Erich Gonzales Net Worth: The Rise and Shine of a Filipino Star

Erich Gonzales Net Worth

Erich Gonzales Net Worth: Erich Gonzales is a Filipino actress, writer, director, and brand ambassador who has worked in show business since she was 14. She is known for her part in many TV shows and movies, including One A Princess, Katorse, and Magkaribal.

She is also a social media sensation, with millions of followers on her Instagram and YouTube channels. HOWEVER, how much does she make from being an actress? How much does she make now, in 2023? This article will use publicly available information to disclose the following about Erich Gonzales: family, boyfriend, profession, and net worth.

Brief Bio About Erich Gonzales

Full NameErika Chryselle Gonzales Gancayco-Lorenzo (Erich Gonzales)
ProfessionActress, Writer, Director, Brand Ambassador
Net Worth (2023)$8 million USD
Career StartInitiated career at 14 through Star Circle Quest
Sources of IncomeActing, Producing, Directing, Endorsing, Social Media (YouTube, Instagram), Investments
Professional AwardsStar Circle Quest Award (2005), Breakout Star of 2009, 100 Most Beautiful Stars of 2011 and 2012

Who is Erich Gonzales?

The Filipino actor Erika Chryselle Gonzales Gancayco-Lorenzo was born on September 20, 1990. She goes by the stage name Erich Gonzales. She works as a contract artist for Star Magic on ABS-CBN. She got her start in show business when she was 14 and competed on the reality talent show Star Circle Quest. She became well-known for her lead part in Katorse.

She changed her last name from Gancayco to Gonzales, which was her mother’s given name, after she won Star Circle Quest. To start her job in show business, Erich finished high school at the ABS-CBN Distance Learning Center and then went to college at Trinity University of Asia, where she studied mass communication.

Erich Gonzales Net Worth

Erich has been working hard since she was a teenager and has been in a lot of ads and movies. In 2018, she became a producer and investor in a music video. As of 2023, she is worth around $8 million USD.

She only owes money for cars, jewelry, a big bank account, and other things she can see and touch. Not only that, but she had gained it through her shows and endorsements. Aside from that, she also makes money on Pinterest and YouTube.

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Erich Gonzales’s Sources of Income

Erich Gonzales is a Filipino actress who makes money from her work in a number of different ways. Her sources of income include:

Acting: Erich has been learning acting ever since she was 14 years old. She has made appearances in a number of films and television programs, including Katorse, Magkaribal, Siargao, and One A Princess, among others. Star Magic on ABS-CBN hires her as a contract artist. Star Magic is one of the best talent companies in the Philippines.

Producing and directing: Erich has also produced and directed several of her projects, such as the music video for her song “Suddenly It’s Magic” in 2018. The music video was shot in Thailand with money she gave the company, ₱1 million.

Endorsing: Erich represents many well-known brands and goods, including Bench, Avon, San Marino, Nescafé, and Olay. The amount of money she gets from advertising deals varies from one to two million Philippine pesos.

Social media: With a YouTube channel and an Instagram account, Erich is also well-known on social media. Over 1.4 million people have subscribed to her YouTube page as of 2023. It has vlogs, travel videos, makeup tutorials, and lifestyle videos.

Erich Gonzales’s Professional Career

In 2005, between the ages of 12 and 13, Erich participated in and won the second season of Grand Quester’s Star Circle Quest. She finally became well-known after being in many dramas and TV shows as a child and supporting actress.

Katorse, the main character and teen mother in this TV show that started in 2009, was a big part of the show’s success. She turned Miss Erich into a star with this part and never looked back. Erich Gonzales has made a huge number of movies and TV shows so far, such as Paano Ko Sasabihni, Taogon Akyat, and Shake Rattle & Roll C.

Besides that, she has been nominated for many awards and medals. From 2003 to 2005, she won the Star Circle Quest Award. It was her first career honor. She has won many awards, including Breakout Star of 2009, 100 Most Beautiful Stars of 2011, and 100 Most Beautiful Stars of 2012.

Erich Gonzales’s Boyfriend

The public has taken an interest in the romantic relationships of Erich. She was in a relationship with Xian Lim when she was in her early twenties. Mr.Xian Lim is an American-born Filipino singer. After breaking up with Xian in 2011, she started going out with Anthony Ng.

Anthony Ng and she were together for a short time before they split up in 2015. She is now seeing Mateo Rafael Lorenzo and choosing if she wants to marry him. Daniel Matsunaga was the last person she saw. Matías Rafael Lorenzo and Erich got married on March 23, 2022. Since February 2018, Lorenzo and Erich have been dating.

Erich Gonzales’s TV Shows

Erich Gonzales is a Filipino actress who has been in numerous television shows since winning the reality talent competition Star Circle Quest in 2005. These are some of her TV shows:

1. Katorse(2009)

2. Magkaribal(2010)

3. Maria la del Barrio (2011)

4. Two Wives (2014)

5. The Blood Sisters (2018)

6. La Vida Lena (2020-2022)


Erich Gonzales is a Filipino actress, writer, and director who became famous after she won Heroine’s Circle at age 14. Erich’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million in 2023. She is known for her parts in TV shows like “Katorse” and “Magkaribal.”

Aside from playing, she also produces and directs things, like the music video for her song “Suddenly It’s Magic.” Even though his love life has been in the news, Erich Gonzales is still a recognized figure in the Filipino entertainment business.

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