Burn the House Down Season 2 Release Date: When Will the Series Drop on Netflix?

Burn the House Down Season 2 Release Date

Burn the House Down Season 2 Release Date: Are you ready for more thrilling action, suspense, and drama? If you’re a fan of the popular Netflix show Burn the House Down, you must be eagerly anticipating the release of the second season. The first season was filled with a lot of interesting moments.

Those who watched the first season of Burn The House Down are eager for more information about the sequel. We understand your excitement, so here are all the details on the second season of Burn The House Down. In this article, we will discuss the Burn the House Down season 2 release date, cast, plot, and more.

Brief Information About Burn the House Down

Topic Details
Series Name Burn the House Down
Creator Moyashi Fujisawa
Genre Drama, Thriller
Brief Story Anzu Murata investigates her mother’s alleged arson case from 13 years ago.
2 Main Cast Anzu Murata (Mei Nagano), Makiko Mitarai (Kyōka Suzuki)
Season 1 Release Date 13 July 2023
Season 2 Renewal Status Pending / Not renewed yet
Season 2 Release Date Pending (Expected in late 2025 or early 2026)
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What is Burn the House Down All About?

Burn The House Down is a Japanese manga series. The show’s script was written and illustrated by Moyashi Fujisawa. The show Burn The House Down was serialized in Kodansha’s Josei manga magazine Kiss from March 2017 to April 2021, with chapters collected into eight tankbon volumes and the first season of the television drama adaptation premiered on Netflix in July 2023.

Burn the House Down Season 2 Release Date

On July 13, 2023, the premiere episode of the series was broadcast. Reviews for the first season of ‘Burn the House Down’ were generally favorable after its debut. The story and the characters received a lot of high marks.

Burn the House Down Season 2 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Pending / Not Renewed Yet

There has been no confirmation about whether or not Burn The House Down will return for a second season by Netflix. Currently, it is necessary to confirm the renewal status. The show has not been given the go-ahead by the production company yet either. The show’s creators have indicated their desire to continue the series into a second season, and have even suggested some ideas for Season 2.

Before deciding whether or not to renew a show, networks, and streaming services typically consider a number of factors, including the show’s initial viewership and following viewership decline. Sometimes networks make decisions about the future of a show quickly, while other times it can take months.

There has been no decision arrived regarding the exact date of the release of “Burn the House Down Season 2.” It will take some time for the screen to appear. During this time, you can catch up on excellent series like American Auto Season 3, and The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show Season 2. To learn when these shows will air, click on the links provided.

Burn the House Down Season 2 Release Date

Official Release Date: Pending /not Revealed Yet

There is currently no set date for the premiere of Burn The House Down Season 2. There has been no confirmation of a second season for Burn The House Down. Burn the House Down Season 2 may premiere on Netflix in late 2025 or early 2026, according to some reports.

Burn the House Down Season 2 Release Date

There has been no official word from the streaming service or the show’s creators about this. Some critics have even suggested there won’t be a second season at all, given that the first one wrapped up the entire manga. Therefore, until an official announcement is made, fans of Burn the House Down should not get their expectations up.

Burn the House Down Season 2 Expected Cast

If the show is renewed for the second season, it is possible that the cast from the previous season will return. Whoever has watched the first season, must know that all the characters are very important. Here is a complete list of the cast:

Character Actor/ Actress
Anzu Murata Mei Nagano
Makiko Mitarai Kyōka Suzuki
Kiichi Mitarai Asuka Kudo
Shinji Mitarai Taishi Nakagawa
Yuzu Murata Yuri Tsunematsu

Burn the House Down Season 2 Expected Storyline

If a second season of Burn the House Down is made, it will have to explore a new storyline, as the first season concluded the main mystery of who set fire to Anzu’s house 13 years ago. A possible storyline for season 2 could focus on the events’ consequences and how the characters move on with their lives.

It’s possible that Anzu and Yuzu may help their mother in overcoming her amnesia and reestablish contact with their father. As Makiko and her sons adapt to their new way of life, they may encounter novel difficulties and possibilities. New characters and conflicts that put the family to the test could be introduced to the show as well.

Burn the House Down Season 1 Recap

Season 1 of the Japanese drama-thriller series Burn the House Down has been adapted from a manga by Moyashi Fujisawa. Anzu Murata, the main character, pledged to bring back her mother’s false punishment for arson 13 years ago. Anzu poses as a housekeeper in order to reenter the home she once lived in with her father’s second wife Makiko and her two sons.

Burn the House Down Season 2 Release Date

She investigates the Mitarai family’s scandals and secrets while seeking proof that Makiko was responsible for the fire. As she travels, she learns the truth about that terrible night and how it changed the lives of everyone involved.

Where to Watch Season 1 of Burn the House Down?

The first season of Burn The House Down is already available on Netflix, and the second will follow by premiering on the streaming service. If it goes into production, it will probably be streamed on Netflix like the first episode was.


In conclusion, Burn the House Down has won over a huge number of devoted viewers who can’t wait for Netflix to release season two. The first season of the show, which was adapted from a Japanese manga by Moyashi Fujisawa, was praised for its compelling plot and well-rounded characters.

The renewal of the show has not yet been decided, and there is currently no set date for the premiere of Season 2. The release date has not been confirmed, but some reports place it in late 2025 or early 2026.

If the show is given another season, its dedicated audience can expect more suspense and drama as the characters face new obstacles. Fans need to hold tight until any official announcements are made.

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