Link Click Season 3 Release Date: When Will The Time Travelers Return?

Link Click Season 3 Release Date

Link Click Season 3 Release Date: Link Click is a popular animated show from China. The show has been praised by critics and has a loyal fan base because of its interesting plot, complex characters, and stunning animation. Link Click has already shown its first two seasons on different platforms, but fans can’t wait for the third season to continue the story.

When will season 3 of Link Click come out? What should we look forward to in the new episodes? In this article, we will try to answer these questions and more based on what we know and what we think.

What is Link Click All About?

Link Click is an original Chinese donghua series written and directed by Li Haoling and made by LAN Studio and Haoliners Animation League.

The first season aired on Bilibili and Funimation from April 30, 2021, to July 9, 2021. There were 12 episodes in all, plus a special one called “5.5.” From July 14, 2023, to September 22, 2023, a second season was shown on Bilibili. There were also several chibi-themed specials.

Brief Information About Link Click

Series NameLink Click
CreatorLi Haoling
GenreScience Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
Brief Story“Link Click” is an original Chinese animated series that follows Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, who own a photo studio and can travel through time by clicking on photos.
Two Main CastCheng Xiaoshi: Su Shangqing (Chinese), Alejandro Saab (English)
Lu Guang: Yang Tianxiang (Chinese), Zeno Robinson (English)
Season 1 Release DateApril 30, 2021, to July 9, 2021
Season 3 Renewal StatusOfficially renewed on September 22, 2023.
Season 3 Release DatePending (but expected at the end of 2025 or early 2026)
Where to WatchBilibili and Crunchyroll

Link Click Season 3 Renewal Status

Link Click’s official X (formerly Twitter) account (@sgdlr_official) announced on September 22, 2023, that the show will be back after the second season ends. The tweet’s rough translation is:

“The second season of “Agent of Time” has officially concluded. From midsummer to early autumn, this is the only road of destiny. Thank you for helping me and being my friend. The show has not yet concluded, and I look forward to beginning a new chapter of the continuation with you all.”

There has been no decision made about when “Link Click Season 3” will come out. It will take some time to show up on the screen. During this time period, you can watch great TV shows like Log Horizon Season 4, A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2, and Scumbag System Season 2. Click on the links to find out when these shows will be on TV.

Link Click Season 3 Release Date

While this tweet basically confirms the third season of Link Click, no release date has been announced. But fans would be happy to know that there was about a 2-year gap between the first two seasons of Link Click.

If this pattern continues, Link Click season 3 might come out at the end of 2025 or the beginning of 2026. Since the staff of this Chinese animated show has already said that the story will continue, the third season is probably going to start soon.

Link Click Season 3 Expected Cast

Even though the official X account hasn’t said anything about the cast and staff for Link Click season 3, it’s likely that the same people will come back to play the same roles. Here are the actors:

CharacterVoice Actor (Chinese)Voice Actor (English)
Cheng XiaoshiSu ShangqingAlejandro Saab
Lu GuangYang TianxiangZeno Robinson
Qiao LingLi ShimengSuzie Yeung
Xiao LiTútè HāméngChristopher Sabat
Qian JinWei ChaoAaron Campbell

Link Click Season 3 Expected Storyline

Link Click’s third season might pick up where the second season left off and tell us more about how Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, the two time-traveling photographers who help people deal with their regrets, are really connected.

Cheng Xiaoshi died in one of the timelines, but Lu Guang was able to save him in the other one. But this could have led to unplanned results that could put their lives and the future of the world in danger.

The third season might also show more about the mysterious Qiao Ling, who seems to have a secret plan and a special relationship with Cheng Xiaoshi.

Link Click Season 2 Recap

Link Click Season 2 is the next part of the Chinese animated show about Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, who own a photo studio and can go back in time by clicking on photos. The second season starts where the first one left off, with Lu Guang seriously hurt and Cheng Xiaoshi in jail for a crime he didn’t do.

The season looks into the mystery of the person who can take over people through photos and what Qiao Ling, Li Xiao, and Qian Jin have in common. The characters’ pasts, motivations, relationships, and the results of their actions are also explored in more depth this season.

Future of Link Click Season 3

The future of Link Click Season 3 has been confirmed by the series’ official X account. After the second season ended with a special episode that served as a wrap-up for the whole show, the news came out. But no one knows when the third season will come out or what it will be about.

Some fans hope that the third season will show more about the characters’ pasts, relationships, feelings, and the effects of what they do. The third season is likely to be another thrilling and emotional ride for the viewers.

Where Can I Watch Seasons 1 and 2 of Link Click?

While waiting for Link Click season 3, new fans can watch the first two seasons. Both seasons can now be watched on Bilibili and Crunchyroll, which are popular sites for sharing videos.


“Link Click” is a Chinese animated show that has gotten a lot of praise for its interesting story, deep character development, and beautiful animation. The show’s creators have hinted at a second season, but no exact date has been given.

Based on what has happened in the past, it could come out at the end of 2025 or early in 2026. In this thrilling and emotional ride, fans can look forward to learning the truth about Cheng Xiaoshi, Lu Guang, and Qiao Ling, as well as getting to know the emotional depths of the characters.

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