Valeria Season 3 Character Explained: Who Stayed and Who Left?

Valeria Season 3 Character Explained

Valeria season 3 character explained: Valeria is a Spanish comedy-drama show that is based on Elsabet Benavent’s stories. It’s about Valeria, a writer who has problems at home and at work, and her three best friends, Lola, Carmen, and Nerea, who are there for her through all of her adventures.

So far, there have been two seasons of the show, and fans can’t wait to see what happens next. Here’s a rundown of what happened at the end of Season 2 and what it means for Season 3. If you wanna check the release date of Valeria season 4 then click on the link.

Valeria and Adrián: An Ending

The main problem in season 2 is that Valeria is getting a divorce from her cheating husband Adrián. Valeria’s connection with Victor, a successful writer who helped her get her book published under a pen name, is also complicated.

In the last episode, Valeria finally signs the divorce papers and says goodbye to Adrián, who plans to leave Madrid and become an actor. Ibrahim Al Shami, who plays Adrián, might not come back for season 3 unless he changes his mind or has something left with Valeria.

A Rocky Love Story: Valeria and Victor

Valeria and Victor’s relationship isn’t much better. Valeria is the one Victor loves, but her lies and secrets hurt him. He also has a hard time with the fact that she wrote a book about their affair under a fake name.

Valeria Season 3 Character Explained

He wants to be in her life, but she doesn’t know if she can trust him or herself. In the last scene, they have a tense talk where Victor asks her to give him another chance, but she doesn’t answer. Their relationship is left in limbo, and season 3 will have to figure out what will happen to them.

Lola: A New Begining

The bravest and most adventurous of the four friends is Lola. She has a fling with Sergio, who is married, with no strings attached, but she starts to like him. She also tries to fix things with her mother, who left her when she was a child. In the end, she chooses to forgive them both and move on with her life.

She also gets the chance to take a photography class in Vienna, which she agrees to do. She smiles as she leaves Madrid, ready for a fresh start. Season 3 could show how she stays in touch with her friends or how she lives her life in Vienna.

Carmen: The Happy Ending

Carmen is the happiest and most successful person in the group. She works at a bank and has a wonderful boyfriend named Borja. But she also has some problems with her job and with her sense of self-worth. She is given a better position, but this makes Borja, who also works at the bank, feel insecure because of the difference in their jobs.

Valeria Season 3 Character Explained

She also has to deal with her boss and coworkers making sexist comments. But she is able to get through these problems and stand up for herself. She also helps Borja and tells him that their relationship is stronger than ever. At the end of the season, they are engaged and making plans to get married.

Nerea: A Bold Coming Out

Nerea is the quietest and most shy in the group. She hides the fact that she is gay from her folks because she is afraid that they will reject her. She also works as a lawyer for a company that is very conservative and doesn’t care about her values or goals.

But as the season goes on, she grows more brave and more sure of herself. She quits her job and goes to work for Valeria’s publisher as an event manager. She also meets a girl named Bea, who she starts dating.

Valeria Season 3 Character Explained

She finally tells her folks who she is. They don’t like it at first, but they come around and accept her for who she is. She finishes the season happy with Bea and proud of herself.

A New Character: Bruno

Bruno Aguilar is a new character who is introduced in the last episode of Season 2. He could play a big part in Season 3. He is another author who signs a deal with Valeria’s publisher. In the last scene, where he meets Valeria for the first time, he only shows up for a short time.

He seems interested in her and likes the cover of her book. He also asks her if she’s single, which makes her feel weird. Bruno could be a love interest or foe for Valeria in season 3, or he could be connected to her or her friends in some other way.


As season 2 of Valeria comes to an end, there are a lot of changes and unknowns for the key characters. In their personal and professional lives, they all face different challenges and chances, but they also have each other’s support and friendship. The hope is that Season 3 will continue their lives and show what happens to them next.

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