Wayne Sermon Net Worth: A Look at the Guitarist’s Career and Assets

Wayne Sermon Net Worth

Wayne Sermon Net Worth: Wayne Sermon is a well-known musician, composer, and record producer from the United States. He and Reynolds are the main songwriters and producers for the band. He can play many instruments, like the guitar, banjo, cello, piano, and keyboards.

He is best known as the lead guitarist for the rock band Imagine Dragons. In this article, we will look at his life, career, and accomplishments, as well as how he came to earn his riches.

Who is Wayne Sermon?

Wayne Sermon was born on June 15, 1984, in American Fork, Utah. Imagine Dragons’ lead guitarist, stormed onto the music world with the publication of their debut album Night Visions in 2012. He is also known as Wing Sermon at times.

Ben McKee on bass, Daniel Platzman on drums, and Dan Reynolds on lead vocals all play with him in Imagine Dragons. After graduating from Berklee School of Music in 2008, he met lead singer Dan Reynolds.

Brief Bio About Wayne Sermon

Full NameWayne Sermon
Band Affiliation and RoleImagine Dragons, Lead Guitarist
Net WorthEstimated around $40 million
Career HighlightsCo-founded Imagine Dragons in 2008 – Notable for the success of “Night Visions
PhilanthropySupports the Tyler Robinson Foundation, aiding families dealing with childhood cancer
Personal LifeMarried to Alexiaraye

Wayne Sermon Net Worth

Wayne Sermon’s net worth is expected to be in the $40 million range. He is famous for being the lead guitarist for the band Imagine Dragons.

He makes most of his money from songs, endorsements, and royalties. He also does charitable things, like giving money to the Tyler Robinson Foundation, which helps families whose children have cancer.

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Wayne Sermon Career

Wayne Sermon’s career began after he graduated from Berklee College of Music. After moving back to Utah, he began teaching guitar and working on his songs at the same time. He helped Dan Reynolds, Daniel Platzman, and Ben McKee start the band Imagine Dragons in 2008.

This band Imagine Dragons became very famous in 2012 with the song “It’s Time.” The band signed with Interscope Records because of the song, and their first album, Night Visions, came out in 2012. “Radioactive,” “Demons,” and “On Top of the World,” which were all on the record, were all big hits that made a lot of money.

Sermon has also been a guest on other records, such as “Battle Cry,” which he worked on with Transformers: Age of Extinction. Besides that, he worked on Lindsey Stirling’s album “Brave Enough,” singing on many of the songs and arranging them.

Wayne Sermon Sources of Income

Wayne Sermon is a well-known musician who has made a lot of money from his work. Some of his sources of income are as follows:

Imagine Dragons: Sermon joined the pop rock band Imagine Dragons in 2008 and plays lead guitar for them. The band has put out four full albums: Night Visions, Smoke + Mirrors, Evolve, and Origins. These albums have won many awards, such as three Grammys, nine Billboard Music Awards, and six American Music Awards, and have sold millions of copies around the world.

Writing songs and producing records: Sermon has written and produced many Imagine Dragons songs as well as songs by other acts. His net worth goes up because he gets royalties and fees for writing songs and making music.

Real estate: In July 2020, Sermon paid $5.8 million for a 6-acre property in Rolling Hills, California. The land has a main house that is 5,000 square feet, a guest house, a pool, a tennis court, a barn, and a horse stable.

Wayne Sermon Real Estate

In 2017, Wayne Sermon is reported to have bought a house in the Los Feliz neighborhood in Los Angeles. His public records show that the house cost $2.4 million. It has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a pool, and a hot tub.

Wayne Sermon’s Personal Life

Wayne Sermon’s personal life is kept private, although we do know that he is married to Alexiaraye and they have a daughter. It’s been a long time between them, and they just enjoyed their wedding anniversary. Wayne likes to spend time with his family when he’s not making songs.


In conclusion, Wayne Sermon, who is the lead guitarist for Imagine Dragons, has had a lot of success in the music business. His impact on the band’s fame with their 2012 record “Night Visions” was huge. He was born in 1984.

Sermon’s estimated net worth of $40 million comes from his many musical skills, such as his ability to play many instruments, write songs, and produce music. Besides music, he’s also smartly invested in real estate, including a $5.8 million home in Rolling Hills.

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