Zombie Detective Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Air?

Zombie Detective Season 2 Release Date

Zombie Detective Season 2 Release Date: Zombie Detective is a popular South Korean drama series that combines comedy, mystery, and fantasy elements. The show’s first season premiered in 2020 to widespread acclaim from critics and viewers.

Many fans are waiting for the second season of Zombie Detective to air. In this article, we will provide you with the most recent updates and information about Zombie Detective Season 2, including its release date, cast, plot, and more.

What is Zombie Detective All About?

Zombie Detective is a South Korean fantasy television series starring Choi Jin-hyuk and Park Ju-hyun. The series is directed by Shim Jae-hyun and produced by KBS Drama Production and Raemong Raein.

It aired on KBS from September 21, 2020, to October 27, 2020. The total number of episodes in the series is 12. The story follows a zombie and a writer as they work together to solve a series of heists.

Brief Information About Zombie Detective

Series NameZombie Detective
CreatorNoh Ji-sul
GenreComedy, Mystery, and fantasy
Brief Story“Zombie Detective” follows Kim Moo-young, a zombie private investigator, and Gong Sun-ji, a writer, as they team up to solve heists in a world inhabited by zombies.
1 Main CastChoi Jin-hyuk as Kim Moo-young/Kang Min-ho
Season 1 Release DateSeptember 21, 2020
Season 2 Renewal StatusNo official confirmation from KBS Drama Production
Season 2 Release DatePending (Speculation suggests 2025 or early 2026)
Where to WatchViki and Netflix

Zombie Detective Season 2 Renewal Status

Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation from KBS Drama Production regarding the second season of the series Zombie Detective. The show has only aired for a single season so far, but its huge popularity is well-deserved given how quickly it has risen to the top.

Zombie Detective Season 2 Release Date

Nonetheless, the first season’s conclusion was written in such a way that it undoubtedly leaves the door open for other stories to be placed in this realm. In that case, the following is what we would expect to occur.

Zombie Detective Season 2 Release Date

However, there has been no official confirmation from the producers or the network as of yet. However, based on the production schedule and the show’s popularity, some sources speculate that it will return in 2025 or early 2026.

This, however, has not been confirmed by any official source and should be taken with a grain of salt.

There has been no decision made regarding the release date of ‘Zombie Detective Season 2’. It will take some time for the results to be displayed on the screen. During this time, you can catch excellent seasons of shows like My Beautiful Man Season 3 and The Law Cafe Season. Follow the links to find out when each series will be available.

Zombie Detective Season 2 Expected Cast

As of yet, there has been no confirmation of who will be joining the cast for Season 2. Season 1’s original cast will return for Zombie Detective Season 2. The full cast is as follows:

ActorCharacter Name
Choi Jin-hyukKim Moo-young/Kang Min-ho
Park Ju-hyunGong Sun-ji
Kwon Hwa-woonPark Ju-Hyun
Tae Hang-hoLee Sung-rok
Lee Joong-okWang Wei

Zombie Detective Season 2 Expected Storyline

Season 2 of Zombie Detective is expected to continue the story of Kim Moo-young, a former human who became a zombie after coming into contact with medical waste. He pretends to be someone else while working as a private investigator to piece together his past.

Zombie Detective Season 2 Release Date

There are still a lot of questions about Moo-young’s past and the zombies’ motivations that could be answered in season two. Moo-young and Sun-ji’s ability to handle their feelings for each other and the dangers of living in a world overrun by zombies may also be explored.

Zombie Detective Season 1 Recap

In the first season, Kang Min-ho (Choi Jin-hyuk) discovers that he is a zombie with no memory of his past. He learns to walk and talk normally, covers up his wounds with makeup, and becomes the private investigator Kim Moo-young in order to uncover the truth about his past.

An ex-investigative journalist named Gong Sun-ji (Park Ju-hyun) has found work as a part-time assistant at Moo-young’s firm. Once she learns that Moo-young is a zombie, the two of them work together to solve crimes and figure out why zombies exist.

Where Can I Watch Zombie Detective Season 1?

If you want to watch Zombie Detective Season 1, you have several options. The show is available for online streaming on a variety of platforms, which differ by region and personal preference.

The show is available on Viki, a worldwide TV site with subtitles in a wide variety of languages. You can also find it on Netflix, a well-liked streaming service that hosts a wide variety of shows and movies.


The South Korean show “Zombie Detective” successfully blends comedy, mystery, and fantasy. Its debut season in 2020 was met with critical acclaim. No official renewal status or release date has been confirmed, but fans have speculated that the show could return in 2025 or early 2026.

The mysteries surrounding Kim Moo-young, a zombie turned investigator, are expected to be explored further in Season 2. This could include looking into his past and the difficulties of surviving in a world overrun by zombies.

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