Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 47 Release Date: Anticipated Date and Possible Delays

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 47 Release Date

The manga series Bad Thinking Diary has kept fans on the edge of their seats with its riveting plot and realistic characters. Chapter 47 is finally here, and it lives up to the hype of being every bit as exciting and captivating as the previous chapters.

What should readers of Bad Thinking Diary anticipate from the next 47th chapter, and when can they expect it? These topics will be discussed in this post. The destiny of the characters in Bad Thinking Diary hangs in the balance, so be ready to re-enter their perilous world.

What is Bad Thinking Diary All About?

Minji and Yuna were great friends before they started dating in Bad Thinking Diary, a GL webcomic by Hodan and Rangrari.

Through the viewpoint of Minji, who has a hard time comprehending Yuna’s terrible ways of thinking, the webcomic explores love, friendship, jealousy, betrayal, and coming into one’s own.

The webcomic has been serialized on Lezhin Comics since August 2021. Several viewers were moved by the story’s sensitive depiction of a lesbian couple. There have been 46 chapters released so far in the webtoon’s second season.

Brief Information About Bad Thinking Dairy

Topic Information
Title Bad Thinking Diary
Genre GL (Girls Love) webcomic
Author Hodan and Rangrari
Release Date Unknown (estimated release date: March 27, 2023)
Chapters 46 (as of March 24, 2023)
Plot Minji and Yuna’s relationship is in peril
Focus Love, friendship, jealousy, betrayal, coming of age
Main Website Lezhin Comics
Access Need “coins” to read the new chapter

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 47 Release Date

The question on everyone’s mind today is, “When will Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 47 come out?” However, the author has not yet announced a specific publication date. Nonetheless, we can draw certain assumptions based on previous game releases.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 47 Release Date

Since the last chapter came out on March 20, it is possible that Chapter 47 will come out on March 27, 2023. Please remember that these are merely estimations based on prior releases, and they are subject to change if unforeseen circumstances arise.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 47 Expected Plot

In Chapter 47 of Bad Thinking Diary, we’ll see how Eunhae’s revenge scheme turned out. Minji’s parents will have to deal with their emotions when they find out their daughter is dating a girl. She’ll also have to cope with the fallout from Eunhae’s decision to upload the couple’s intimate photos to the web.

Yuna will attempt to prevent Eunhae from disturbing Minji, but she will also have to deal with the shame she feels by lying to Minji about their agreement. In exchange for Eunhae’s financial support, she will have to explain why she and Minji split up.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 47 Release Date

Can Yuna hope for Minji’s forgiveness after keeping this from her? Is this catastrophe going to bring them closer together, or drive a wedge between them? I wonder how Eunhae will react when she learns of their continued relationship. Is she going to give up, or get even worse?


Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 47: Where to Read It?

The webcomic’s main website, Lezhin Comics, currently hosts Chapter 47 of Bad Thinking Diary. New chapters are released every Wednesday, and you’ll need the site’s currency, known as “coins,” to access them. You may either pay real money for coins or earn them through various activities on Lezhin Comics.

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