Heartbeat KDrama Ending Explained: Is There Any Hope for Next Season?

Heartbeat KDrama Ending Explained

Heartbeat KDrama Ending Explained: Heartbeat is a 2023 South Korean TV show that mixes fantasy, romance, and comedy. Its main characters are played by Ok Taec-yeon, Won Ji-an, Park Kang-hyun, and Yoon So-hee. The show aired on KBS2 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:45 from June 26 to August 15, 2023. It is also available to watch in some places on Amazon Prime Video.

In this article, we’ll talk about the end of Heartbeat, as well as the show’s main plot, its characters, and a few other things. If you haven’t seen the show yet, you should know that there are spoilers coming up.

What is Heartbeat all about?

In Heartbeat, Ok Taec-yeon plays Sun Woo-Hyul, a half-human, half-vampire who wants to become a full human. He wants this because of his former love, Yoon Hae-sun (Yoon So-hee), who was born into a wealthy family during the Joseon dynasty.

Sun Woo-hyul meets Joo In-hae (Won Ji-an), who runs a hotel and works part-time as a nurse at a high school. Due to her poor financial background and many part-time jobs, she has a cold attitude. They end up living together in the house Sun Woo-hyul got from his vampire father.

Heartbeat KDrama Ending Explained

As they spend more and more time together, they fall in love and bring happiness to each other’s lives. But their relationship is threatened by many things, like vampire hunters, real estate owners, and Sun Woo-hyul’s own nature as a vampire.

Brief Information About Heartbeat

Title Heartbeat
Genre Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Episodes 16
Network KBS2
Cast Ok Taec-yeon, Won Ji-an
Synopsis A half-human and half-vampire who wants to become a complete human falls in love with a cold-hearted woman who runs a guesthouse.
Release Date June 26 – August 15, 2023
Where to Watch Amazon Prime Video, HiTV

Heartbeat KDrama Plotline

The main storyline of Heartbeat is about the love between Sun Woo-hyul and Joo In-hae and how hard they have to work to make their relationship work.

Here are some of the most important things that happen in the show:

  • Fraudsters try to scam Joo In-hae out of her hotel, but Sun Woo-hyul stops them. Then, he offers to rent her cottage for a lot of money, but she turns him down. Then, he plans to rent a place with her instead.
  • Sun Woo-hyul tells Joo In-hae that he is a half-vampire when he bites her neck by mistake while kissing her. She is shocked at first, but she comes to accept him for who he is.

Heartbeat KDrama Ending Explained

  • Yoon Hae-sun comes back to life as Sun Woo-hyul’s old love, Na Hae-won (Yoon So-hee). She is the spirit of Yoon Hae-sun. She is interested in buying his house and turning it into a hotel. She also tries to get him to forget about Joo In-hae by seducing him.
  • Shin Do-sik (Park Kang-hyun), who works for Na Hae-won in real estate development, also starts to like Joo In-hae. He tries to get her to like him by helping her with her money problems and giving her a job at his business. He also starts to wonder who Sun Woo-hyul is and looks into him.
  • The vampire hunter General Shin (Kim Ba-da), who knows Sun Woo-hyul’s real name, goes after him and his vampire friends. He thinks all vampires are bad and need to be killed. He is also angry with Sun Woo-hyul because Sun Woo-hyul killed his father.
  • Sun Woo-hyul finds out that he can become human if he drinks his first love’s blood on the night of the full moon. He thinks that Yoon Hae-sun or Na Hae-won was his first love, but he finds out later that it was Joo In-hae. He decides to stop trying to turn into a person and instead stay with Joo In-hae.

Heartbeat KDrama Ending Explained

Heartbeat has a happy finish because Sun Woo-hyul and Joo In-hae are able to get past all of the problems and enemies in their way.

How Did General Shin Lose Against Sun Woo-hyul?

General Shin is defeated in the last episode by Sun Woo-hyul using his vampire skills and his friends’ help. General Shin and he fight in a building full of traps and weapons made to kill vampires.

Sun Woo-hyul is able to avoid most of the hits and fight back with his great strength and speed. He also gets help from his vampire friends Lee Sang-hae (Yoon Byung-hee), Park Dong-seop (Ko Kyu-pil), Rose (Seung-you), and Ri Man-hwi (Baek Seo-hoo), who join him in the fight.

