How It Ends Ending Explained: What Really Happened?

How It Ends Ending Explained

In this article, we’ll explain all you need to know about the confusing conclusion of the 2018 American action film “How It Ends.”

Written and directed by Brooks McLaren, “How It Ends” tells the narrative of a young lawyer called Will who, after a terrible catastrophe destroys all sources of communication and infrastructure, embarks on a perilous trip across a chaotic landscape to find his pregnant wife.

Audiences were left wondering what happened to the people and what caused the disastrous incident because of the film’s compelling and thought-provoking plot, intense action sequences, and ambiguous finish. In this guide, we’ll analyze the meaning of the film’s final scene and answer some of the movie’s lingering questions.

Get comfortable, because you’re about to enter the fascinating realm of “How It Ends.”

What is ‘How It Ends’ All About?

Theo James plays Will, a man who is about to become a father along with his fiancée Sam (Graham). Will leaves his Seattle home to ask Sam’s father Tom (Whitaker) for his daughter’s hand in marriage. However, while he is in Chicago, a mystery event causes the cancellation of all flights out of the city.

Also, the phones are down, so Will can’t call Sam in Seattle. Will and Tom on a road trip to find Sam, only knowing that the earthquake calamity off the West Coast is to blame for the current state of affairs. People start fighting and looting in a state of panic, and Tom is mortally injured in one of the attacks.

How It Ends Recap

Will and Samantha, a young married couple, are expecting their first child. Will travels to Chicago to meet Sam’s biological father and ask for his approval to marry Sam’s mom.

After an altercation, Will leaves without telling anyone about the pregnancy or the wedding. Sam tries to get in touch with Will the next day, but the earthquake has shut off all communication. Check out the Full article: How It Ends Recap

How It Ends Ending Explained

Journey to Seattle: There are no flights out of the airport, so Will goes back to Sam’s folks’ house. Together with Tom, he decides to drive to Seattle in search of Sam. Unfortunately, traffic slows them down and soldiers block off the highway. Tom successfully persuades them to make way for their vehicle. While driving, they are pulled over by a fake police car, which leads to an exchange of gunfire that wounds Tom.

How It Ends Ending Explained

Will, Tom, and the friend they convinced to come along, Ricki (Grace Dove), evade being mugged, beaten, killed, and stopped by the police, only to drive straight into a large forest fire. Tom suffered a punctured lung due to his rib injury. Ricki abandons the gang after she is forced to shoot the tires of a car that is pursuing them, killing all the occupants.

After witnessing a string of accidents and catastrophes, two men are stopped on their way into Seattle by a band of motorcyclists who attempt to steal their vehicle. Will is no longer trusting because he has learned so much in such a short time from Tom.

Tom kills a few more individuals with his gun before he, too, is killed by being driven over by the car. Will, now on his own, burns the automobile in which Tom was killed as a memorial to the man who came to be his buddy. After walking for a while, he was picked up by a family who offered to drive him as far as they could.

How It Ends Ending Explained

Will leads them to his home and proposes a swap for their jeep with his dad. In exchange for their jeep, which he needs to get to Sam, he offers to give them everything they want, including the automobile in the garage.

When he gets into the city proper, he discovers what looks like the aftermath of a major explosion. Many buildings have burned to the ground or been reduced to rubble, and the air is poisonous. However, his building is largely unharmed, and Sam has left him a note indicating that she is elsewhere.

When Will arrives at the new residence, he finds Sam with a neighbor who has been looking out for her. If the next-door neighbor didn’t see Sam as a resource to be shared, like water or gas, that would be a positive development. He rescued Sam because, deep down, he wanted to build a future with her.

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After Will got back, he made plans to go hunting. Will, having learned a great deal from his time with Tom, manages to avoid being shot by the neighbor. As a gigantic cloud of ash, smoke, dirt, and fire descends on them, Will and Sam drive North in the hopes of reaching Canada. At the end of the film, the smoke seems to recede, suggesting that they may have a chance of survival after all.

What is the Overall Meaning?

How It Ends is not so much about a global or even national catastrophe as it is about the disintegration of civilization. The decline in decorum has begun in less than twenty-four hours. While driving out from Chicago, Will gets into an argument with a woman and several men at a gas station. Our gang is ambushed several times on the way, and Ricki ultimately decides to leave after one particularly violent ruse ends in a fatal automobile crash.

Will was picked up by a wonderful family. They assisted him when it was unnecessary, and Will subsequently aided them. Tom and Will’s friendship flourished alongside it. These kinds of occurrences take advantage of the frailties of society.

Most people revert to their most primitive tendencies, and the world disintegrates rather than unifies. To stay alive, they must avoid contact with anything or anyone. Arguments between the two men escalate, but their philosophical differences remain unchanged.

One uses scare tactics and plays on people’s fears, while Will wants to focus on hope and progress. This is the true meaning of How It Ends.


In conclusion, “How It Ends” is an exciting and thought-provoking film that delves into the collapse of civilization following an unknown worldwide disaster. The film’s open finale raises more questions than it answers. The film’s climax, however, gives Will and Sam hope that they might not be doomed after all.

In sum, “How It Ends” is an insightful meditation on human nature and the vulnerability of civilization in times of crisis.

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