Reborn Rich Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Be on TV?

Reborn Rich Season 2 Release Date

Reborn Rich Season 2 Release Date: Reborn Rich is a popular South Korean drama series that shows the ups and downs of a wealthy family. The first season of the show ended on a cliffhanger, leaving many fans wondering what would happen next. Will there be any more plot twists and turns?

These are some of the questions that fans of Reborn Rich are hoping to have answered in the second season. In this article, we will look over everything we know so far about Reborn Rich Season 2, including its possible release date, cast, plot, and more.

What is Reborn Rich All About?

Reborn Rich is a 2022 South Korean television series based on the same-named original web novel, starring Song Joong-ki, Lee Sung-min, and Shin Hyun-been. It aired on JTBC every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 22:30 (KST) from November 18 to December 25, 2022.

It’s also available on TVING, Netflix, and Disney+ in South Korea, as well as Viu and Viki in select areas. The final episode of Reborn Rich received 26.9% national ratings, making it the second highest-rated drama in the history of Korean cable television in terms of both viewer ratings and number of viewers.

Brief Information About Reborn Rich

Series NameReborn Rich
CreatorJung Dae-Yoon
GenreDrama, Mystery, and thriller
Brief StoryYoon Hyun-woo, a loyal employee of the Soonyang Group, is betrayed and murdered by the powerful Jin family, which runs a corrupt conglomerate.
Main CastSong Joong-ki as Jin Do-jun and Yoon Hyun-woo
Season 1 Release DateNovember 18 to December 25, 2022
Season 2 Renewal StatusCurrently unknown; neither JTBC nor Netflix have confirmed Season 2.
Season 2 Release DatePending (expected in late 2025 or early 2026)
Where to WatchNetflix

Reborn Rich Season 2 Renewal Status

Reborn Rich season 2 is currently unknown. Neither JTBC’s network nor Netflix have commented on whether or not the show will be renewed for a second season. The major streaming services usually need a few months to decide whether or not to renew a show. Furthermore, the chances of K-drama being renewed for another season are slim.

The show, however, was an international smash. Many people all over the world watched the huge success of streaming after it premiered to see what would happen. The show’s ratings started climbing steadily from the first episode, making it the first K-drama in history to achieve this kind of success.

Reborn Rich Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, JTBC has not yet confirmed the K-drama. If Season 2 of Reborn Rich gets the green light, however, the show’s production and post-production processes would take at least a year. As a result, we can anticipate Reborn Rich Season 2 in late 2025 or early 2026.

Many popular Korean dramas have not been renewed for a second season, but many have been renewed in recent years due to fan demand. Therefore, Season 2 of Reborn Rich is still possible.

No decision has been made about when “Reborn Rich Season 2” will come out. It will take some time before the results appear on the screen. During this time period, you can watch excellent television shows such as Chicken Nugget, Itaewon Class Season 2, and The Silent Sea Season 2. Follow the links to find out when each series will be available.

Reborn Rich Season 2 Expected Cast

The second season of Reborn Rich is highly anticipated. Some of the show’s success can be attributed to the unpredictable plot twists and engaging characters. Fans are eagerly awaiting news of who will be returning for Season 2. Here’s the complete cast list:

Song Joong-kiJin Do-jun and Yoon Hyun-woo
Kim Kang-hoonYoung Jin Do-jun
Lee Sung-minJin Yang-chul
Shin Hyun-beenSeo Min-young
Yoon Je-moonJin Young-ki
Kim Jung-nanSon Jung-dae
Kim Nam-heeJin Seong-jun
Moon Seong-hyunJin Yang-Chul

Reborn Rich Season 2 Expected Storyline

Reborn Rich season 2 is expected to continue the thrilling and suspenseful story of Yoon Hyun, who was reborn as the youngest son of the Soonyang conglomerate family after being betrayed and killed by them. In the first season, he took over the company and exposed the family’s corruption and secrets using his wits and intelligence.

In addition to his half-brother Dong Ki, ex-lover Min Yeong, and rival conglomerate Daeyoung, he had to contend with a wide range of enemies and challenges. Ha In Seok, the daughter of a trusted ally, became a romantic interest of his as well.

Reborn Rich Season 1 Recap

Reborn Rich Season 1 is a South Korean drama series about Yoon Hyun-woo, a loyal and diligent employee of the Soonyang Group, a powerful conglomerate that runs the country’s economy. The Jin family, owners of the Soonyang Group and perpetrators of numerous crimes and corruption betrayed and murdered Hyun-woo.

But in his next life, he is Jin Do-jun, the youngest son of the Jin family, and he gets to keep the 700 billion won that his family has amassed. He plans to exact revenge on those who wronged him and expose the truth about the Soonyang Group using his new identity and fortune.

His half-brother Jin Dong-ki, ex-lover Mo Min-young, and competitor conglomerate Daeyoung Group are just a few of the people and organizations that stand in his way.

Future of Season 2 Reborn Rich

The future of Reborn Rich Season 2 is currently unknown. The second season will focus on what happens after Do-jun exacts his revenge as he tries to safeguard his new family and company from charges by Min-young and other competitors.

It will also explore the unanswered questions about his previous life, such as what led to his demise, who killed him, and why he was reborn. The upcoming season of Reborn Rich will feature even more unexpected plot turns in addition to the usual doses of romance and action.

Where Can I Watch Season 1 of Reborn Rich?

The show can be watched online via multiple services. The first season of Reborn Rich is now available on Netflix. Fans should also stay tuned for updates on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other similar services.


“Reborn Rich,” a popular South Korean TV series, portrays the upheavals in the lives of a wealthy family. After the shocking final moments of the first season, viewers were left desperate for more information and new developments in the story in the upcoming second season.

Since neither JTBC nor Netflix have officially announced Season 2, its renewal status is currently unknown. The show’s worldwide appeal and intriguing plot, however, make it a compelling renewal candidate. If the project is approved, fans may have to wait until late 2025 or early 2026 to see the next episode of this exciting drama.

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