Where to Read Apothecary Diaries Manga: A Guide to the Sources and Details

Where to Read Apothecary Diaries Manga

Where to Read Apothecary Diaries Manga: Japan’s The Apothecary Diaries is a series of light novels written by Natsu Hyūga and drawn by Touko Shino. As a maid in the imperial palace, Maomao is a young pharmacist who solves medical riddles with her knowledge and skills.

The story is about her adventures. People have said that the manga is historically accurate and has interesting characters and a story.

You might be wondering where to find the newest chapters of this novel online if you want to read it. You can choose from a number of options based on your interests and budget. Because they have the best parts of The Apothecary Diaries, here they are:

More About The Apothecary Diaries

As of 2011, it has been published online in parts on the website for user-generated novels called Shōsetsuka ni Narō. The next year, Shufunotomo bought it and started publishing the story as a novel in a single volume in 2012. In 2014, they turned it into a light novel series. The show takes place in a made-up country that looks a lot like old China.

In 2017, it was turned into two manga stories. One was published by Square Enix in Monthly Big Gangan, and the other was published by Shogakukan in Monthly Sunday Gene-X. Digital copies of the light novel are sold in North America by the J-Novel Club, and paper copies are sold by Square Enix.

Square Enix also sells manga drawn by Nekokurage. Toho Animation Studio and OLM made an anime TV series based on the book, which aired in October 2023.


This website is free and has a lot of comics, including The Apothecary Diaries. As soon as new chapters come out, you can read them. You can also look through the old chapters. 

You can change the reading mode and zoom level to fit your needs, and the website’s interface is simple and easy to use. There may be some ads and pop-ups on the website, though, that can be annoying. Follow this link to get to MangaReader.


Another free site with chapters of The Apothecary Diaries comic is ManhuaScan. The website looks sleek and modern, and the images are of good quality. It also loads quickly.

You can also save your favorite comics and be notified when new chapters are added. The website might not have all the parts, though, and you might run into some problems while reading. This link will take you to ManhuaScan.


The Apothecary Diaries manga has its own Wikipedia page, where you can read more about its history and individual chapters. It has details about the story, the characters, how it was published, how it was received, and how it has been adapted.

You can also see a list of the books’ chapters and volumes, as well as links to sites where you can legally buy or read them. However, the Wikipedia page might not be changed very often, and it might have spoilers or wrong information on it. Click on this link to go to Wikipedia.

Here are some of the best free manga chapters for The Apothecary Diaries. You can select the one that you like best and enjoy this wonderful manga story. Have fun reading!

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It was revealed on February 16, 2023, that the story would be turned into an anime TV series. It was made by Toho Animation Studio and OLM. Norihiro Naganuma directed and oversaw the writing, and Akinori Fudesaka was the assistant director. The figures were drawn by Yukiko Nakatani, and the music was written by Satoru Kōsaki, Kevin Penkin, and Alisa Okehazama. 

The first episode aired on October 22, 2023, on Nippon TV and its stations. The show will have two seasons. The song for the beginning is “Hana ni Natte”, “Become a Flower”) by Ryokuoushoku Shakai. The song for the end is “Aikotoba”, and “The Spell” by Aina the End.

Crunchyroll licensed the show for regions outside of Asia, such as the Middle East, the CIS, and South Asia. Netflix has permission to stream the show in some parts of Asia.


The Apothecary Diaries, a captivating light novel series turned manga and anime, offers a historical and intriguing narrative centered around the resourceful pharmacist, Maomao.

Praised for its historical accuracy and compelling characters, the series has garnered a dedicated fanbase. For readers eager to explore this tale, various platforms like MangaReader and ManhuaScan provide accessible and free options.

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