Kelly Kim’s Boyfriend: The Man Behind the Viral TikTok Drama

Kelly Kim’s Boyfriend

Kelly Kim Boyfriend: A beauty influencer named Kelly Kim recently went viral on TikTok when she discussed why she ghosted a friend who she said crossed the line with her boyfriend. Joanna Lee, the friend who is also a content maker, replied with her version of the story, which started a heated argument online.

But who is Kelly Kim’s boyfriend, and why does this drama revolve around him? This article will reveal his name, profession, and relationship with Kelly Kim.

Who is Kelly Kim?

Kelly Kim is a famous social media star and verified TikTok content maker who became famous by posting popular lip-sync videos on her kellykimkim7 account. She makes dance videos with her friends all the time, and more than 5 million people follow her on the site.

Even though she was born in Seoul, South Korea, she went to school in England and Hong Kong. Her first video on TikTok was in April 2020. In an early film, she said “mom” with different accents.

Brief Information About Kelly Kim’s Relationship Status

Full NameKelly Kim
Kelly’s BoyfriendPaul
Boyfriend’s ProfessionPhysical therapist. Gained online attention for his looks.
How They MetKelly and Paul met through mutual friend Joanna Lee.
Controversy DetailsDispute between Kelly Kim and Joanna Lee. Allegations include Joanna adding Paul on Instagram close friend, wearing his hoodie, and gifting him a sandwich.

Who is Kelly Kim’s Boyfriend?

Kelly Kim is a beauty influencer who recently uploaded a viral TikTok video describing why she ghosted a friend who supposedly flirted with her boyfriend, according to Google search results.

Her boyfriend is Paul, also known as Dong Ho in Korean, a physical therapist who has received a lot of attention online due to his attractive looks. He and Kelly Kim are still dating, as seen by her Instagram account.

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Who is Paul?

Paul, better known by his Korean name Dong Ho, is a physical therapist. People were interested in him after Kelly shared a video explaining why she broke up with her friend Joanna Lee, who she said did some inappropriate things with Paul.

Joanna also put up a video telling her side of the story, which was different from some of what Kelly said. A lot of people online like Paul because he looks good and has a cute smile. They laughed about making him sandwiches and competing for his attention.

How Did Kelly and Paul Meet?

According to the search results, Kelly Kim and Paul met through Joanna Lee, who is a friend of both of them. But things went badly between them when Kelly said Joanna was flirting with Paul and then ignored her.

People all over the world shared their contradictory stories on TikTok, where they got a lot of attention from people who liked Paul’s good looks.

Controversy of Kelly Kim and Joanna Lee

Kelly Kim and Joanna Lee are beauty stars who broke up in a highly known video on TikTok. They accused each other of being disloyal, dishonest, and disrespectful because of Kim’s boyfriend, Paul. Some of the problems they had were:

Kim stated that Lee added Paul to her Instagram close friends list and posted suggestive posts to catch his attention. Kim also said that Lee took Paul’s hoodie, wore it for two weeks, and posted pictures of herself wearing it.
Kim said Lee gave Paul his favorite sandwich as a gift, which she thought was rude and wrong. Lee denied that she was interested in Paul romantically and said she was only being nice and helpful.

Lee said she put Paul on her list of close friends by accident and didn’t know that Paul owned the hoodie. Lee told Paul she bought him a sandwich because he said he liked them and she wanted to make him feel better after a bad day.


In conclusion, Kelly Kim and Joanna Lee’s online dispute revolves around Kelly’s boyfriend, Paul, a popular physical therapist.

Kelly said that Joanna was flirting with Paul, being disrespectful, and not being faithful when she added him as a close friend on Instagram, wore his hoodie without permission, and gave him his favorite sandwich as a gift.

The different stories have caused a heated online argument that shows how hard it is to handle personal relationships when you’re in the public eye.

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