Love is Blind Season 4: Does Kwame Say Yes to Chelsea’s Proposal?

love is blind does kwame say yes

Love Is Blind couple from season 4 After getting engaged in the pods, Seattleites Alex Kwame Owusu-Ansah Appiah and Chelsea Griffin had a rocky journey to the altar. Kwame’s vacation with Chelsea in Mexico was ruined by his shameless flirting with his ex-lover Micah Lussier near the pool.

From that point on, Kwame harped on the “sacrifices” and “compromises” he’d have to make as a result of marrying Chelsea. And during Chelsea’s birthday party, he made another pass at Micah. Does Kwame finally get over his reservations and accept Chelsea’s proposal on Love Is Blind season 4?

During the Last Season of Love is Blind, Does Kwame Say Yes to Chelsea’s Proposal?

The names “Appiah Kwame” and “Griffin Chelsea Lauren” appear on a marriage certificate dated May 24, 2022. While filming the fourth season of Love Is Blind on April 26, 2022, Kwame and Chelsea submitted their marriage application.

After Kwame proposed to Chelsea on the show, the two wed live on air. There was little doubt Kwame was going to leave Chelsea on their wedding day following his emotional, spectacular vows he did on the spot, despite the cliffhanger finale of episode 11.

“I adore the way your voice makes me feel, and I adore the way it sounds. When we have a fight, it reminds me how united and powerful we are. Every passing second makes us stronger. Every day brings us closer. And I didn’t need to write anything because I can tell you right now how I feel, and that’s not something you can write down,” Kwame remarked, bringing many to tears.

love is blind does kwame say yes
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I had the chance to fall in love with your lovely heart during a time when I was unable to take in your breathtaking exterior. I still find it hard to comprehend that I’m sitting across from someone as fascinating as you. Kwame definitely says “I do” on the show unless he was being utterly dishonest at the time and they got married soon after the aborted wedding.

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Are Kwame and Chelsea from “Love Is Blind” still together?

Social media reports Kwame and Chelsea may have split, despite their insistence on keeping their relationship state and marriage a secret until the finale and live reunion program air.

Chelsea made a passing reference to “delusional radar” on TikTok, which may have been a coded allusion to her overlooking Kwame’s interest in Micah and other warning signs discussed in the episode. Nevertheless, Kwame hasn’t moved to Seattle to be with Chelsea, as seen by a recent Instagram story in which he showed off his residence in Portland, Oregon.

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Is Kwame’s Crush on Chelsea Real?

There must be qualities in Chelsea that appealed to Kwame enough for him to pick her. However, fans believe that Kwame changed his mind about spending the rest of his life with Chelsea after meeting her in person (or possibly after meeting Micah).

Others agreed with this fan’s interpretation, feeling sorry for Chelsea since “she knows his heart is in a different place so she’s overcompensating” by trying harder to win his devotion.

love is blind does kwame say yes
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Episode 11 of Season 4 was summarized by YouTuber TammyTalks with the simple words “Chelsea… he doesn’t want you.” I can’t believe Chelsea doesn’t see that Kwame isn’t all in with her, one commenter said, agreeing with Tammy’s point of view.

Kwame and Chelsea’s Love is Blind Fans Do Not Ship Them

Plenty of Love is  Blind fans haven’t shipped Kwame and Chelsea since he proposed because Chelsea seemed to be his second choice. Kwame was so head over heels in love with Micah that he cried when she picked Paul over him in the pods. The resurgent Kwame proposed to Chelsea.

Kwame’s fiancee found out about his flirtatious discussions with Micah on their engagement vacation to Mexico. Yet, Kwame insisted that he and Chelsea would be married if they worked out.

In addition to Kwame’s reservations about the relationship, which included his preferences for where the geographically dispersed pair should live, fans believe they noticed additional red flags early on.

Those anticipating the weddings’ airing could only pray that Kwame would reject Chelsea. Instead of a shocking conclusion in the vein of “SK and Raven,” they’d much rather have that.

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