General Shin is defeated in the end by Sun Woo-hyul, who stabs him with a wooden stick. He then tells him that he is not a monster, but someone who loves and is loved by someone else. He also says that he hopes General Shin can find peace in his next life.

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How Did Sun Woo-Hyul and Joo In-hae End Up Together?

Sun Woo-hyul and Joo In-hae get together after they tell each other they love each other and decide to stick together. They also get past people who try to keep them apart, like Na Hae-won and Shin Do-sik.

Heartbeat KDrama Ending Explained

On the night of the full moon, Na Hae-won tries to make Sun Woo-hyul drink her blood so that he will turn back into a person and fall in love with her again. She kidnaps him and takes him to a hotel room, where she cuts her wrist and gives him her blood.

Sun Woo-hyul, on the other hand, refuses to drink her blood and tells her that he no longer loves her. He also says that he wants to be with Joo In-hae and loves her. He then sneaks out of the hotel and runs to Joo In-hae’s home, where she is waiting for him.

They show how much they care for each other by giving each other loving hugs and kisses. Then, they go to Sun Woo-hyul’s house, where they spend the night together.

Shin Do-sik also tries to get Joo In-hae to leave Sun Woo-hyul and come with him. He tells her that Sun Woo-hyul is dangerous and that he can give her a better life. He also shows her a video of Sun Woo-hyul killing General Shin, thinking that she will be afraid of him.

Shin Do-sik tells Joo In-hae that she loves and trusts Sun Woo-hyul, but she doesn’t believe him. She also says that as long as she has Sun Woo-hyul, she doesn’t need anything else. Shin Do-sik, but she turns him down and leaves him.

What Happened to All the Other Characters?

Heartbeat also had happy ends for the other characters.

Na Hae-won sees she can’t make Sun Woo-hyul love her, so she lets him go. She also tells Joo In-hae that she’s sorry for hurting her and wishes them both well. After that, she leaves Korea and goes to Europe, where she keeps doing business.

Shin Do-sik understands and respects Joo In-hae’s choice to turn him down. He also tells Sun Woo-hyul that he is sorry for what he did and asks for his forgiveness. Then, he quits his job and begins a new one as a trip writer.

Lee Sang-hae, Park Dong-seop, Rose, and Ri Man-hwi continue to be friends with Sun Woo-hyul and Joo In-hae. They also do things that make them happy, like reading tarot cards, cooking, dancing, and touring.

Sun Woo-hyul and Joo In-hae stay close to Go Ki-suk (Baek Hyun-joo), Kim Gwang-ok (Jung Young-ki), Kim Min-jae (Kim Do-geon), and the other people in the neighborhood. They also help them with their relationship and make them feel welcome in their town.

Is There Any Hope for Next Season?

As of right now, there is not an official announcement or hint about when the next season of Heartbeat will start. The show ended in a way that could be continued in the future. But not many Korean dramas get picked up for a second season unless they are very popular and have a lot of story ideas.

If there is a second season of Heartbeat, it might have to try something new and fix what was wrong with the first season. It might also have to answer some of the unanswered questions and plot holes from the first season, like how Sun Woo-hyul survived being stabbed to death if Shin Do-sik turned into a vampire or not, and what Na Hae-won had to do with the mansion.

But these are just guesses, and there is no guarantee that Heartbeat will come back for a second season. It might depend on what the fans want, what the cast and crew can do, and what the writers and producers have in mind. At the moment, all we can do is hope that Heartbeat will start beating again someday.


In the end, “Heartbeat,” a 2023 South Korean TV drama, did a great job of mixing fantasy, romance, and comedy to tell the story of Sun Woo-Hyul and Joo In-hae’s love story, which was complicated by many things. The show ended on a heartwarming note when Sun Woo-Hyul beat General Shin and told Joo In-hae that he still loved her.

Other characters also came to their own conclusions, ending their own storylines. Even though there is no guarantee of a second season, the show’s ending leaves room for new things to happen in the future, depending on what fans want and how the show is made.

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