Ragna Crimson Anime Release Date and Trailer Revealed: A Must-Watch for Dark Fantasy Fans

Ragna Crimson Anime Release Date

An anime series about a dark fantasy world with dragons is about to air. The release of Ragna Crimson in 2023 has been approved.

The world-ending Dragon and his or her hunter are at each other’s throats in this timeless tale. Meanwhile, one dragon hunter named Ragna has decided to team up with a dragon named Crimson in an effort to wipe dragons off the face of the Earth.

Their motivations may be different, but their end purpose is the same. Is it possible for this improbable group to defeat the planet’s deadliest animal?

All of us did some background research on the anime before sitting down to watch it. Keep on reading!

Ragna Crimson Anime Release Date

On Saturday, the official Twitter of Monthly Gangan Joker magazine revealed that Daiki Kobayashi’s Ragna Crimson manga would be getting a television anime adaptation. The anime series will premiere in 2023.

Ragna Crimson Anime Release Date

Kobayashi’s action fantasy manga debuted in March 2017 in Monthly Gangan Joker. The ninth volume was sent out by Square Enix on August 20; the tenth is due out on March 22. The fourth volume of the manga, licensed in English by the publisher in November 2019, was released in January. The release date of the fifth volume is set for April 12.

What is ‘Ragna Crimson Anime’ All About?

Ragna Crimson is a Japanese manga story written and drawn by Daiki Kobayashi. Since March 2017, it has been serialized in Square Enix’s Monthly Gangan Joker, and as of August 2022, its chapters have been collected into eleven tankbon volumes.

Ragna Crimson Anime Trailer

The first trailer and the anime’s key visuals were just posted on the official Ragna Crimson website.

Who Are the Characters of Ragna Crimson Anime?

Even though only three members of the Ragna Crimson anime cast have been disclosed so far, it appears that the series will have an impressive cast! The anime features the following main characters:

Character Voice Actor
Ragna Chiaki Kobayashi
Crimson Ayumu Murase
Leonica Inori Minase

My Next Life as a Villainess, The Misfit of the Demon Academy, Bofuri, and many more were developed by Silver Link Studios, who are also responsible for this new series. The anime was directed by Ken Takahashi, written and supervised by Deco Akao, and designed by Shinpei Aoki. The official poster and key image for the Ragna Crimson anime have been unveiled, and they look fantastic.

Ragna Crimson Anime Expected Story

Dragon Hunters are the keepers of humanity’s last, best hope in a world where dragons dominate the air, the land, and the sea. In order to even scratch the Dragon, they will each need to perform beyond their human capabilities. A Dragon can be killed in two ways: with a silver weapon or by exposing it to intense sunlight. This is why Dragon, for some inexplicable reason, only goes on a killing spree at night.

Ragna, a loyal companion of Leonica, a prodigy Dragon Hunter, is our protagonist. Despite his weakness, he never misses a Leonica raid. Leo puts up with him because she has a sneaking suspicion that Ragna may one day overtake her in strength.

Ragna has been seeing visions of the future for days. He has a vision in which Leonica sacrifices herself to save his life. For this reason, he has increased his training intensity. The eighth seat of Dragon assaults the village where they both live one day while the sun is still up. Ragna begs Leo to leave the city frantically. Even though she’s a genius, she won’t back down.

Ragna Crimson Anime Release Date

At that moment, Ragna is confronted by his own future. Everything was taken from him in the future. Leo and anyone else who comes near him perish, leaving him to fend for alone. He keeps going into battle with the dragon, win or lose. But he always makes it through in the end.

When he destroys the second chair, he will have nothing left to defend. It breaks his heart open wide. That’s why he employs some technique of sending his power back in time. Ragna, in the present, will be able to prevent Leo’s tragic conclusion if he is given the power of his future self.

In that instant, he realizes that the only person who can accompany him on his mission to destroy dragons is one who either won’t make him unhappy when they die or won’t die at all.

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Only the traitorous Crimson, the former occupant of the Dragon Monarch’s first seat, may assist him in his quest to destroy the Dragon God. Despite their differences in motivation, Ragna and Crimson share the same overarching objective: the annihilation of the dragon monarchs.

Where Can I Watch the Anime Ragna Crimson?

Sentai Filmworks has obtained a license to distribute the anime series worldwide. By the time the 2023 anime season begins, it will have been added to the collections of other streaming platforms like Muse Asia or Aniplex.

The trailer for the popular manga series has shown that the dark fantasy shonen will be animated spectacularly. In light of these considerations, an English dub of the Ragna Red anime could be a simple possibility in the near future.


As a conclusion, Ragna Crimson, an upcoming anime series, is a dragon-centric action-packed dark fantasy. The manga, created by Daiki Kobayashi and serialized in Square Enix’s Monthly Gangan Joker beginning in March 2017, serves as the basis for the anime.

Ken Takahashi will helm the series, with Deco Akao writing and supervising, and Shinpei Aoki designing. Chiaki Kobayashi as Ragna, Ayumu Murase as Crimson, and Inori Minase as Leonica are just a few of the talented voice actors featured in the anime. Ragna, our hero, is a dragon hunter who, with the help of a dragon named Crimson, sets out to destroy the dragon monarchy.

The anime will premiere in 2023 after Sentai Filmworks secured a worldwide distribution license for it. Fans of the dark fantasy genre won’t want to miss Ragna Crimson, an anime with an intriguing trailer and a talented crew behind it.

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