show.

Netflix hasn’t said anything official about what will happen with Sanctuary yet. Still, it’s important to remember that the streaming giant has invested much money into foreign shows, like Korean dramas. This shows how important a diverse and multicultural platform is becoming.

Sanctuary Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Sanctuary has yet to be confirmed. The release date for the second season of Sanctuary has not been specified by Netflix as of yet, but we anticipate that it will be sometime in the year 2025 or 2026.

There were eight episodes in the first season, and each one ran for thirty to sixty-five minutes. It looks like the second season will be made the same way and according to the same plan as the first.

There has been no decision taken about the release date of ‘Sanctuary Season 2’. It will take some time to show up on the screen. During this time, you can watch great TV shows like Burn the House Down Season 2, and Mr. Sunshine Season 2. Click on the links to find out when these shows will be out.

Sanctuary Season 2 Expected Cast

If Sanctuary gets picked up for a second season, it’s possible that the cast will return from the first season. The following are some of the Sanctuary season 2 cast members:

Wataru IchinoseKiyoshi Oze / Enno
Pierre TakiEnshō-oyakata
Shioli KutsunaAsuka Kunishima
Shōta SometaniShimizu

Sanctuary Season 2 Expected Storyline

It’s possible that the second season of Sanctuary will follow Enno’s journey to get back into sumo wrestling and make things right with his fans and friends. He will have to deal with the results of what he did and the threats from people who don’t like his dad.

His connections with his mentor, his rival, and the woman he likes will also be hard to handle. Also, the second season will go into more detail about Sumo’s past and culture, as well as the problems and chances it faces today.

Sanctuary Season 1 Ending Explained

The first season of Sanctuary, a Netflix show about sumo wrestling comes to a shocking and violent end. Shizuuchi, the main character, plays his big rival, the main character, Enno, also known as Oze, in the last match of the competition.

Shizuuchi is being forced to do something bad by a writer named Yasui, who knows his dark secret: as a child, he was arrested for killing his family. Yasui tells Shizuuchi that he will be found out if he doesn’t lose the match on purpose.

In spite of the danger, Shizuuchi chooses to fight with all his might. Enno is defeated by him in a cruel way; he tears off his ear and knocks him out. He then shocked everyone by saying he was pulling out of the event and the sport.

Future of Sanctuary Season 2

Sanctuary season 2’s future is uncertain because Netflix has yet to officially renew or cancel the show. The first season was well-received and popular, and the ending left a lot of unresolved matters. This means that there is a good chance that the show will come back for a second season.

It’s possible that the second season will also go into more detail about the sport’s history and culture, as well as the cheating and other problems that happen in it. If Netflix decides to go ahead with the second season of Sanctuary, it could be a thrilling continuation of the first season.

Where Can I Watch Season 1 of Sanctuary?

The first season of Sanctuary is also available on Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet or just want to remember what happened.


In conclusion, “Sanctuary” is a Japanese sports drama series on Netflix that follows Kiyoshi Oze, a professional sumo wrestler who goes against the rules in order to get ahead and make money.

When the show’s first season came out in May 2023, it got mixed reviews, which made fans wonder if there would be a second season. Netflix hasn’t officially renewed or dropped the show yet, and Season 2 hasn’t been given a release date yet, but it’s likely to be in 2025 or 2026.

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