Vacation Friends 3 Release Date: When Will the Movie Hit The Screens?

Vacation Friends 3 Release Date

Vacation Friends 3 Release Date: Vacation Friends is a comedy film series about two couples who meet on vacation and become friends even though they shouldn’t. In the first movie, which came out in 2021, Marcus and Emily, two serious people, meet Ron and Kyla, two wild and fun-loving people, in Mexico.

In the second movie, which came out in 2023, the four friends meet up again in the Caribbean, where they face new problems and surprises. But will a third movie be made in the series? In this article, we’ll talk about the possibility of Vacation Friends 3, including a possible release date, plot, and cast.

What is Vacation Friends All About?

Vacation Friends is a 2021 American buddy comedy film directed by Clay Tarver and written by Tom Mullen, Tim Mullen, Jonathan Goldstein, and John Francis Daley. The film features Lil Rel Howery, John Cena, .

Vacation Friends came out on Hulu on August 27, 2021. It was made by 20th Century Studios and was distributed by them. Critics had mixed things to say about the movie. On August 25, 2023, a sequel called Vacation Friends 2 came out.

Brief Information About Vacation Friends

Series NameVacation Friends
CreatorClay Tarver
GenreBuddy Comedy
Brief StoryVacation Friends is a comedy series centered around two couples with contrasting personalities who meet during vacations and form an unlikely friendship.
2 Main CastLil Rel Howery as Marcus
John Cena as Ron
VF 1 Release DateThe first movie, Vacation Friends, was released as a standalone film on Hulu on August 27, 2021.
VF 3 Renewal StatusHulu has not officially announced Yet
VF 3 Release DatePending (expected in late 2025 or early 2026)
Where to WatchHulu

Vacation Friends 3 Renewal Status

Vacation Friends 3 has not yet been announced by Hulu as of the time of this writing. It’s still not clear if there will be a third movie because the ratings are different and the writers and actors are still on strike. Even though VF 2 hasn’t been as popular as the first movie, it has still done well with audiences.

The critics, on the other hand, are still not impressed and have said that the full production lacks freshness. Since the movie just came out, we don’t know anything about a sequel as of this writing.

No decision has been made about when Season 3 of “Vacation Friends” will come out. It will take some time to show up on the screen. During this time period, you can watch great TV shows like Grown Ups 3, and 23 Jump Street. Click on the links to find out when these shows will be on TV.

Vacation Friends 3 Release Date

There are no official announcements regarding the release date of Vacation Friends 3 at this time. Vacation Friends 2 came out on August 25, 2023, as you just read. No one from the producers or directors has said anything about this.

If the producers and directors don’t see that Vacation Friends 2 is doing well, they won’t move forward. Following the trend of a two-year gap, Vacation Friends 3 could be released in late 2025 or early 2026. But until we hear something official, let’s not make any guesses about when Vacation Friends 3 will come out.

Vacation Friends 3 Expected Cast

If Vacation Friends 3 gets a green flag, it will return the cast from both previous movies. Because All the characters are essential. Here is a list of some main characters:

Actor NameCharacter Name
Lil Rel HoweryMarcus
Yvonne OrjiEmily
John CenaRon
Meredith HagnerKyla
Robert WisdomHarold
Lynn WhitfieldSuzanne

Vacation Friends 3 Expected Storyline

The plot of Vacation Friends 3 hasn’t been confirmed yet, but based on how the second movie ended, we can make some guesses. At the end of the movie, Ron and Kyla are invited by Jake and Mia to join them on their next trip to Hawaii.

One possible storyline for Vacation Friends 3 is that Ron and Kyla accept Jake and Mia’s invitation to go to Hawaii with them, where they meet new problems and dangers. Marcus and Emily, who are on their honeymoon on the same island, could also run into them.

The four friends might have to work together again to deal with surprises and have fun along the way. The third movie could also be about Jake and Mia’s past and show how they came to be such wild and free-spirited travelers. It could also look at how they get along with Ron and Kyla and see if they can become real friends or just hang out on vacation.

Vacation Friends 2 Recap

Vacation Friends 2 is a comedy that follows the adventures of two couples who met while on vacation in Mexico and became unlikely friends. In the sequel, Marcus and Emily go to the Caribbean with Ron and Kyla, their baby son, and a babysitter.

Marcus wants to impress a Korean hotel company so he can get a job there, but his plans get messed up by Ron and Kyla’s crazy antics and Kyla’s father, Reese, who just got out of prison and shows up unexpectedly.

Reese gets them involved in a risky plan to get a drug lord’s money out of a crashed plane, even though the hotel owner doesn’t like it and the police are after them.

Where Can I Watch Both Vacation Friends 1 and 2?

Vacation Friends 1 and 2 are both on Hulu, and you can watch them separately or as part of Hulu with Live TV and the Disney Bundle. If you live in the UK and want to watch the comedy, you will need a Disney Plus subscription.


The “Vacation Friends” movie series is about two different couples who meet on vacation and become friends. In the first movie, which came out in 2021, Marcus and Emily, who were serious, met Ron and Kyla, who liked to have fun.

In the sequel, which came out in 2023, they kept having funny adventures in the Caribbean. A third movie hasn’t been confirmed yet because of different ratings and problems in the industry. A release date hasn’t been set yet, but there could be a two-year gap between movies.

If the project goes forward, the cast is likely to come back, and the plot could involve new vacation mishaps and deeper friendships.

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