Who is ‘The Card Guy’ Evan Alberto’s Girlfriend and What’s Their Love Story?

The Card Guy Girlfriend

American magician and internet personality Evan Alberto, aka The Card Guy, has over two million TikTok fans. His remarkable card tricks and illusions, which he regularly performs in public, have captivated audiences all over the world. But his magical abilities are only part of the story.

Evan’s girlfriend is not just the most essential person in his life, but also a crucial aspect of his magic show. They’re quite the pair, and they’ve just swept the web by storm. Their music videos in which they collaborate have been viewed millions of times and have attracted the attention of celebrities like Marshmello.

In this article, we’ll investigate the relationship between Evan Alberto and his fiancée, delving into their love story, their interest in magic, and the influence of social media on their daily lives. Come explore with us the enchantment of “The Card Guy” and his universe.

Who is ‘The Card Guy’?

A well-known American magician and internet celebrity, Evan Alberto goes by “The Card Guy” online. He became famous after performing and uploading videos of fascinating card tricks and illusions on sites like TikTok and YouTube.

The Card Guy Girlfriend
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“The Card Guy” has gone viral among magic fans and social media users everywhere, amassing over two million followers on TikTok. He has a reputation for originality, talent, and the ability to hold an audience’s attention with his magical performances.

‘The Card Guy’ Career

At the age of 12, he began his magical career. Then, in February of this year (2019), he launched TikTok, which is now his primary source of income. He constantly upped his posting frequency in the hopes of going viral.  once attempted to perform on America’s Got Talent but was turned away.

He became the most popular user on TikTok in December 2019. Since his stardom grew, he’s played for Hollywood heavyweights like Charlie Sheen and Will Ferrell. The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, asked him to perform.

In February 2020, he performed magic for Alex Warren, Addison Rae, and Chase Hudson, three of the most prominent TikTokers at the time. More than 5 million people have seen the video. Evan has worked with a who’s who of the entertainment industry during his career. He included Gary Vaynerchuk, the successful businessman, and YouTuber, in a TikTok video.


Katie Feeney, a popular internet personality, was featured after Evan performed a magic act for her. He’s worked with the likes of SeanDoesMagic, Anna DeGuzman, and Spencer X, among other magicians and TikTokers. In December 2020, he launched a podcast channel titled It’s Tricky Games With The Card Guy.

Who is ‘The Card Guy’ Girlfriend?

In the present moment, it’s clear that Evan The Card Guy is romantically involved with Cassie Sharp. They began a lengthy relationship together.

The Card Guy Girlfriend

They appear to be quite content together. Evan and Cassie both keep sharing photos of their stunning couplehood on various online platforms. In addition, they appear to be moving toward marriage. He has also avoided any scandals in his personal or business life, helping him keep a high reputation.

The Card Guy & Cassie Sharp Love Story

Evan Alberto and Cassie Sharp seem to have a strong and loving relationship. They’re both performers at heart, and Evan’s magic performance wouldn’t be the same without Cassie. They frequently team up on videos and share their works in progress with their followers online. They seem to love spending time together and going on adventures, in addition to sharing common interests.

Cassie has been a consistent presence at Evan’s shows and in his films, and the two have always shown encouragement for each other’s endeavors. In the same vein, Evan has shared with the world his appreciation for Cassie’s undying affection and unwavering support.

They have been throwing hints on social media about their future together, but they have yet to make any official announcements regarding an engagement or wedding date. They have posted pictures of their engagement rings and routinely refer to one other as “future wife” and “future husband” in their captions.

As a couple, it appears that Evan and Cassie are a constructive and supporting influence on each other’s lives.

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