Eric Roberts Net Worth: How the Actor Made Millions From Acting?

Eric Roberts Net Worth

Eric Roberts Net Worth: Eric Roberts is an American actor who has worked in show business for more than 40 years. He is the older brother of Julia Roberts and the father of Emma Roberts, both famous actresses. He’s been in a huge number of movies and TV shows, from serious ones to funny ones to exciting ones.

But how much money is Eric Roberts worth, and how did he make it? In this article, we will look at his career, sources of income, and net worth.

Who is Eric Roberts?

Eric Anthony Roberts, born April 18, 1956, is an American actor and the older brother of Julia Roberts. His career started with a lead part in King of the Gypsies (1978), for which he was nominated for his first Golden Globe Award.

The Golden Globes put him up for another award for his well-known part as Paul Snider in Bob Fosse’s Star 80 (1983). Roberts has been acting for more than 40 years and has been in over 750 movies and TV shows, including hit movies, indie films, animated shows, short films, and student films.

Brief Bio About Eric Roberts

Full NameEric Anthony Roberts
OccupationAmerican Actor
Net Worth$2 million (estimated)
FamilyOlder brother of Julia Roberts, Father of Emma Roberts
Career HighlightsLead role in “King of the Gypsies” (1978), Golden Globe nomination for “Star 80” (1983), Over 750 movies and TV shows in various genres
Sources of IncomeActing, Producing ,Endorsements, Voice work for video games

Eric Roberts Net Worth

Eric Roberts is an American actor who is thought to be worth $2 million. He makes money in a lot of different ways, like through acting, producing, voice acting, and advertising.

Roberts may be best known for his early lead parts in movies like “King of the Gypsies.” This 1978 movie was Eric’s first time in Hollywood, and it also got him his first Golden Globe nod.

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Eric Roberts Career

Eric began his career in 1977 with the soap series “Another World.” After that, he moved on to movies, and he was in “King of the Gypsies,” “Star 80,” and “Runaway Train.” During this time, he also acted in Broadway shows like “Burn This.”

In the 1980s and 1990s, Eric was in a lot of different movies. He continued to get a huge number of credits over the next few decades. He was also the first actor from outside of Britain to play the famous Master in “Dr. Who.”

For his other movie roles, he appeared in “The L Word,” “Heroes,” “Law & Order,” “Less than Perfect,” and many more. As a voice actor, Roberts became known for his work as the bad guy Mongul in “Justice League” and “Justice League Unlimited.” His other voice-acting jobs have been on shows like “Danny Phantom.”

Eric Roberts Sources of Income

Eric Roberts is an American actor who has been in over 500 movies and TV shows and has won several awards and nominations. Some of the ways he makes money are:

Acting: Roberts has been in several successful films, including King of the Gypsies, Star 80, The Pope of Greenwich Village, The Dark Knight, and The Expendables.

Producing: Roberts has also put together some of his movies, like the documentary Eric Roberts is the Man, the horror Stalked by My Doctor, and the comedy A Husband for Christmas. He also helped make the documentary Lovelace, which starred his sister Julia Roberts.

Endorsements: Roberts has backed some brands and goods, including Mastercard, Coca-Cola, PETA, and Reebok. He has also done voice work for video games like Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and Saints Row: The Third.

Eric Roberts’s Personal Life

Eric Roberts has had a very interesting love life. He was married to both Eliza Roberts and Kelly Cunningham.

He has a daughter named Emma Roberts who has also become a famous actress. In the past few years, Roberts has been happily married to Liza Lerner, an actor and casting director.

Eric Roberts’s Legal Problems

Roberts was arrested in 1987 for trying to attack a New York police officer while high on drugs and marijuana and for fighting arrest.

Roberts was caught pushing his wife into a wall in February 1995.


In conclusion, Eric Roberts is an American actor who has been working in show business for more than 40 years and has done a lot of different things, like movies, TV shows, and voice acting.

He is well-known in many fields because he is Julia Roberts’s bigger brother and the father of Emma Roberts. Roberts has a net worth of about $2 million from acting, producing, and advertising, even though she has been in trouble with the law.

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