Mindy Noce Husband: A Love Story That Defies the Odds

Mindy Noce Husband

Mindy Noce Husband: A manager of design and renovations, Mindy Noce is engaged to Tim Scott, a Republican senator from South Carolina and a candidate for the presidency in the 2024 election.

In this article, we will discuss her life story, including her family, and her relationship with Scott.

Who is Mindy Noce?

Mindy Noce is a manager of design and renovation for the company. Her age is 47, and she is a mother to three children from a previous marriage. She received her education in Health Science at the College of Charleston, which is located in Charleston, South Carolina, where she also resides and works.

As stated in her web company bio, she is employed by Atlantic Properties of Lowcountry, a real estate firm in Charleston, as an interior designer.

Noce, who is a self-proclaimed “mover-and-shaker with a creative eye and love for people,” is an active runner and tennis fan. She also enjoys taking part in tennis.

Brief Information About Mindy Noce

NameMindy Noce
OccupationManager of Design and Renovation
Mindy Noce husbandTim Scott (Engaged) Soon getting married
Previous RelationshipJay Noce

Mindy Noce Husband

A romantic proposal took place on the lovely Kiawah Island beach in South Carolina on Sunday, January 20.

Senator Tim Scott, who is 58 years old, asked Mindy Noce to marry him. The couple’s engagement was not only an important milestone but also revealed the size of their growing family to the public.

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Who is Tim Scott?

Tim Scott is a senator from South Carolina and a Republican candidate for president in 2024. There is only one other black Republican in the Senate, and he is the only black person who has ever served in both houses as well.

People know that he is a conservative when it comes to things like taxes, health care, immigration, and abortion. He is also a very religious Christian and used to be a businessman.

Mindy Noce’s Ex Husband

Mindy Noce was previously married to Jay Noce. The marriage between Jay Noce and Mindy Noce lasted 18 years, from 2000 to 2018. The couple had three children together and chose to get a divorce without fighting.

This allowed them to keep their friendship and their roles as co-parents. Even though Jay and Mindy are no longer married, they continue to support each other in their personal and business lives.

Jay Noce was happy to hear that Mindy was going to marry Tim Scott and sent his best wishes. He said that Tim was a “great leader and a good man.”

Who is Jay Noce?

Jay Noce, aged 49, is the founder and CEO of Smart Button, a well-known customer loyalty software company. Since the beginning of the company in 1999, Jay Noce has been a key part of its growth, working with over 200 clients from a wide range of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies.

Jay is not only the CEO of Smart Button, but he also invests in and advises a number of tech startups, lending his knowledge to companies like X, Y, and Z.

The Strange Love Life of Tim Scott

Four months ago, no one knew much about Tim Scott’s love life because he rarely talked about having a partner during his long government career. In the 1990s, he happily said that he was an adult virgin, which made people even more interested in his personal life.

When Scott started his candidacy for president, the news media talked about how he might be the first president without a wife since the 1800s. There were even more attempts to dispel these rumors when he quickly mentioned a girlfriend in May and then went on to talk about his Christian pickleball partner in September.

People were still doubtful until November, when Scott introduced Mindy Noce during the third Republican debate, proving that she was his real girlfriend. Now that they’ve announced they’re getting married, the couple is ready to start their journey to happiness in marriage.


Mindy Noce, a lively design manager, enjoys a unique life story that ties in with Senator Tim Scott’s unexpected love story. Tim Scott, a conservative Republican running for president, confirmed his relationship with Mindy in a discussion in November, putting an end to rumors about his personal life.

Mindy has been happily married to Smart Button CEO Jay Noce for 18 years. Jay is excited for Mindy’s upcoming wedding, which adds a touching touch to the story.

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