Robin Givens Net Worth: How Did She Rebuild Her Career?

Robin Givens Net Worth

Robin Givens Net Worth: Robin Givens is a model and actress from the United States who has been in the public eye for over three decades. She became famous on the show Head of the Class. After that, she was in movies like Boomerang and A Rage in Harlem.

She also got a lot of attention for her troubled marriage to boxer Mike Tyson, which ended in a public split. In this article, we will look at Robin Givens’ net worth, profession, personal life, and achievements.

Who is Robin Givens?

Robin Givens is an American actress born on November 27, 1964. Givens played Darlene Merriman on the ABC sitcom Head of the Class from 1986 to 1988. She stayed on the show for all five years.

The media paid a lot of attention to her troubled marriage to boxer Mike Tyson in 1988 and their nasty split. Ultimately, she became a spokeswoman for the National Domestic Violence Hotline for several years.

Since then, Givens has had parts in movies and TV shows like “The Women of Brewster Place” (1989) and “Boomerang” (1992). Givens has a co-star role in the 1996 TV show Sparks, which ran for two seasons on UPN.

Brief Information About Robin Givens

Full NameRobin Givens
ProfessionActress and model
Net WorthEstimated around $1 million
Notable WorkHead of the Class, Boomerang, A Rage in Harlem, The Women of Brewster Place, Sparks
MarriageMarried to Mike Tyson (1988–1989)
AdvocacySpokeswoman for the National Domestic Violence Hotline

Robin Givens Net Worth

According to our research, Robin Givens’ net worth has been estimated to be around $1 million. This figure reflects her successful career in acting, modeling, and her other interests.

Despite the ups and downs of her work and personal life, Givens has managed to have a regular income, mostly through her acting assignments.

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Robin Givens Career

After Robin Givens won a guest slot on “The Cosby Show,” Bill Cosby began training her. Givens dropped out of school because the older actor promised to pay her fees if she didn’t get a job in two years.

After a big part in “Different Strokes” and a TV movie called “Beverly Hills Madam,” Givens made her big break in 1986. This was the year she got a major part in the TV show “Head of the Class.” She played Darlene Merriman, the rich girl in the class, for five years.

During this time, she was also in a lot of other movies and TV shows, like “The Women of Brewster Place” and the Eddie Murphy movie “Boomerang.” With the end of “Head of the Class,” Givens had a little downtime. In 1994, she stood naked for Playboy, which got a lot of attention from the media. People thought she was one of the sexiest movie stars in the world at this point.

What Made Robin Givens Famous?

Robin Givens became famous for her film and TV acting. From her 1986 debut in “Head of the Class” to her latest roles on “Riverdale,” Robin Givens has captivated audiences with her skill for almost three decades.

However, her beauty, philanthropy, and advocacy for women’s rights have made her famous beyond her acting skills. Robin has played a variety of roles, from the wicked Darlene Merriman in “Boomerang” to the tough-as-nails mayor Sierra McCoy in “Riverdale.”

Her engaging performances have garnered praise and fans. Robin’s dedication to using her platform for good sets her unique.

Robin Givens Achievements

Robin Givens has accomplished a great deal over her career. Some of her accomplishments:

She started and directed the NYC production business Never Blue Productions.

In 2007, she wrote and released her autobiography, Grace Will Lead Me Home, in which she talked about her personal and professional life.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline has used her to advocate for abuse victims.

Robin Givens’s Personal Life

Robin met Eddie Murphy when she was 16 years old, and they dated for a year in the early 1980s. She also dated Michael Jordan in the late 1980s, but the relationship didn’t last long.

She began a relationship with Mike Tyson in 1987. They were married even though he had abused her in the past, and the marriage started to fall apart after she lost the baby in 1988.

In 1988, she asked for a divorce and was given a protection order because she said her husband had abused her. The journalists and people in the sports world didn’t like that she divorced Tyson. She went on dates with Brad Pitt, Howard Stern, and a few tennis players after that.


In conclusion, Robin Givens is a well-known American model and actress whose career spans three decades. After becoming famous for her part in “Head of the Class,” she worked on many different projects, such as the movies “Boomerang” and “A Rage in Harlem.”

He’s worth $1 million all together. Even though Givens has had problems in her personal life, especially in her marriage to Mike Tyson, she has become a strong voice for victims of domestic abuse.

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