The Gifted Season 3 Release Date: Is There Any Hope for X-Men Show?

The Gifted Season 3 Release Date

The Gifted Season 3 Release Date: The Gifted was a popular TV series based on the X-Men comics that followed a group of mutants fighting for survival in a world that disliked and feared them. The show was broadcast on Fox for a total of two seasons.

A lot of The Gifted fans were left wondering if there would ever be a third season and where they could watch it if there was. In this article, we will attempt to answer these questions and provide updates on the status of The Gifted Season 3.

What is The Gifted All About?

The Gifted is an American superhero TV show created for Fox by Matt Nix based on characters from Marvel Comics’ X-Men. The show takes place in a different time period than the X-Men movie series, where the X-Men have disappeared.

The show is made by 20th Century Fox Television and Marvel Television, and Nix is in charge of running the show. The series received a put pilot commitment from Fox after a previous X-Men television series attempt at the network failed in 2016; The Gifted was ordered into series in May 2017.

The Gifted’s first season had 13 episodes and ran from October 2, 2017, to January 15, 2018. It got mostly good reviews from critics and a “solid” number of viewers. The second season, which consists of 16 episodes, premiered on September 25, 2018.

Brief Information About The Gifted

Series Name“The Gifted”
CreatorMatt Nix
GenreSuperhero, Science Fiction, Drama
Brief Story“The Gifted” follows a group of mutants battling for survival in a world that fears and despises them.
Two Main CastStephen Moyer as Reed Strucker
Amy Acker as Caitlin Strucker
Season 1 Release DateOctober 2, 2017, to January 15, 2018
Season 3 Renewal StatusOfficially canceled by Fox on April 17, 2019
Season 3 Release DateCanceled
Where to WatchFox

The Gifted Season 3 Renewal Status

The series was canceled by Fox on April 17, 2019, after two seasons. When it comes to canceling shows, Fox has started ripping off the Band-Aid.

The newly independent broadcast network has decided to cancel both The Gifted, a second-season drama, and Rel, a first-season comedy.

The cancellations are the first ones that Fox Entertainment has had since it became its own company. Both shows were made by 20th Century Fox Television, a TV studio that was sold by Fox to Disney for $71.3 billion.

It was decided that there would be no third season of The Gifted. While you wait, you can watch great TV shows like American Auto Season 3, We’re the Millers 2, and Under the Banner of Heaven Season 2. You can click on the links to find out when these shows will be out.

The Gifted Season 3 Release Date

FOX has officially canceled the TV show The Gifted. There will be no more seasons of The Gifted after season 2. The third season of The Gifted doesn’t have a release date yet.

However, FOX has not yet decided what will happen with the next season. As of 2023, there are no plans or dates for season three.

The Gifted Season 2 Recap

In Season 2 of The Gifted, the Mutant Underground, and the Inner Circle, two groups of mutants with different plans for the future, fight with each other. Reeva Payge is in charge of the Inner Circle. They want to make a mutant homeland by destroying the U.S. government and the Purifiers, who are against mutants.

John Proudstar is in charge of the Mutant Underground, which tries to stop them and keep innocent people safe. People in their group betray, lose, and sacrifice for them along the way, and some of them even switch sides or die.

Reed Strucker, a former prosecutor who worked to stop mutants who later found out he had mutant powers, gives up his life to stop Reeva’s plan and save his family at the end of the season. The season also hints that Blink, a mutant who can teleport and go missing in an earlier episode, might be back and there may be a link to the X-Men’s Days of Future Past storyline.

Production Details of The Gifted

The Gifted is a TV show that ran on Fox from 2017 to 2019. It was made by 20th Century Fox Television and Marvel Television. Matthew Nix created the show and also ran it and was in charge of producing it.

The show was based on the X-Men comics, but it takes place in a different time period where the X-Men are missing and the government is looking for mutants.

Each season of the show had thirteen episodes. The first season started on October 2, 2017, and the second season started on September 25, 2018. The show was canceled on April 17, 2019, because it didn’t get many viewers and Disney and Fox merged.

Where Can I Watch Seasons 1 and 2 of The Gifted?

The first two seasons of The Gifted are now available on Fox. The show was canceled on April 17, 2019. Therefore, Season 3 of The Gifted will not be available to stream on any device.


Overall, “The Gifted,” a TV show based on the X-Men comics, told the story of mutants’ struggles in a world where the X-Men didn’t exist. Even though the show had a lot of potential at first and a strong fan base, Fox canceled it after the second season in 2019.

Fans are now eagerly waiting for news of a possible third season. As of 2023, there have been no official plans or announcements about continuing the show. The cancellation was a big deal for Fox Entertainment because it happened soon after Disney bought the studio.

People can still watch the first two seasons of “The Gifted” on Fox. They give viewers a look into the lives of these unique characters and their fights for survival.

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