10 Manga Like Jinx That Will Make You Fall in Love with BL

10 Manga Like Jinx

10 Manga Like Jinx: The iconic manga series Jinx was created by Megumi Osuga. The series is about a mystery girl named Jinx who has the power to make things happen.

Jinx often gets into trouble and makes enemies, but she also has supportive friends who are always there for her when she needs them.

These 10 mangas are all different from Jinx in some way, but if you like the funny and exciting stories that Jinx tells, you might also like these.

10 Manga Like Jinx!

Here is a list of the best comics that are like Jinx:

Legs That Won’t Walk

When Tae-seung goes after retired boxer Soo-young, he finds out that he has to pay off his father’s debt. Tae-seung is impressed by Soo-young’s determination and gives him an alternative: to learn the ropes and start from the very beginning. Is this friendship worth the risk, or will it be another hell for Soo-young?

Kiss on the Piano

On a working holiday visa, Sandeul is just a normal college student in Australia. Being drunk and having a one-night stand with the CEO’s son, Lahn, isn’t anything special, right? The same goes for working on a farm.

You shouldn’t have to leave the country to get away from the guy you had a one-night stand with, though. and have that guy follow you to South Korea. Things are about to get interesting in Sandeul’s life…

Killing Stalking

Yoon Bum is slim and awkward, and he has a mental illness. He is also crazy about the famous college student, Oh Sangwoo. He’s been following the person he’s crazy about and even broke into Sangwoo’s house, but what he finds in the young man’s basement is worse than anything he could have imagined.

The man he thought was his prince charming is a serial killer, and Bum quickly learns that getting into a psychopath’s house is much easier than getting out…

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The Tomato Can

Elijah Zelenoff wants to become the world champion and get into Pankration F.C., which is the biggest mixed martial arts league.

The only trouble is that he’s really bad. In the eyes of some, Elijah is just a “Tomato Can,” or a stepping stone for fighters with better records who want to get better. Elijah’s goals seem impossible to reach until Joseph “J.J.”

Jericho, the president of Pankration, offers him the chance to compete in an MMA television show with 14 other fighters. It’s a seven-figure deal, with fame and honor for the winner. Is Elijah good enough to win?

Red Blue

As a first-year high school student, Aoba Suzuki is sad and doesn’t fit in with her peers. Even though his friend Sannosuke Iwase beat him up all the time while saying they were “play-fighting,” he was still happy with his school life.

Kenshin Akazawa, a young man in the class next to Aoba and a martial arts hero, saves him from his “play-fighting” one day. If Kenshin tells him, “You’re completely hollow,” Aoba wants to make him pay, so he tells Kenshin he’s going to hit him. This is the start of the social outcast’s new sports career as he takes on mixed martial arts!

Love Jinx

Geonhan writes and draws the current Manhwa webcomic, Love Jinx. It came out in December 2020 from Daewon Cl and is being released in parts in Ridibooks magazine.

Chapters 1–35 are the last ones in the first season. The second season came out on December 30, 2021. The story is mostly about Lim Haegyung, who is cursed, and Kang Woojin, who seems to be the one who put the curse on her.

Lim Haegyung has a strange jinx. Something bad happens every time he gets or sends a greeting. All of his boyfriends who kissed him either broke up with him or got connected with someone else.

He falls in love with Jung Wook, who works with him. Even though Jung Wook understands Haegyung’s situation, Haegyung starts the kiss by chance.

Pearl Boy

Pearl Boy is a manga that is still being written by Zoy and Inking, with drawings by Inking. Lezhin is the company that released the 2020 version. You can read the manhwa online in English since January 6, 2021, thanks to Lezhin Comics.

Chapters one through twenty-nine make up the first season. Chapters 30 through 50 make up Season 2. Season three has begun again after a short break.

Dooshik is lost. After he steals money from the gay bar where he worked, he goes to a small coastal town to hide. He needs to find a way to make ends meet as his money runs out. No matter what, a boy has to eat!

So, to satisfy his hunger, he goes into a clam house. He quickly leaves, though, because he doesn’t have any money. He leaves the server, Jooha, to pay the bill. Later, when Dooshik goes back to pay his bill, he sees a dirty scene that gives him a tantalizing look at how to fix his money problems.

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Full volume

Complete Volume is a manhwa that Albert wrote and Eun-ji Yang illustrated. Lezhin published it first, in 2021. There are two parts to the manhwa: the first season and the second season.

Dowon is having trouble. Beom, his neighbor, seems to be very rude, but he is so good-looking that it drives him crazy. And the silly cherry on top? Dowon’s favorite cam boy of all time is Beom, which makes him even more angry.

Dowon thinks of Beom as a pain in the behind, and he would like it if Beom could return the favor in person.

Even If You Don’t Love Me

This is Pando’s ongoing manhwa, Even If You Don’t Love Me. He has written and drawn it. It was first released in 2020 by Beyond and, in parts, in Ridibooks. The author said that the manhwa would be released in English in 2021.

Min Ji Wook, a student from a poor family, can get into Daehan High School, which is the best school for students from wealthy families. His main goal? Stop people from being poor by getting the best grades in high school and going to a famous college.

To do this, he decides to focus on his studies. But he meets Joo Seung Eon, the youngest son of JS Group, Korea’s biggest business company, and he hurts Ji Wook’s pride every chance he gets.


Thirteen years ago, Baek Yugeon and his brother were the only ones who survived an unknown anomaly attack that “woke” them up. His brother had supernatural skills, but Yugeon turned into a “guide,” which is a being that can control supernatural powers through touch.

When the same strange thing happens again, Yugeon’s brother is in very bad shape, and Woo Shinje, an S-class woken leader of the hunting order Erewhon, is the only one who can save him. In return, Shinje wants Yugeon to be the leader of his team, which includes the shy Joo Taein, the wild Yoon Chan, and the cruel Kwon Heesu.

Shinje seems like the nicest person on the team, but he could be the most dangerous when he adds another condition: Yugeon must follow him into the pit, where the anomaly that has caused all of his problems is waiting.


Megumi Osuga’s manga series Jinx follows a mysterious girl named Jinx who has the power to make things happen. The series features characters like Tae-seung, Sandeul, Yoon Bum, Elijah Zelenoff, and Aoba Suzuki. Some mangas like Jinx include Legs That Won’t Walk, Kiss on the Piano, The Tomato Can, Red Blue, and Love Jinx. These stories explore themes of determination, friendship, and the importance of support. Some popular mangas like Jinx include Legs That Won’t Walk, Kiss on the Piano, Killing Stalking, Elijah Zelenoff, Red Blue, and Love Jinx.

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