Overtake! Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Air?

Overtake! Season 2 Release Date

Overtake! Season 2 Release Date: Popular anime show Overtake! follows the lives of people who want to be F4 racers and a freelance photographer who record their difficulties and passions. When the show’s first season started on October 1, 2023, both fans and critics gave it good ratings.

But will Overtake! have a second season? If so, when is it going to come out? In this article, we will address these and other questions based on existing knowledge and speculation.

What is Overtake! All About?

Overtake! is a Japanese animation TV show about the F4 Japanese Championship. It was made by Kadokawa Corporation and animated by Troyca.

There were episodes from October to December 2023. They were directed by Ei Aoki and written by Ayumi Sekine.

Brief Information About Overtake!

Series NameOvertake!
CreatorKadokawa Corporation
Brief StoryFollows the lives of individuals aspiring to be F4 racers, along with a freelance photographer documenting their challenges and passions.
2 Main CastHaruka Asahina (Anan Furuya), Kouya Madoka (Katsuyuki Konishi)
Season 1 Release DateOctober 1, 2023
Season 2 Renewal StatusNo official confirmation yet
Season 2 Release DateSpeculations for October 2024 or early 2025
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV

Overtake! Season 2 Renewal Status

Right now, there is no official word on whether Overtake will have a second season. Since the anime isn’t based on a manga or book, the writers decide how the story goes from here.

But because the first season was so popular and well-accepted, there is a chance that a second season is already being planned.

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Overtake! Season 2 Release Date

The exact date that Season 2 of Overtake! will come out is still unknown. Since season one began on October 1, 2023, season two might begin in October 2024 or early 2025. However, these are just speculations; neither the production studio nor the distributor have said anything public about this.

I’ll keep an eye out for any new information and will update this answer as soon as it comes out. You can also watch the first season of Overtake for now.

Overtake! Season 2 Expected Cast

If the second season gets released, it will return the cast of the previous season. So here is a cast of some important members:

CharacterVoice Actor
Haruka AsahinaAnan Furuya
Kouya MadokaKatsuyuki Konishi
Noritsune EnaMasayuki Katō
Satsuki HarunagaKengo Kawanishi
Futoshi KomakiKenta Sasa

Overtake! Season 2 Expected Storyline

Overtake! Season 2 is set to continue the story of Haruka Asahina, a high school F4 racer, and Kouya Madoka, a freelance photographer who follows her path. Homo Deus is a mystery racing group that is working on the project Oblivion, which can erase memories.

The second season might reveal more about this group’s secrets. In their search for their goals and dreams, Haruka and Kouya may also come across new opponents and problems, both on and off the track.

Overtake! Season 1 Recap

Overtake! Season 1 shows the problems and difficulties Haruka and Kouya face as they follow their dreams and interests in the exciting and competitive world of motorsports.

Along the way, they meet both rivals and friends, like Satsuki and Toshiki, who race for the wealthy and powerful Belsorriso team, and Alice and Lotta, who are working on a secret project called Homo Deus to make superhumans through genetic engineering and biohacking.

Where Can I Watch Season 1 of Overtake!?

The anime show “Overtake” can be watched on several online services. Some of these are Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV.


Finally, “Overtake!” is a dramatic study of the lives of aspiring F4 racers, as seen through the lens of a freelance photographer who records their problems and passions. Fans and reviewers alike liked the first season, which came out on October 1, 2023, and it has led to rumors of a possible second season.

Even though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, the show’s success makes it seem likely that it will continue. It might come out in early 2025 or October 2024.

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